Wednesday, NaNoWriMo 11/9/2022

It’s said there is a time for everything. Birth. Death. Prayers. Work. Play. It appears Wishing isn’t one of them. Wishing is nice, but in and of itself, it won’t get you anything or anywhere. The only thing that will get you something or somewhere is work. 

Much as we hate to admit it, it is the truth. Wishing is fun. Walt Disney encouraged us to wish upon a star, and it made no difference who we are. Magic happened in Walt’s world, and it was magical, especially in Anaheim, California, or Orlando, Florida. I often wonder what Walt would think of his creations today. It is far over $100 per person, regardless of age, to get in the gate of any of the parks at Disney World. That is for each and every park. Considering he wanted a nice park-like atmosphere where families could go on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company. I believe he may be shocked. 

In the early stages, a wish can be frivolous or it can be a dream. Continuing with the wish, it becomes a dream with some thinking about if it can be achieved or not. Dreaming to be a millionaire, a woman could look to marry “up” as they say, and her dream could come true. That is certainly one way to get there. 

Another way, could be to invent something that will revolutionize cooking, cleaning, leisure, travel, working, or even business. I would suppose the Internet has been revolutionary in our time. In my lifetime, so has sending a man to the moon, test tube babies, travel to space by civilians, and the marketing of electric cars. 

I use the internet, and enjoy it very much. Streaming is such a luxury for a movie lover like me. I have no interest in traveling into space or to the moon, having a test tube baby, and especially do not want an electric car. I also can’t see the Babe and me going to Disney World again. Once was plenty, although it was a fun family trip. 

Somewhere, all these wishes, dreams, and ideas needed to be defined, and a plan needs to be formulated to achieve the wish dream, and idea. Concrete plans must be created from the abstract thoughts and ideas. That is a marvelous process, to go from an idea to a reality on how it can be built or achieved. 

Our granddaughter Addison has mentioned she wants to be a doctor who delivers babies. How wonderful! She isn’t just sitting at home, posting on TikTok, and watching videos. She is building her academic world around that goal. She is taking AP classes every chance she gets. She understands by clearing the way for her college career by getting some of it out of the way now, she will have more time to devote to her education when it is really difficult. I marvel at how she wonders out loud at people she knows who have no idea of what they want to do or be after high school. She’s absolutely right to wonder about this. I love her focus and determination.

Wishing to be a doctor will result in disappointment if that’s all she does. Working hard to be a doctor will result in the goal being met. That’s the key. Always knowing it’s not easy, and it’s worth working for. Always. 

Whether we need to formulate a plan for our future or work on some personal traits we thought were simply inherited from our ancestors, wishing won’t get the hard work done. Only the hard work has an effect on realizing those goals. The sooner you get started, the better. And the sooner you make your dream a reality. 

What can you do to help your dream become a reality? What steps can you handle right now? Are you willing to put in the work? Have a beautiful day; see you tomorrow.

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