Motives – We All Have Them

Are they based in good or evil? Are we a drama queen, enhancing our story at the slightest encouragement. We may have all done that a time or two. It’s a test of our character to tell the truth always. Judge Judy, with all her wisdom, tells litigants all the time, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you lied about.” She’s right.

People, especially from dysfunctional families/relationships have a tendency to make themselves victims at times. Sometimes, a partner is so beaten down with insults and sabotage they don’t realize they’re adding to their truth. It is a jolt when you finally get it.

If you truly love someone, trust them completely, and know you can rely on them, you never question their motives. Spending the rest of your lives together, which I once questioned to even be possible, becomes a reality. I never question the Babe’s motives. It’s refreshing. He doesn’t question mine, either. It’s as life should be. We’re blessed.

I liked this meme of the first line of Beatrix Potters book. Haven’t we all read those words? Proof we need a great opening line. Just like anything, you need a hook. It’s hard to learn. Practicing it as we speak.

What’s my motive for writing? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Dad and older brother worked at the local newspaper in production. In high school, when I was on the school newspaper staff, I envisioned becoming a reporter someday at the paper. Got married instead. As I’ve said before, I’m a late bloomer. But it’s ok. I wasn’t ready yet. I am now.

We have date night tonight; Willy Wonka at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. This should be a great time. I look forward not only to the play, but also to seeing the inside of the Center. I’ve always been curious of what it looked like inside. Tonight, we’ll see!

We have a lot of computer work to do today. The Babe is doing month end for the Post books, and I’m working on placing my illustrations on the pages again today. Even if I only do one page or two a day, it’s progress. More editing is ahead of me for the afternoon. How about you? Outside my studio/office window, I can see several groups of people returning to their cars after the Gretna Days Parade. We can hear the crowds and the rides making noises at night. The dogs don’t like it! Hope you all have a beautiful day today. We’ll see you tomorrow!

Thursday Things

Today’s been full of weird things. The Babe and I each had appointments this morning, and I met up with him at his appointment. He has bursitis in his hip, and that’s pretty painful. Hard to sleep, I hope the cortisone injection does the trick. I’ve had bursitis in both hips, and it’s no fun.

It was quite a bit nicer out this evening than I thought it would be. We have a few more days of cooler weather before heating up again. It’s nice for the people going to the Gretna Days festivities this weekend. We should be able to get some weeds pulled before the heat returns, so I look forward to that.

I’ve earmarked the weekend for updating our laptops and Chromebook with new antivirus software and backup software, too. Yes, the cloud is great, but I want something I can see and view the files on it to be sure my books, notes, research, drawings, and WordPress files/photos are all backed up. I love it when my I/T Department comes to town. I learn so much!

With the goofy schedule, not a lot of anything happened today, as you may tell by this late post. I plan to stay home the next three days. Well, except to go to the play “Willy Wonka,” which should be awesome! More on that Sunday. What are your plans for the weekend? Spend those precious hours well, we can never get them back. Have fun, stay safe. See you tomorrow.