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Widsom and Spring

The buds on the Wetland’s trees are barely sprouting. Next week, I’ll guess, will be when they really burst forth. And already with the allergies this year. It will be quite a switch, from winter allergy meds to spring allergy meds. Stay tuned! What do you think of when you hear the word “wisdom?” For…

First Friday of Spring, 2023

Yesterday, the Babe and the dogs got their fill of being outside on a perfect day weather-wise. Goldie could play catch for 24 hours straight, I swear. When the Babe tells her to rest, she gets back in there, letting him know she’s ready by barking her best Lassie-bark. Lexie stretched out on the slightly…

Thank You . . .

for trusting me with your personal issues, secrets, and heartbreaks. I’m blessed to have friends who trust me with their hearts and heartbreak. That is one of the most valuable gifts there is. I am grateful to receive their trust. Disappointing people by breaking that trust, is something I’d rather not do at all. It…


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