Ha! Sometimes I amaze myself. I’m sitting in a booth at The Farmhouse Cafe in Omaha. I got up super early this morning in anticipation of an early eye doctor appointment.

I walked into the Doc’s office feeling great. I had all the confidence of a four-year-old wearing a Batman t-shirt. Nothing could stop me! The receptionist said, “Do you have an errand you could do first? Your appointment isn’t until 9 a.m.”

I laughed. “Sure! See you later!”

I called the Babe. He laughed. “And you talk about me!” We tease each other a lot about minor memory lapses. Everyone does it. Today’s eagerness is simply a silly human with too much to remember getting ahead of herself.

I sit here in a nearly empty restaurant. I’m just thinking of life. All the choices we have. We can choose to laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes. Or, we could get angry, take it out on everyone else. Let it fester like a boil. Your choice. I choose to laugh.

While I was still working as a Systems Analyst, I’d often use that avenue while debugging a problem.” The darned thing did what I told it to do! Not what I intended for it to do!” Cue the laughter.

Today should be the last day (later) for tax man stuff, I hope, depending on how soon the eyes return to normal dilation. Or it could be a good day for a nap. Both could happen, I think, but not at the same time!

The weekend is upon us, and it’s been a busy week for the Raabe’s. It’ll be good to have some down time and finish a reading a book. Hope you get to do something fun, too. Thanks for reading-and laughing- with me. See you tomorrow!

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