Happy Wednesday!

School is closed, there are weather alerts, and we will see between one and seventy-two inches of snow in the area, depending on who you listen to and where you live. Weather forecasting in the heartland is pretty interesting.

Some kids need to tune in to remote learning tomorrow, and others get to sleep in and forget about it. I don’t know how the administrators figure out who will remote learn and who gets to sleep in. What a job to have. Kids will love you or hate you, just for deciding about school. They’ll survive.

Mom had a doctor visit today. It’s interesting how old people need to go have someone clip their toenails. I hope to never become so stiff I cannot do that anymore. It’s such a simple everyday task. There are so many of them that elude older folks. Simple, everyday things. Mom doesn’t use lotion on her feet anymore. She says her feet are slippery on her wood floors. The Doc asked if she had slippers to wear. Mom said, “Yes, but they’re not in bed with me.” Gosh, Mom, neither are the wood floors! I’m not sure what she means by that.

The Nail Tech was wonderful. She was kind to Mom and trimmed everything up, then massaged her feet with lotion. It made Mom’s day. It was such a treat for her and made her happy. She is already looking forward to her next Podiatrist’s visit.

Such a simple thing. Don’t take things for granted. Things we can do for ourselves at a young age are gifts when we’re older and people need to perform them for us. It’s kind of sad. You start out doing things for your baby; they grow and do for themselves, and then someone needs to be a helper for them at the end of their lives. Life is a circle, isn’t it?

The snow is supposed to begin around 9 a.m. this morning. You will have been able to read this anytime four hours earlier. I hope it’s a beautiful day of snow and watching the dogs play in the snow, not of rain, ice, and all that goes with that. If we’re going to have a once a winter snowstorm, it should be a wonderful event, one to enjoy. I’ll let you know if this really comes true or not.

My sewing machine is at the shop, just investigating if everything is in alignment. I had a mishap that was my fault, so it needs looking at. I didn’t want to let it go and possibly mess something up worse. Back to the Bernina for the blocks on Cody’s quilt. I think I goofed and have 38 blocks to rip up and re-sew. A great thing to do on a snowy day in Nebraska.

Hope you are in a cozy place today. And if you’re around this snowstorm, hunker in and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to drive in ice storms. Have a lovely day, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Monday Moments

There were a couple of surprises this morning. We woke up later than usual. After an emotional day yesterday with our Veterans and their stories with Jay Miralles, we went to bed super early. Even the dogs didn’t wake up on time. At 7 a.m. we were having the first cup of coffee. The second surprise was how it snowed last night!

It must have been enough to cancel many schools, and the dogs like the romp. It looks pretty, and won’t last long. Enough to make it a brilliant morning. Today is the followup for my crown work. I’ll be glad to have it over with.

I’ve collected some books on estrangement of adult children. It seems I’m drawn to family behavior, and finding outcomes from dysfunction. I find it interesting. It serves as research for the novel I’m writing about breaking patterns of dysfunction. I hope others find it interesting and healing.

I also have a great interest in children’s books. I’d like to write to help kids reduce their fears, anxieties, and help them learn some things about the world around them. All kids want is to be loved, feel safe, and paid attention to. It’s not asking for too much, is it? Not at all.

I need to be about other work this afternoon. After yesterday, I’m drained. Hope you have a beautiful evening and pleasant night. See you tomorrow!

Snowy Saturday!

Snowy again as I sit in the Home Office at Gretna, Nebraska. I’m glad for the snow falling. That’s an unpopular position here in Nebraska during February. My attitude is the lawn and flowers need it a lot, and it’ll be fine. If it were October and snowing like this, it would be a different story. Just roll with it!

It’s been an interesting morning so far. The Babe is working with a group of people on a remodel project at the VFW Post. The building is old, and it’s been about ten years since they have done any painting inside. It’s time. They are going to replace all the ceiling tile first. I think they had quite a crew assembled as volunteers. It’s so nice we have some younger folks getting involved in a big way. That is so encouraging. Many Veteran organizations are hurting. Many have sold their buildings. Ours is doing well. The Babe is doing a stellar job at keeping track of the money that comes in and goes out. People trust him, and that’s huge.

The pups are both with me and are funny. How can someone not love this?

I’m still mulling over how to establish a powerful brand for each of my book genres. For today, I’d rather just write and read. Oh, and someone left an immense pile of laundry. Why don’t the dogs bark at them when that happens? No, the only interaction is when Goldie steals socks from the dirty laundry or even the clean laundry. It’s not a dryer that makes our socks mateless. It’s Goldie! I can’t speak to your house, but that’s what happens with ours.

I still haven’t heard from my attorney yet regarding the Nebraska Secretary of State approval or rejection of the name for my publishing company. It’s frustrating, I can’t introduce it or get business cards, or establish a bank account without the name and paperwork for the tax id #. Is all of government that slow?

All I can do is to be patient and work on some hanging-on projects from my list. There are many! I should skip any that have to do with cleaning, don’t you think? LOL. There will be plenty of opportunity for tax prep, cleaning out one troublesome kitchen cabinet, and maybe even working on a quilt. If I’m lucky. Yes, there is always something to do.

I signed up for a video class on Tuesday called, “How to Sell Your Book Without Feeling Icky.” Boy, could I use that! It should also help with branding, I think. More on that later! It appears there are more followers on this blog every day. I’m trying to appeal to a wide range and adding the Keto lifestyle helps a lot.

Speaking of Keto, I just about have a new wardrobe! My old jeans fit me again. With room to spare. That hasn’t happened in about nine years. Before Gavin was born, I slipped on the ice (President’s Day) and fell, breaking my ankle in three places. A year earlier, I had two surgeries on the same foot and didn’t gain a pound. It was different this third time, with the break. I got pretty depressed sitting around again. I gained about ten or fifteen pounds. Then more. I stopped caring.

I am definitely avoiding ice and black ice, and do not want to Yo-Yo again. I’d rather stay south of where I am now than deal with losing again. Keto has helped tremendously. The Babe is even glad we are doing it. We both feel better, too. Let’s hear it for regular sized clothes! YAY!

Sunday, Sunday

Hello, hope you’re all well this fine Sunday night. We’re expecting some major snow in the next few days. Tomorrow, after 4 a.m., it’s supposed to snow heavily, as much as one inch an hour. That’s pretty substantial. Planning on staying home, and the Babe is too. We’ll cozy up at home and call it good.

Goldie passed with flying colors again today, being left out of her kennel while we were away today. I know she’s not going to eat anything, and she and Lexie were both happy when we got home. (But when are they not?)

I’m nearly finished with All Things In Time, by Sue Buyer, the 92 year old first time author. Ms. Buyer was a professional writer her whole career, but never wrote actual reporter stories at the newspaper she worked for. This was common for women during the 1950s and 1960s, when women commonly left their job as soon as their pregnancies “showed.” Rarely did they return after giving birth. Ms. Buyer had an interesting view of a lot of human stories during her time at the newspaper. Some are combined with other stories, making her novella a step back in time. I’m enjoying it.

All the information I’ve read about succeeding in any creative endeavor contains a lot about being persistent. That is good advice. I don’t think there is any creative person who isn’t. Not one who has succeeded. Some days it’s hard. I’ve taken almost two months off from actively writing new pages for my novel, and I feel like a schlep. I’ve been feverishly busy about other aspects of writing and publishing, but not actively writing feels like I’ve abandoned it. Not so. Time to change that mindset right now.

Tomorrow is our day to be finished arranging the boxes of Christmas decorations in the storage room, and it should be one of a few things we finish tomorrow. The Babe finally can use the snowblower, and since he’s losing weight, he can shovel too, unless he gets out of breath. Then it’s time for nitro and the couch. He’s enjoying helping the neighbors out, even though we don’t need to get out and go anywhere.

You all take care, be safe if you live where it’s going to snow a lot. Cold, wind, and blowing snow is no joke. Ice either. Stay home if you can. Have a beautiful night and a great day tomorrow. We’ll see each other then. Thank you for reading.

A Snowy Good Morning!

The header pic today is my actual view from the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. It’s been snowing all night, and snow all day expected. How wonderful! Yes, I don’t have to go out in it, but for many years, I did. Before that were the glorious times at home with the kids when we could go play in the snow multiple times throughout the day. Each time we came in, the boots, hats, gloves, scarves all were in front of the vent, in hope they would dry before the next excursion occurred. It was fun, time I wouldn’t trade for anything. I miss snippets of those times.

I read a good article today about “goals vs. resolutions.” Usually, resolutions have to do with habits we’re not serious about changing. Losing weight. Drinking less. Spending more time away from technology. It’s why gyms look entirely different on January 2 vs. March 31. Human nature assumes or misses a YouTube sensation, or doesn’t care bars sell N/A beer, or doesn’t think they can lose any weight, anyway. We like nothing we consider “painful” or penance. We don’t.

I’m forming Goals this year again. I’ve touched on them the last couple days. Of course, the world changed in March and will never be the same. That’s a wonderful thing. We can rethink so much. What’s important. How we should treat people. How to conquer a fear. Or live a dream. We’re lucky! Never forget that! Yes, some days it’s a bitter pill, hard to swallow. Others, things fall into place. That tells you you’re on the right track. Hard work requires our heart to be in it all along. Remember that. If your heart is behaving contrarily, take a break. Pick up where you left off. You’ll get there.

I’m looking back at projects that went back-burner last year. I will put them back toward the front burner after a month. It’ll be re-adjusting and visiting them with fresh eyes. They have promise, and once I test market my first children’s book, others will follow. It seems there is a recurring theme in everything I’m writing. Helping people. I suppose you can’t stray from your basic make-up, and what you feel is your purpose in life. It would be ridiculous if I thought I could write vampire stories, or zombie books effectively. Or would it?

The thing I hope people take away from a book on grief, whether for kids or adults, is it IS a positive topic. It’s there to help a person learn. It’s helping you learn what it took forever for a lot of us to learn. The better equipped we all are for this thing called life helps us all along the way. I fervently wish I had been better prepared for grief when my father died. I retreated, which was unhealthy.

And Cool Dudes, Too!

I have several books to read over the next months. Some are references for writing, some are books for fun, some are books for learning. A good mix, I keep on my side table in the living room. It’s better than checking Facebook and playing Solitaire constantly.

I’ve got some emails to write today, hoping if you are snow-bound like we are or enjoying the warm sun, you are making it a great day. Grateful. Blessed. Safe. Thanking God!

Fluffy, Flaky Friday

I’m keeping a watch out the windows for the snow predicted this morning. I enjoy a pretty snow, with little traffic impact. Goldie had a blast running in it last winter. I think she’ll be just as happy this year, too. I think it’s in the breed. Labs are smart, beautiful, and so happy.

I’m trying to teach her to be patient and wait until I can take a break from writing to play fetch. She isn’t too happy right now, but she went to the living room for a nap. The rope toy is at my feet. Good girl!

She likes the Christmas tree so far. It’s only half put together, I just ran out of energy yesterday. The top pieces go on today, and it’s pre-lit, so it complete half of the work. I hope to finish decorating and stowing everything by late tomorrow, then just relaxing on Sunday. The best laid plains of mice and men, right?

If you live where it snows, do you appreciate the beauty of it? Seriously, we often complain. Do we view it as a nuisance or with childlike wonder? It’s all in the attitude. I remember joining the guys I worked with during their “perilous journey to work” stories. I had three stops to make every day before going to work, since each child went to a different school. It was quite a ride.

Snowstorms are never a perilous as they once were, and that’s kind of too bad. From what I understand, the coveted “Snow Days” will no longer exist in this age of remote learning. We rarely had school called off, but my kids often did. They were great at shoveling the driveway out for me, and that was so nice. They shoveled, then played. Bless their hearts.

Photo by Flo Dahm on Pexels.com

No, our snow won’t look this beautiful, but it will be pretty enough. It’s all in the attitude. Everything is. Although you can mouth the words over and over, sometimes it takes a while before it penetrates your soul. Being human, we resist learning certain things that would make our lives easier. We’d rather hold our grudges until they sink us than let loose of them. Why? They have taught us that way. They can be our parents, teachers, friends, trusted adults. It doesn’t always have to be that way.

Seeking revenge is another area we make more difficult than it needs to be. Revenge is not ours to have. It’s spiteful and probably damages the host as much as the object. Let Go. Give it to God. Lighten your own load for things like love, peace, harmony, brotherhood and forgiveness.


You heard me. Love, peace, harmony, brotherhood, and forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard. Yet your load lightens when you forgive. And just because you forgive doesn’t mean you forget. Resentment keeps you in the past where things decay and die. Is that where you want to dwell? I didn’t think so. I know several people who court their resentment grandly. You’d think it was an actual living thing. Well, it is, as long as they keep it alive and destructive in their heart, their life, and their mind. They become permanently stuck, bogged down and unable to move. How unhappy their lives are and how heavy the burden became.

Photo by Dariusz Grosa on Pexels.com

At one time in my own life, I was very unhappy and rarely smiled, except with my children. A new neighbor moved in next door before my first husband left and she commented to me after he moved out, “You are finally smiling. You never did when he was still here. You know, that means it was the right thing to do.” I couldn’t believe it. I thought I hid the unhappiness. Guess again. I learned a lot from that statement.

It’s snowing! Goldie just alerted me it’s time to go outside. I’ll be finishing the tree today and hope to have photos tomorrow. Have a beautiful day today. Forgive someone, you’ll feel better. I’m working on that one, too. Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Thoughtful. Spread love, not the pandemic. Take care. I’ll see you again tomorrow.