Super Monday, 11/28/2022

Apparently, we had a glitch in the post from Saturday. It appears something went awry during the last paragraph about my thoughts on Yellowstone. I’d like to try and recreate the thought I had there, and finish it here.

I was talking about the opportunity to binge Yellowstone this weekend. I did, as much as I could, between cooking and quilting. And napping. It’s been early and overnight duty with the pups, since the Babe is out of town. But he returns tomorrow, late afternoon, and we’ll be back at full occupancy again. Looking forward to it.

The story of Yellowstone has more twists and turns than a mountain road. It helped to go back and watch the previous seasons to remind myself of subtle things that are significant later in the story. Some are tricky, some are expected, but they’re all a surprise.

Sunday’s episode of Jamie and Beth’s latest confrontation was so well done. I extremely dislike Jamie. He is so whiny, sometimes I can’t stand it. The character is well written, as is Beth. She has so many layers of flaws, strengths, shortcomings, she is a writers dream. Or nightmare, however you want to look at it. She is so complex, she would be a dream to create as a character.

I enjoyed seeing all the characters who had bad intentions towards the Duttons, they all met with what they deserved. No, the Duttons are not pure as the driven snow, but I believe they have the best of the land in their scope. It has been stated the maintenance on the ranch is everything it brings in over a year. Lots of overhead. Lots of unforseen expenses. It’s a fascinating story.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Yellowstone became an actual study of story/character/and plot development. It would be a hit, I believe. Taylor Sheridan knows his stuff, in my humble opinion.

What will this week bring? The first full week back to work after the first of 2022’s Holiday Season. People may feel the countdown towards Christmas now, as the heat is on for those who are counting down gift buying and all that goes with that. I miss the shopping for younger kids, and wrapping after they’re in bed, late at night. It’s when I learned about the true Queen of Christmas; Darlene Love, as she sang, “Christmas: Baby, Please Come Home,” every year on David Letterman. I miss that. She is wonderful, and I hope to hear her sing the song on tv this year.

As I wile away the hours tomorrow until the Babe returns, I’ll be working on Kayla’s quilt and cutting Cody’s out. I hope I don’t have to delay gifting the quilts until the respective birthdays of Cody (January) and Kayla (March). It may come to that, as I have just about run out of time. I’ll have to talk with my daughter about that. I’ll decide by the end of the week. More on that later.

Hope you have a great week. The weather is cooling, and shopping heating up. Make sure Christmas comes from your heart, not from what you feel pressured to do. We’ll see each other tomorrow. Be careful out there.

Sometimes You Just Have to . . .

Have a large bowl of popcorn on a Saturday night and watch reruns of Yellowstone. I like the story, but not all the violence. the story could be true to life in some places. We have traveled a little near Yellowstone National Park, in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. Beautiful country. I could live there in a big old ranch house, like the Duttons have. Does Kevin Costner come with that home? Asking for a friend, the Babe is my love interest, now and forever.

I felt great today despite being very stiff and sore. Mentally, music helped me out, and I did some clean-up and clean-out. Clean closet and prepping a bag of too-big-clothes to give away helps a girl feel special and good. Like life is going in the right direction. It may take awhile to get everything I want in the right places, and many things will be donated in the meantime. Freeing up time, space, and the mind. Make room for new ideas and ways of thinking.

Back to the story of Yellowstone. Enemies changing affiliations, many people in the mix who all are out for their own agendas, and lots of loose ends. These long stories/serials/seasons are sometimes hard to keep track of. It’s fun to try though. The homes would be great to stay in over a week or maybe a month. Then back home, with the Babe and the pups. Life is so good, I am grateful for friends, family, and the experiences we have, there isn’t much I would change to make it better. Whatever there is that’s better is something so far from my imagination at this point in life, I can’t comprehend. The more I learn, the more I love, the more I reach out into the world.

Today will be another nice day in area. We ended Daylight Savings Time and now have Central Standard Time in Nebraska. I wish it could stay this way forever. In Nebraska, we didn’t change the clocks until I was a senior in high school, April of 1970. At this point in life, we are early risers, and probably go to bed very early by most people’s standards; 9 pm to watch TV for awhile. It just feels so good to just lie down, let my spine relax and decompress, and talk with the Babe about anything we forgot to talk about during the day. It’s a special time of day, just as getting up is. Greeting that significant other person and asking how they are, and talking about what we each have planned for the day.

I am officially behind in NaNoWriMo. I will get caught up today and tomorrow, and hopefully blog later today for tomorrow. It helps to have that task completed. I believe when I finish the next three chapters, I’ll have to get my plotting the story papers out again. Even though I’m behind, it’s great to already be at the end of what was outlined so far, and know I get to develop the characters more. Katie has a lot of demons to fight before the end of this part of her story. Depending on how this novel goes, I’m thinking of a series about different parts of her life; it will include interaction with her friends and family, where she has a lot of life experiences. This is what this work of fiction examines, the things in a woman’s life that help her find her way.

Stay tuned, folks, we’ll have more updates on the NaNoWriMo process and progress. I appreciate your support by reading and liking the blogs, Facebook posts, and eventually, buying my books. It’s a process. Thanks for your patience, too. See you tomorrow.