Saturday Morning Thoughts

VFW Post 2503, where the Babe is Quartermaster, did something they’ve never done before last night. They held their first ever Friday Fish Fry! It was a huge success, given that many Churches in the Omaha cancelled their Fish Fry’s because of COVID. We took the plunge and had a great turnout. It was so nice to see a crowd, complying with mask-wearing mandate, coming together for a meal.

As I watched the people, it occurred to me all this virus has stolen from us. I saw families with teenagers, families with young children, and older couples. The Babe worked in the kitchen, and I didn’t see much of him all evening. I saw people who were guests of the Post, members of the Post and Auxiliary, and prospective new members. It was great.

The good thing is this 89 year old VFW Post is trying new ways to expand it’s membership. We are trying new events. We are remodeling the building, and it’s coming along nicely. The North Room, the larger of two event venues, has new flooring where the old tile was. The carpeting is too expensive to replace, so a super-thorough cleaning will be the finishing touch after painting is complete. We’ve ordered new wall sconce fixtures and installed them. We have ordered matching sconces for the South Room, also. Those will be installed during the last phase. Below are photos of the Fish Fry and some of the remodeling.

The Bar will be repainted and the ceiling tiles will be replaced as well. Carpet cleaning is in order for there, too. We’re going to lighter, neutral colors. Grey is the new beige, right? Sprucing the place up for our 90th birthday celebration next April will give the aging members a chance to see their traditions are being carried on for the next generations of Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Sometimes, an elderly lady recounts her experiences with the Post and Auxiliary. The place was packed every Friday night long ago. They sponsored a lot of dances, charitable events, fundraisers, Poker Runs, Raffles, and even purchased flagpoles in honor of a member who passed away. If you are near the flagpoles, there is a plaque in honor of Don Steiner, purchased by his wife, Sherri. It’s a place to go and remember. Sherri donated money for all the flagpoles.

There is also an area with Memorial Bricks, each purchased by members and friends. I purchased a group of them, honoring my Grandfather, Father, and two uncles, who were in WWI, WWII, and Korea. They are placed together and I am proud to see them. Two others I purchased for an Uncle (a Veteran and Omaha Police Officer), and one for the Babe, who served in Vietnam. All the bricks have memories attached to them, unseen to the naked eye. But the people they represent live on in our hearts.

Through the years we have met children of folks our ages. The now grown “kids” talk about the fun they had playing shuffleboard, bowling machine games, and cards. It would be nice for the Post to be a place like that again. The more good memories kids have, the better off they are. So are we. Make some good memories today. Do it every day, and it becomes a habit. Before you know it, your life is filled with joy.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it so much. More tax work today – a nap won out yesterday! I look forward to our next visit tomorrow. Have a beautiful day. Be Safe out there!

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