And In The End

You will never forget

The real, true friends

The ones you prayed with

The ones you toasted with

And the ones whose funerals you attended.

Real life events

Shared with real friends

Their stories of war

And of loves and losses

And of gratitude and blessings

And of all being well

When it ends well

And oh, how well we ended. 


Endings are sometimes sad,

Sometimes glad,

Sometimes unsure as to what they are.

When you’ve been somewhere for awhile, 

And know a lot of friends, 

It’s hard to think of not seeing them again.

After you need to be gone,

Gone for your mental health,

Gone because they just don’t listen,

Gone because they just don’t get it.

You can’t fix this anymore.

They need to fall.

And fail.

And then someone else will come along.

And pick up where you left it.

And give their hearts.

Until someone disrespects them.

And the Dance Begins Again..

Baseball Saturday!

At ten a.m. this morning, I’ll be watching Gavin play ball for the first time this year! I’ve not done it yet, it’s been pretty nippy at the games. But I’m putting on multiple layers, and going out to the ballgames. Until 2 p.m. Looking forward to it!

I finally was able to get access to my Nebraska Writers Guild Spring Conference, 2021. I should be spending the day watching it. Not going to happen yet. There are a bunch of great topics, many about self-publishing. I need to get the Babe to go to the bank with me and open the business account. I want him to be able to pay bills, etc., in case I can’t for some reason. It’s a sensible thing to do, I believe.

For some reason, my brain is thinking about poetry. Is because that’s writing close to music? Sometimes it’s hard to concentrated, and decide how to light up the happy place in the brain. I read once creativity soothes the place of the brain where worry originates. When Mom took up the hobby of adult coloring, she was much calmer than now. Her vision has deteriorated to the point she can no longer decipher the color of the crayons. That’s sad. She can still read a little, with a very bright light. No wonder she’s a lot more worried and stressed.

Maybe I’ll do a blog someday in a poetic fashion. Just for fun. We’ll work on that. The way it works, I’ll be just as surprised as you are! Most of the time, I just write whatever seems to be in my mind at the time. And most of it is ok. But some of it is not very good. I know that. The joy comes from doing something good. Something people comment about. That gives me joy, if someone learned something, got a laugh, or even felt less lonely. Joy happens because of something else. When people can relate to us and what we write/feel/share, it makes us feel good, too. Someone gives, someone receives. Joy happens for both of them. The heavy loads are lighter with many hands to carry. We learn those loads are often not ours to carry. And we’re grateful for the lesson.

Have a beautiful day. Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Thoughtful. Be Courteous. And let go of anything you’re carrying that isn’t yours. It’s such a relief. See you tomorrow!