Saturday – Recalculating

When you’re driving and following Google Maps or whatever app you use for directions, you’ll maybe know a better route, and as you drive, the voice will tell you the app is “recalculating.” I started this month sure I’d crack open the book about writing a book in 30 days. It must have been an omen. There is a monthly calendar on the front; the month, like September, has 30 days. I was elated!

Forward to today, September 4. I’ve driven right past the book on my end table near my chair. I’ve skipped updating the website for the Post (sorry, folks. Just didn’t have it in me earlier this week. At least now you have the Newsletter to view). I’m hoping by Monday evening, it’ll be back on track, as I will be.

So, as I recalculate my next move, it’s important first to update things on FB, Website, IG, and Twitter for the Post. We have a lot going on this month, and we’ve committed to cook and serve for our Nebraska National Guard gathering on 9/11. We are hosting another Car Show Fundraiser this month for the family of Corporal Deagan, who died in Afghanistan late last month. We are also hosting an event to honor the POW/MIA’s on the third Friday in September. We are a thriving entity, and I’m so happy to be a small part of the outreach we do. Stay tuned!

I know just doing stuff will get me where I want to be. I’m behind and need to get caught up. So, laundry’s in. Going to sort some office stuff when finished here, before I check on the Nebraska game again. The game doesn’t have my interest as it used to. I hope they win, I hope they’re successful, but more important things are on the horizon. Like checking on Mom more often, and making sure she has whatever she wants. Her vision is diminishing more and more, so it’s rare she does any adult coloring anymore. She really misses doing that, maybe we can spend time doing that again. We’ll have to see!

This year has been almost as difficult as the Pandemic Lockdown was. We’ve lost two good men from our Wednesday group of VFW table-mates. It’s heartwrenching! And then, losing another friend next week, along with Mom taking a nasty fall in her home of 72 years. My brothers and I have taken some steps at making her mobility a little easier. Hoping she can stay there until she goes to heaven. The wonderful neighbors she has help us tremendously. Thanks Juan, Martha, Kenny, Raymond, and David. We couldn’t do this without you!

As I spend the rest of today taking care of business around the house, please know we’ll get back on track. To help with my grief of these losses and my grief about Mom’s world becoming much smaller due to her advancing age, I am wearing my watch that says, “Live a Great Story.” Nugent, Lenny, and Rick all lived great stories. I have an angel pin on my shirt today, too. Grief has to be dealt with. Perhaps I wasn’t dealing so well. We’ll try this. And God will let me know if it’s the right thing. Like yesterday, when Goldie insisted I sit on the deck with her. Then I could write about Rick Tiger. That’s one for future stories. So grateful for messages presented to me.

Grieving is never easy. You have to acknowledge it, go through it, and come out on the other side. No shortcuts. You cannot avoid it.

Have a beautiful rest of the day. Hopefuly, Nebraska will win a game today. Home game. Yes. It would help. Be kind today. We all need it. See you tomorrow!

Timeless Tuesday on a Friday?

OK, Kids, I goofed! This somehow didn’t publish on Tuesday even though I thought it did. Must have been preoccupied.

I’m wearing another bracelet from ZOX. They’re a USA based company I’ve just discovered and I like what I’m seeing.

Since we are all our own worst enemies, we need to also be our own best fans. Many women of my age were discouraged from feeling powerful, independent, and able to get along well in the world.

Being taught to not be better, smarter, or stronger than boys were fell by the wayside during the 70s. I came late to the party. My friends who continued their education and were encouraged differently at home became everything they could be. I was a very late bloomer.

After my third child and being married to someone who refused to grow as a person, I eventually joined the movement. And I want equality for my daughter and for my sons. It was about time all people were equal. We still are not. Women have to pull their weight, and they should not have special dispensation. I was fortunate to have technical training. I did not earn equal to the men at first, I had to leave the company I loved and go to a new place. It made a difference of $8K in my salary. I needed it to continue caring for my family.

I also learned to create my own opportunities if there were none on the horizon. That’s what I’m doing now. I will publish a book or several. I’m getting there!

Tomorrow morning is the funeral for my girlfriend’s husband. We will have a full day. The celebration of Lenny’s life will last into the evening. Pray for my friend Kris. It all becomes more real tomorrow. See you then!

Eventful August, 2021

Does life sometimes happen so fast and furious your head spins? This month has been quite eventful, both in good and bad ways. I feel compelled to examine my goals and replan some things. Life is moving along at a breakneck speed and I am not at the moment. With the loss of our friend last week, it’s kind of got us in a quandry. And we took Saturday and Sunday to get rid of the tree in the yard from last weeks storm and just chill. And that’s good.

A few years ago, on our way from visiting our daughter and family, we stopped just inside the Nebraska State Line to the west. I always look for some small book or trinket to remember where we’ve been. I was drawn to the book shelves, like always. I saw a medium sized book titled, “Voices From the Plains.” Its an anthology for the Nebraska Writers Guild. Until then, I was tinkering in my head with the idea of writing a kids book. I bought the anthology and read about half of it.

Now, three years later, I’ve decided to take the risk of submitting at least one entry for publication in this year’s Voices #5. I will submit the first chapter of my novel for scruitny. There is also a naming contest. Each entry allows a name submission. Cool beans, eh? I’m fortunate to have met some great people and we have befriended each other as time goes by.

My first conference left me feeling like a fish out of water. However, I didn’t give up. I still met a few people; Tammy Marshall, an author from Nebraska is one session I enjoyed. She is now a retired teacher and active writer. She does a newspaper column and has recently published a book, “The Ticker Tape.” I’ve ordered it from Amazon; it’s about a Vietnam Veteran and his experiences after participating in a parade (belated) to welcome Vets home. It is a catalyst that unleashes a series of events. I look forward to reading this story.

The second conference was great! I sat with many women at all different stages of writing. Some experienced, some not, some trying to find their voices. Good people with whom we’ve kept in touch. I look forward to the next one. I prepaid for the last spring conference, which was a zoom conference, and I have not watched the videos. They are no longer available to us, but I just don’t have enough time for it all.

From upper left photo, I’m intrigued by this “Live a Great Story,” company. I am putting a 4″ sticker on my car, and will wear my lapel button proudly. It reminds me to use the good silverware, tablecloths, etc. Don’t save it for tomorrows who may never come.

The middle photo was posted by our friend Joyce Tiger today. Her husband Rick, singer and songwriter is hospitalized with COVID and double pneumonia. Prayers will be appreciated. If you’d be so inclined I’ll share the link to the Go Fund Me page created to help with medical expenses. Thank you!

Mission Roll Call is a group to support Veterans who suffer from PTSD. The whole debacle in Afghanistgan is triggering a lot of feelings. Strong feelings. Feelings like no other a civilian ever felt, most likely. Offer to listen, offer to give them a ride, reach out if they’ll accept it. We cannot be losing any who are on the ledge right now. Offer to be a bridge. Don’t give up on them; don’t let them give up on themselves. I’m sharing like crazy right now on the VFW Post 2503 Facebook page; offering help if it’s needed. We’re checking in on our vets who may not be in a good place right now. Encouraging and supporting. That is one thing we need to do. Have compassion for our fellow citizens and human beings. I have a deep love and respect for you all. Let’s talk, ok?

My to do list and my Ryan High School Reunion mug remind me how quickly life can turn on a dime. No more putting off doing what I’ve always wanted to do. At this point in life, it can all be over before we know it. “Those books ain’t gonna publish themselves! Neither will them blogs!”

The last photo is of my new bands supporting causes I believe in. “22 a Day is 22 Too Many.” Sadly true. It hits home in a million ways. I’m seeing so many people hurting right now. The Vietnam Vets know exactly how these Afghanistan Vets feel. They’ve lived it. Thank goodness there is hope for the younger guys and gals. They won’t be ignored for 40 – 50 years. Help is out there. NOW. Let us help you find it.

So many life-altering things happened in the short first sixteen days of August. I shudder to think what else may occur during the next fifteen days. It’s in God’s hands for sure. Enjoy each and every day for what it is, all on it’s own. You have the power to make them great ones, even in the face of adversity. Let’s do this together. Work on making your story a great one. I am. See you tomorrow! I’ll tell you more about something else we took a risk on then!

Some Days

Are just harder than others. It’s nothing in particular, things just don’t flow like they should. And every little thing bothers you. You know what I mean. And some days everything goes perfectly well. I like those days better.

For most of the summer, we’ve not watched the news. Of course, it’s reporting about the Delta Variant of Covid-19. 62,000 new cases are reported daily. Haven’t we been here before? This sounds too familiar. And the government has gone from “Go ahead and get out of the house!” to “Get your shots, get back into masks.” Yes, a messaging problem. And where is the truth? We’ll find it eventually. I think it’s time to click off the power button on the news.

At times, some days it’s hard to write. For the first time in nearly a week, I’m sitting down in the morning to write a blog. All week, it came easy to just write and pre-schedule the posting at 4 a.m. whatever day I want. It’s awesome! In August, I’m going back to writing my novel. I want to just concentrate during the writing time. I’m going over my notes from my work with Sam Tyler, Writing Coach. The mountain of “how to” books is now neatly organized within reach. The space is uncluttered, and I have handy the first chapters for a re-read before I dig in. It will be hard to get back to it, but by blogging ahead and scheduling them, it should work.

One way to keep focused on something is to make sure I eat right. Yes, it’s back to Keto for me. The Babe is intermittent with staying on it, it’s just him. I can’t be mean about it, or nag. That will only make ME frustrated. He has the right to stick with it or not. I’m cooking the way I need to, he’ll join in at home, and do his own thing if he wants.

It was as good as it looks! Keto bread with real butter, two eggs and a handful of cherries.

Probably a salad for lunch, and Meatballs and sauce for dinner, served with Heart of Palm Pasta substitute. We’ve had the fake pasta before, and it’s not bad at all. Takes three hours, slow cooker for sauce to start. Fourth hour, add the meatballs (they’re real!) and cook at least 60-90 minutes more. Done and done. Will post pics tomorrow.

Our butterfly bush is beautiful! The butterflies are just starting to swarm on it. All colors, all sizes. It’s cool to see them while writing. These old eyes sure need a break from the constant screen-images. It’s odd, without the iPhone, I’m relying again on Chromebook and laptop. My big fear 3 weeks ago was I’d lose all the contacts for the events I’m planning for the VFW Post, and all would be lost. Not so!

While it hasn’t been without flaws, the Sunday Car Show will is a go on August 1st, and all I have left to do it set up the Silent Auction items and create/print the bid sheets. That should be a little later and into the day tomorrow. And it’d be great to sneak in some more ideas to blog about/with next week. We’ll get there, baby steps.

Those Canadian wild fires are sending smoke our way again. This morning, it was very hazy it’s now cleared quite a bit, but I’m sure the smoke will be back. My brother in law in South Dakota said they left windows open yesterday while at work, and their interior smelled just like smoke. Hate when that happens! I remembered my inhaler today. Love when that happens!

However you spend the rest of the day, make it a good one. Make it a positive one. Hold the door for someone. Smile at them. Take the time to say, “Good Morning,” or “Good Afternoon.” It will give you a pause from your thoughts for a moment. You’ll like it. One person at a time, we can make the day better for all of us. See you tomorrow!

Thankful Tuesday

It’s a pretty day here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. Someone tuckered the dogs out (thanks, Babe!), and I slept in until 7, so I’m feeling rested. An old high school friend just contacted me. She is coming in from Wisconsin and staying in Gretna with her sister for our 50 + 1 HS Reunion. Of COURSE I’ll pick you up on my way past your sister’s to get to I-80. Outstanding!

Friends getting together will be very important this year. I haven’t attended a reunion since the 25th one – right before I had a mobility threatening issue with my spine, spinal cord, and all that. It was before I met the Babe. It was after another of my successive bad breakups, given my history of poor decisions about male friends. Then, in 1996, it all changed. Thanks again, Babe!

If I recall correctly, our class was intact for five years. We lost one classmate to cancer early, in the 5 – 10-year span, and I believe one to a car accident. Nothing too close. 25 years later, many have succumbed to cancer, accidents, heart attacks, and other things that people pass away from. We are all in the 69 – 71 age categories. Many have chronic illnesses. Many have life altering sicknesses. We are getting old. Our group has lost some very kind people; some spouses have died, and one woman who was a great volleyball player and friend of many, nurse to hundreds of people. Some will have canes, walkers, and electric scooters. But our hearts will still be young. The key to a happy life.

I believe we will all chat with each other. I believe we will all wish each other well. I believe we will all include each other by the end of the evening. What we won’t do is still have a “cool kid” group; a “band nerd” group; and a group of people who just don’t belong anywhere. I am positive I was the last group. It may have been self inflicted, as I had no self esteem and thought a girl’s goal in life was simply to marry and have kids. If you would have told me where these last 50 + 1 years would take me, I’d consider you a liar or a tall taleteller. If I were to select my high school category at this age, looking back, I’d be a late bloomer. It explains these vast opportunities I learned to create, and the risks I’m taking now that I’ve never done before. (Thank you, Billy McGuigan. You have taught me well). I’ve become the Queen of “Why NOT?” before my very eyes. Who is that woman, looking back at me from the mirror? It’s the real me. Living my own truth. Oh the places we’ve gone. What we’ve learned!

The trials and tribulations of growing up are now in their proper place; I’m looking forward to August 6, at the Field Club in Omaha, for our 50 + 1 class reunion. I’m looking to rekindling friendships, and acquaintences, too. We’re going to have a great time. Our faces will hurt from smiling. It’ll be a good hurt. The kind we should all have at this age. Ghosts of the past are buried, we can all be genuine and honest with each other. Let’s have a great time, classmates!

I’ll see you tomorrow, and we’ll do some more studying about kidlit. My illustrator Cartney and I have a schedule to follow with our work, and August 2, after our VFW Post 2503 Car Show, I’m resurrecting my novel, “The Freeing of Katie Fitzgibbons.” The studio/office needs some serious straightening up. All things in good time!

Wonderful Wednesday!

Good cloudy morning here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. We have a little light rain, but it’s cooler than normal summer temps. Humidity is pretty up and down right now. The pups are tired from yesterday and earlier this morning. It’s so awesome to be alone with my thoughts once in awhile.

It hasn’t always been that way. Many years ago, when my kids would leave with their Dad, I would leave the house after they left. I couldn’t stand to be home alone without them. Much as I needed the break, I hadn’t learned to be alone with my thoughts yet. It took a few years to learn that. And I welcome it now. Most likely, I might hate it should I become widowed, but I’m better prepared to deal with it.

So I started listening to my eight sessions of the Kidlit Master Class. So far, it’s been some repetition of the free session offered by the same company. I hope it turns into a lot more than lesson one was. Or it could end up being a lesson of a different kind! I joke, but it does happen sometimes. Most classes I’ve bought have been very good, and I expect this one to be no different. I’ll listen to another today.

As people, many of us have trouble saying out loud the things we have accomplished throughout our lives. I did for many years. It seems we judge ourselves too harshly. If we are lacking, we make mountains out of the molehills of our failures. Maybe it’s how we were raised. When I was little, I remember my mom giving me an old compact. I was fascinated by the little mirror inside, and the empty powder half that smelled like her on Sunday morning. It was the only time she wore makeup.

As I sat on the floor one night, watching TV, she told me to, “Put the damned mirror down. You’ll turn into a bag of salt if you look in it too much.” I was just fascinated by the way my eyes looked up close. Mom also told me, “I wouldn’t have given it too you if I’d known you’d be so vain, I wouldn’t have given it to you.”

I certainly didn’t suffer from vanity. I was a nervous kid, and hoped to just fade into the background. I hated calling attention to myself. Especially at ages less than ten. High school? I once told a friend how insecure I was then and they said they wouldn’t have guessed that. Glad no one saw through me then. Truth be told, I think we all suffered from lack of confidence. Our egos were not massaged regularly by our parents. We all had to meet certain expectations. No excuses and no being lazy.

One thing I’m sad about is the kidlit books my kids had are much longer than the books kids have now. The thought is, if it needs to be read to the kids, the adults don’t have time to read, so they need to be short. Of all things to give up, it has to be reading to your child. I cannot change that, so I need to go along with it. Right now, I cannot see myself writing a junior high level book. I don’t think kids would want to hear what I have to tell them. And I’m not into the Fantasy World books, like Hunger Games.

There’s a lot to review this afternoon, and I need to get to it. Take care of yourselves today, and smile. It will help you feel good about yourself. You will make a positive impression on everyone around you, including yourself. You are worthy.

Terrific Tuesday!

It’s another beautiful morning out there at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. When mornings start like this, it just sets you up for blessings all day. Sure, some days we have to work at it. Some days you have to really look for things that are good, that are going well. For many years, things weren’t that great finacially, and being a single parent is hard. You have to keep going, though. We all do now, too. Whether we’re a grandma, a 50 year old single guy, a 44 year old Veteran, or a 75 year old widow. We have to work at it. Only then does it become a habit.

The month of July, I’m challenging myself, and you, if you’d like to join me, to do 71 squats a day. With my knees and other orthopedic issues, I’m doing “sink squats.” They’re modified and work perfectly well. I will amass 2201 squats by the end of the month. I’m only reporting here, and keeping track in my mind. The 2200 is a challenge for the 22 Veterans a day who are committing suicide. We need to help them, if they will allow it. We can do a lot if we can get through to them.

PTSD is nothing new. I’m sure my father had it. He worked patching folks up after gathering them up from the battlefields of WWII and Korea. I remember him having a faraway look at times. I can only guess where he was. But he wasn’t present, that’s for sure. He was meticulous about fixing up cuts, scrapes, bruises, and recording temps if we were sick. He did the same for me when my kids were sick. Since he worked nights, he took care of them for me. He was the best! Gosh, I miss him.

I finally have time today to listen to/view my $97 bargain Master Class on Journey to Kidlit. I’m going to use the day for it, and learn all the things I’ve missed or not known about my kid book. Should be a great day! Feel free to learn something new today. I love when that happens! We’re never too old and it’s never too late. See you tomorrow! We should have lots of fun stuff to talk about. BTW. Only 22 days until my Apple ID gets unlocked. OH! And we’re getting back on the KETO way of life. I’ve not gained any weight, still at 30 pounds lost. I’m going for more. I feel so much better. More tomorrow!

#640! How Exciting!

With all the newness of a Monday morning, I am full of hope for a very productive week. Tomorrow, the Babe has a Neuro Doc visit after another CT Scan. Prayers and hope for successful healing. He is vowing no more ladders. That is huge and I’m grateful. The garbage company has their trucks out like clockwork, and they are doing a fine job. We are lucky they do such a fine job. I’m grateful for their work. Can you imagine what our towns and cities would look like if we didn’t have garbage haulers? I shudder to think.

All these things are running through my mind and I see this is blog post #640. How exciting. and I have about 320 followers? Cool. Now I need to find out how to go backwards and capture email addresses. Apparently, I’ve missed that point. I’m pretty tickled with that many followers and am learning more about key words every day. Trying to get that all in my brain, and apply it to the website we have for the VFW Post 2503, too. They benefit from my learning how to do this. I have a Twitter Account as an Author, and the Post has one also. Ditto with Instagram. Maintaining all of these is a job, and I’m looking at how to do it better.

I don’t want to give up daily blogging. I’ve had people tell me they look for it when they have morning coffee breaks. That’s fun to know, even if it’s my cousin. Baby Steps. It’s that way with everything. Writing, promoting yourself on social media, blogging, heck everything! My mind is whirring all over the place. I need to focus on making a plan for the week, and stick to it. yes. That’s what will make it a successful week, achieving all sorts of things.

Allergies are getting me all sneezy! Crazy, I stepped to the mail box, and now I can’t stop sneezing. It will pass allright. I can’t help but think about Cartney this morning. She’s on a car trip to Wyoming and is drawing as we speak. I think. What a way to use her time constructively. I think I may cry when I see her interpretation of my words into drawings. I’m excited.

So many things are coming together with this journey. It’s slow and steady some days, others the hours fly by. It’s all in the process, I suppose, as we’re trying to learn so many things that should add merit to the projects. Once I get the drawings, there will be a final edit; I will ask my niece and a FB friend in South Dakota to give me their opinions. They both teach kindergarten and I value their feedback.

I’m hoping this will all happen before the end of the summer. By September 1, it should be at the printers. And then the fun starts! I have a small bookstore to visit and see if they’re interested in selling the books. I can do a reading, Cartney could do readings, sketches. My imagination is seeing a good path of more things we’ve never done before. I think some folks call that “visioning.” Whatever word you want to use, it helps to make a stressful (exciting) time very positive, visioning only great things will happen.

Being a creator of things all my life (crafting, learning to paint, sewing clothing and home decor), I’m used to having a vision of something and having something go wrong, and I’m disappointed with the finished project. That could happen with “ROXIE! What Are You Doing?” too. I’m prepared for that, but don’t entertain the notion. Life teaches you that after a while. We will not quit, though!

For a nice break before I go to other things, the staff and I are going outside on the shady patio to plant my succulents in a cool multi-layer pot. Pictures tomorrow. It’s hard to explain. If the dogs will stay out, I plan to read a bit, and relax that way. Hoping the Babe gets home soon so he can get some of the rest he needs. Thanks for reading today, and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Be Safe out there!

Cool Kids Club

Hi, guys! This blog comes to you from a cafe near 84 & I-80 in Omaha, Nebraska. Forgive me if things are wonky. Although I brought my Chromebook, said cafe does not have wi-fi. They do, however, have delicious giant cinnamon rolls.

I trekked over to THINK Full Person Health Care, and received my second COVID vaccination early this morning. This was the song on the radio as I parked.

What the Heck?

I find this hilarious! Seriously, some folks would get upset and paranoid. I’m choosing humor every time. THINK was very organized, I had the shot after paperwork, since I forgot to do it online this time. No big deal.

In a few minutes, it’s time to pack up and take Mom for a perm. I get a haircut, then go spend time working on a book cover for a certain children’s book you will be able to purchase in a couple months. It will be good to be in an uninterrupted atmosphere while trying to learn Publisher, and save the whole thing to a Google Doc for Cartney to add her special talents to. I’m so excited! Cartney, I’m feeling you might be, too.

Cartney graduates in May, so her time is precious. We may be moving deadlines back until after her big day. We meet sometime in April to touch base on things.

Yesterday, I stepped out with the dogs onto the deck.I heard the baby birds in a chorus chirping for food! It sounded like everyone was chirping their hearts out! OR

A scene from old Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds.” Again, choose the positive over negative. Hungry babies over killer birds pecking your eyes out.

We’re waiting for our haircuts and Mom’s perm. I hope Panera has Wi-Fi, so I can work on my book cover and first page. If I stay in Publisher, it’ll work offline.

Aren’t we dependent on Wi-Fi? Wow. Sometimes I think maybe it’s not such a great thing after all. And then it is. I’ve learned far more than I ever thought possible. I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Have a beautiful day! Wind is horrible in Nebraska. Typical Nebraska in spring, though. Be safe. Be courteous. Be kind. Your day will be as good as you make it. Thank you for reading. Let’s plan on seeing each other tomorrow, too.

A Cozy Wednesday

How lucky are we? Not only do we get a new furnace today, it will be over fifty degrees today while it is installed. We will be without water, but that’s ok. I got a few pitchers of water from the refrigerator dispenser, so we should be good.

At the moment, I’m seeing four workmen, two trucks full of equipment, and a big box sitting in the driveway. It has a rendering of Dave Lennox on it; the guy in overalls, a shirt and tie, and a Peaky Blinders cap. The dogs are in the bedroom, and I hope they’ll be good. I figure once the trucks are unloaded I can release the hounds. They’re not protesting too badly yet.

My kids book is coming along nicely. We’ve received a ballpark estimate on printing, which appears manageable. We met with our illustrator yesterday, you’ll be hearing more about her later. I had several people critique it for me, and they have great ideas. Writers are good people. Who said they can’t be social? Not me.

You already know how I love books. I love the feel of them, the smell of them, the way they look proudly displayed, and I now love actually creating them. In due time, they will all be printed. And I have to say, the printing industry itself is one I’ve been enmeshed in for my whole life.

My dad worked at our local newspaper for my entire life. He started in September, 1952, when I was four months old. He worked at the daily paper at night, and eventually, he picked up one day shift at the local small weekly paper, too. For years, he would come home from the night job, get a couple hours sleep, then get up, and go work all day as a pressman. He would be home, exhausted, around 4 p.m. He would have dinner, then go to his full time night job, and arrive home around 4 a.m. On Thursday, he slept as long as he could. I don’t know how he did it, but I know he did it to provide for our family.

Dad taught us many things from his work. My brothers and I always feel the paper in a book. Glossy paper is one of the finest feeling papers in the world. The color seems to jump off the page. It’s costly, but beautiful. I may have taught my kids the same thing. It’s hard for books to compete with electronics. Many kids just are not interested in spending all that time reading. They’d rather play video games. I do find it sad, but the world has changed.

Fonts became important to me when I started work after my divorce. We had IBM Selectric Typewriters (this was the 80’s), and no one had desktops yet. I’m not sure if they even existed yet. I never became a secretary, I was a Compensation Clerk, although I had many secretarial duties. I was so glad to get away from them and begin software design and maintenance. Lots of paperwork there. I always vowed if we programmers had a secretary, I would treat her well because many people don’t. Surprise! I was doomed to do my own typing my entire career. The secretary jobs were phased out. We all did our own emails, etc. No big deal.

In early desktop dealings at work, we had “dumb computers.” We cranked out code, business reports, information galore, and compiled the programs, which converted the English in COBOL to Assembler, which then “ran.” Major files were updated. Reports were printed. Invoices, Paychecks, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, it all was important to know. It really wasn’t so much the writing code and making it “worked,” it was the business knowledge that became most sought after. If you could code and knew the business, you were good at your job.

And now, I’ve sort of circled the block, and I’m composing my stories and producing copy to read. I’m grateful to my parents for making readers of us. I think it’s important to being a well rounded person. I’m excited to join in the millions of authors who have written and been printed. I’m not there yet, but I’ll get there.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention today is our grandson Cody’s first birthday. I hope he has a great day, and he gets a lot of good cake. Hmmmm, birthday cake! The best thing about the parties!

Thank you for reading today, I appreciate your time. I cannot believe how early we have this blog finished today! On to more work! (or a nap). Another positive out of having to get a new furnace, etc. Who would have thought it? I’ll see you tomorrow. Be Safe out there.