This is Thursday

This is the day folks sometimes call Friday eve. I suppose if you were still working, it could put hope in your heart.

Now here is a screenshot of something I read on Facebook today. If you consider all of the works of Picasso, well, read it for yourself:

It All Makes Perfect Sense Now

This changes everything I once thought was valid as far as creating goes. I can use this blog as an example. Some blogs are good, some are not as good. Makes sense to me. I just keep creating them. It all adds up. Some are easy, some are hard. I must keep creating them.

Even when you love it, writing can be hard. It can be hard to decide how to tell a story that you claim is fiction but parts of it is are real event. How can you tell something important and keep it as fiction when it really happened?? Creativity in the writing that doesn’t affect the story line is important. Just how much do you want to reveal?? It’s a tough spot to be in. I am sort of up against that with my novel. I’m using some real life incidents, but don’t want to be telling any secrets, so how do I go about it?? My editor and I will need to discuss this, but it won’t happen before New Year’s.

We must take our time in telling our stories. We must make them authentic, believable, and interesting. Have you ever known someone who told the best jokes? They may laugh so hard in anticipation of the punch line and that is funnier than the joke itself. They may tell a good story, but could they write a good story? Could they keep you interested?? Could they build the suspense with printed words instead of spoken words? They need not be perfect, what is important is that they are told. They are shared. They are left to the world. The world could do something wonderful with the story you tell. You just never know. Picasso is still well known. People can identify his work. I would be thrilled if someday, people could identify my work. I hope I’m still around to know about it.

I spent the day working again on the quilting project. It’s beginning to take shape rather well, and I’m getting excited about how it will look. It’s a surprise for a friend of a friend, so I’m going to wait until it’s gifted to post a photo. It’s going to be very special.

In these days leading up to Christmas, take your time getting where you need to be. Be safe. Be kind. Be patient. Be a good customer and a good neighbor. Help carry packages, or unload the car. Help each other. Help yourself, too. Don’t over commit. You will be glad you didn’t. The anticipation for the special day is huge, take the time to enjoy it before it’s over.

Well, tomorrow is Friday, and it’s the last weekend before Christmas. We all will be busy, but I’ll still be here tomorrow, and I hope you will too. See you then!