A Snowy Good Morning!

The header pic today is my actual view from the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. It’s been snowing all night, and snow all day expected. How wonderful! Yes, I don’t have to go out in it, but for many years, I did. Before that were the glorious times at home with the kids when we could go play in the snow multiple times throughout the day. Each time we came in, the boots, hats, gloves, scarves all were in front of the vent, in hope they would dry before the next excursion occurred. It was fun, time I wouldn’t trade for anything. I miss snippets of those times.

I read a good article today about “goals vs. resolutions.” Usually, resolutions have to do with habits we’re not serious about changing. Losing weight. Drinking less. Spending more time away from technology. It’s why gyms look entirely different on January 2 vs. March 31. Human nature assumes or misses a YouTube sensation, or doesn’t care bars sell N/A beer, or doesn’t think they can lose any weight, anyway. We like nothing we consider “painful” or penance. We don’t.

I’m forming Goals this year again. I’ve touched on them the last couple days. Of course, the world changed in March and will never be the same. That’s a wonderful thing. We can rethink so much. What’s important. How we should treat people. How to conquer a fear. Or live a dream. We’re lucky! Never forget that! Yes, some days it’s a bitter pill, hard to swallow. Others, things fall into place. That tells you you’re on the right track. Hard work requires our heart to be in it all along. Remember that. If your heart is behaving contrarily, take a break. Pick up where you left off. You’ll get there.

I’m looking back at projects that went back-burner last year. I will put them back toward the front burner after a month. It’ll be re-adjusting and visiting them with fresh eyes. They have promise, and once I test market my first children’s book, others will follow. It seems there is a recurring theme in everything I’m writing. Helping people. I suppose you can’t stray from your basic make-up, and what you feel is your purpose in life. It would be ridiculous if I thought I could write vampire stories, or zombie books effectively. Or would it?

The thing I hope people take away from a book on grief, whether for kids or adults, is it IS a positive topic. It’s there to help a person learn. It’s helping you learn what it took forever for a lot of us to learn. The better equipped we all are for this thing called life helps us all along the way. I fervently wish I had been better prepared for grief when my father died. I retreated, which was unhealthy.

And Cool Dudes, Too!

I have several books to read over the next months. Some are references for writing, some are books for fun, some are books for learning. A good mix, I keep on my side table in the living room. It’s better than checking Facebook and playing Solitaire constantly.

I’ve got some emails to write today, hoping if you are snow-bound like we are or enjoying the warm sun, you are making it a great day. Grateful. Blessed. Safe. Thanking God!

Snowy Sunday

We’ve been out for a little today. The Babe has me copy spreadsheets over to use for subsequent months. I know Excel better than he does, so it’s maybe 1/2 hour at the most. I like to help him out so he doesn’t have to be away from home long. It may be a selfish motive, but I hate to see him struggle with something that wouldn’t take me too long. We’ve done a lot of those days together. One of our old friends from the VFW Post mentioned one time the Quartermaster job “takes a lot of time, and it helps that your wife is helping with other things, instead of complaining you’re gone all the time.” Bless your heart, Bob Fenton, you were a man among men, and I miss you terribly.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

The Kansas City – Denver football game today is sort of fun to watch. It’s snowing in Denver. They allowed seven and a half percent of capacity for a crowd today. Will the cold kill the virus? Not sure, but it looks cold. Hoping they enjoy themselves. And drinking beer in a snowstorm? Never tried it, but at least there shouldn’t be a terribly long line for the ladies’ room. What a plus!

Our deck is looking shiny, and the wrought-iron fence has ice on it. I don’t think it will be too long before it is snowing flakes. We are snuggly with the fireplace ablaze. How I love a gas fireplace! Whatever the weather does, it’ll get warm again anyhow. Not too big of a deal. Complaining won’t change it. This (below) is nice for a stock photo.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Tomorrow, it’s back to working in the mornings, and reading/relaxing in the afternoon. I don’t care for working so late in my day. I have another deadline one week from today. I’m rapidly approaching the end of my time with Sam, my book coach, for this year. Only two or three more sessions, then we take December off. It’s been money well spent. I need to branch out and see how I can do fewer sessions and hope to remember what I’ve learned.

Yes, that’s a plan for 2021. If we plan for it, it means we still have spirit and determination to face whatever happens next in this soap opera of a life we’ve had this year. As I review what I believed what I would do with my writing career this year, I see by now I thought I’d have a novel published and two or three children’s books printed. Lots of things occurred this year that were unforeseen. I like my novel more, since it’s a distinct part of the story of Katie Fitzgibbons. It’s backstory to what comes in “These Walls Do Talk.” Backstory can be too heavy to share while a different story is going on. Yes, it’s nice to know the who, what, when, where, and why characters are as they are while a plot thickens. Sometimes, it has nothing at all to do with the story being told. That’s when it needs to go. And mine needed to go. I’m glad it did, I’m doing much better work than before.

I hope you have a nice evening, at least what we have left of it. It’s been very restful. How nice! Hope yours was, too. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Be Safe out there. Be Kind. Be Courteous. Be Understanding of others. We’re all living a very different life than we thought would be a year ago. Wear your mask, stay well.