Another Fab Friday

Well, it finally happened, thanks to Jimmy Weber. I’ve finally joined the world of streaming music. His wonderful new album is available wherever you stream music. I’ve never streamed. I’ve clung to the CD format since – well, a long time. So here I am, finally, in this century as far as my music goes. Thanks, Jimmy! It doesn’t seem to work very well playing music on my Chromebook while blogging. I’ll have to try it later when I’m using the laptop. It’s got more “power,” as they used to say on “Home Improvement.”

On the COVID front, Douglas County Health Department in Omaha, Nebraska opened their website this morning at 9 a.m. to make appointments for the elderly. I registered Mom for next week. It should be a good experience. They have accommodations such as wheelchairs for those who need it. I got one for Mom. She’s always insisted on walking herself, but the time has come for sensibility. Saving her energy is key right now.

I’m closing in on the end of the month, and with that, I’ve decided February 1, 2021, I need to get back to work on my novel, “The Saving of Katie Fitzgibbons.” It’s time I got busy again. You’ll be the first to know how it’s going!

The Wal-mart pick up line was pretty long this morning. I waited a bit, but it still beat going through the store and all the people who appeared to be there. What a godsend it is! I have yet to convince Mom of that, but it’s ok. Someday we’ll probably shop for her. Getting out of the house is what she needs now. She’s ready to warmer weather so she can walk on her patio daily. It’s to slippery right now. Bless her heart.

Call your elderly friends and family. They are needing a bright spot in their days right now. If they have limitations in movement or with vision and hearing, the days are twice as long for them. We’ll all get there some day, some of us sooner than others. Be kind now, and someone will return your favor later on.

Thank you for reading today. Don’t forget about my friends Jimmy Weber and Billy McGuigan. They both have some great new music written during the COVID quarantine. It’s bound to help you feel better. Music does that. It heals the souls. See you again tomorrow!

What Day Is It? Tuesday’s Blog – LATE! Oops!

I swear, it snowed for two days in the last 24 hours. I loved watching it fall, with the dogs asleep by the fireplace, and drinking hot tea while watching it snow. That’s the bonus of retirement. You are grateful for not having to brave the elements anymore to go out and earn a living. You can also get a bit confused what day it is. 

I knew yesterday was Monday. We watched a Netflix original, Virgin River, last night. We enjoyed it. It was good acting, a good story, and was pretty easy to follow. It was worth the couple hours we spent on it. Probably try to watch more later today. I’m guessing it’s most like a romance novel?

For fun, I did a quiz on which romance novel I should read next. They want to know if you want historical fiction, fantasy, or contemporary. Do you want explicit romance or not? From what I understand, it’s quite a business. Many are made into television movies on the Hallmark channel, some on Lifetime. It’s interesting how different genres work. I’m not interested in reading them, but to each his or her own. I like gritty tales of cops, solving murders, and of people overcoming adversity.

Upon waking this morning, the Babe and I had breakfast and he used the snowblower. We had to go get our online grocery order from Walmart. We got all ready, except for our coats. I looked my phone to check in, confirming I was on my way. And low and behold! The groceries won’t be ready until Wednesday, January 27, 2021. The only reason I knew the date is it’s my daughter Rebecca’s birthday. “Oh, I goofed!” The Babe is so easy going, he says, “No big deal!” I’ve known some men who would have a giant fit over the mistake. Yes, they weren’t worth the trouble. Things happen. Life happens. Humans make mistakes. I love the calmness in my life now. It is worth the wait I had.

Gosh, forty-two years ago, I was very pregnant with my daughter. It snowed and sleeted continuously since Thanksgiving that year. I didn’t leave the house except for Church and the Doctor’s appointments I had. The baby was lying on my sciatic nerve, I was in a lot of pain. The doctor told me to lie down when the kids took a nap, and lie on my left side, with my right leg crossed over me, on a pillow. It helped. But Nick was three and didn’t take a nap. It was so hard. Their father got home from work at 3 p.m., and Frankie came home at 3:30 p.m., and everyone was hungry. Stepford Wife that I was and chauvinist their father was, saw me taking care of everyone else and living with the pain. Some days it was severe.

I had an appointment that very day. It was a Friday, the doc knew how uncomfortable I was. He made an appointment to induce me at 4:30 p.m. I was relieved. The only thing the doc used for pain was Demerol (which is never used today from what I understand), and I was aware of everything. The labor went fast. The father had the nerve to ask me to hurry, he had to go bowling and they were in first place, and he had to be there. He didn’t make it that night, and I heard about it forever. Not as if I did it on purpose.


Years later, I see how awful that was. But I didn’t say anything. But it was selfish and awful. We were only married for three years after that. I just couldn’t take it any more. Yes, I’ve changed a lot from those days. Thank God! I learned a lot of independence from my smart, talented, beautiful daughter. She was so independent! I was in awe of her and still am. Happy Birthday, Becky.

Yes, it was hard getting from there to here. Nothing mattered to me more than my kids. It’s finally “my” turn at life. It’s why I’m an author. It’s why I’m working on a brand new craft. It’s why I’m still learning. I’m so enthused and grateful for this opportunity, which I’ve created for myself. I’m so glad you are along for the ride.

Thank you for reading today. Let’s help each other out. Hold the door. Shovel a walk. Help someone stuck in the snow with their car. Take a minute to be kind. Be Thoughtful. Be Mindful of your attitude. Take care. See you tomorrow!

Suddenly Sunday

And it’s not only Sunday, the start of a new week, but it’s the start of a brand new month. Knowing what promise a new month holds piques my interest. What grand things will happen with my book? Whatever happens, it will happen indoors, unless we have an unseasonably warm month. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if that happened. We are ready for normal.

So we delivered a few bags of candy to our closest neighbor kids. We didn’t hand out treats to everyone, and not one person came to our door. I think lots of people found alternative fun for their kids. Unlike the large group at a party in New York. How risky! No one can say that is Trump’s fault.

Photo by Brianna West on

The Babe and I are following a modified Keto diet. It’s approved by our Doc. I can tell you I’m hungry; it’s been over three hours since we ate. I got hungry yesterday, too. I think that’s a good sign. I need to make another grocery store trip before we can really get going. I don’t want to throw away things I have, it’s wasteful. I bought a bag of “Cauliflower Rice.” I’m wondering what the Babe’s reaction will be to those. If they taste ok, fine. If not, we’ll try something else. If weight really falls off as quickly as “they” say, we’ll be in our old jeans in no time. Wouldn’t that be a splendid gift to give each other? I’ll believe when I see it, and I hope to. It’s nice to have a partner to share the journey with.

I love Cream Cheese. It’s on the list of foods. Heavy Cream! Allowed! Steak? Allowed! Pork Rinds? Yuck! I’ve never had a one and I highly doubt that will change, although they’re allowed. The Babe doesn’t even want any! I love vegetables, unfortunately some of them are too starchy. I can adjust. I think I will go on record as saying I think I’ll skip seaweed crisps. It just sounds wrong. Sugar is the enemy. The Babe quit smoking six months before we met, so it introduced him to another world; that of having to watch what he ate. He was trim (as was I) when we met. Contentment sometimes adds some weight. So does cancer treatment.

I have some tidying up to do to my Chapter Two and Three today. Thursday, November 5 is another ZOOM meeting with Sam Tyler, Book Coach. I’m coming close to being where I wanted to be, but I have the rest of the month to get there. Going to spend time in the studio today, coddiwompling. How’s that for a word of the day?

The photo above of the wooden spoons, painted different colors, was from a Panera’s I was in a couple weeks ago. I thought it was a fun work of art. Sometimes things just seem like they go together. Like Vegetable Beef Soup, Sunflowers in a Crystal Vase, Memes and Inspiration, Artwork and Encouragement, you just know when some things belong together. I’m using this attitude for my writing this afternoon. Sam, get ready for some reading! At least inside, it feels as if a breakthrough is near. I’ll let you all know.

Thank you for sharing some of this Sunday with me. I appreciate it more than you know. Hope to see you all tomorrow. Be Careful. Be Courteous. Be Calm and Rock On!

Thursday’s Thinking

What a world we live in. I remember walking to the store with my mom when I was little. Older brother was at school, and we would stop at the neighborhood grocer/meat market store next to my grandfather’s drug store. Paskach’s Groceries had sawdust on the floor. I wasn’t sure, but maybe they did meat cutting in the basement. Some restaurants used to do that. Not so much in this modern world.

Mom couldn’t buy more than she could carry. That was good, we never froze our meat. The freezer held only two ice cube trays and maybe a mushy carton of Ice Cream. That freezer didn’t work well, and was way too small. What a difference there is today. You can buy anything ready to eat, ready to freeze, ready to prepare almost anything you can think of in today’s supermarket.

Fast forward to today. I just placed my first online grocery order. We’ll pick it up after we get Addison from school. I’m willing to give it a shot and see how I like it. No, I do not want to be in the stores this winter, between the flu and COVID. Why take an unnecessary risk? Not my way, really. More about that tomorrow. And Amazon delivered my first order of ENSURE. I’m getting that to have on hand as a protein drink (that has a lot of other nutrients in it to help keep hunger at bay). The Babe and I are going to try Keto for a bit and see how we do. Not extreme, just make some good habits from our bad ones. We’ll let you know how well it works.

Photo by Gareth Willey on

I miss the sawdust on the floor behind the fresh meat counter. I loved the old neighborhood grocery partly because it meant our Grandma and Grandpa were right next door. It would be so amazing to speak to them now that we’re retired ourselves. Just imagine the possibilities! One beautiful sight I remember in the drugstore is the sight of my Grandma standing behind the candy display case. Far as the eye could see, all kinds of delicious candy. She loved to let us pick out something, and Mom would always say, “No, we can’t accept it for free, we have to pay.” Grandma usually overruled her. We didn’t take advantage of it, though.

I’d love to have our other Grandma make frozen juice for us, and give us store-bought cookies (a luxury to us, mom always baked ours). After having our snack, we would go outside where they had gigantic shade trees, and there was always a pleasant breeze to cool us. Nowadays, it seems as if it is still outside or a gale force wind. Never an in between.

The image featured at the top of today’s blog reminds me of the block my Grandparent’s Drug Store was located. My parents lived a block and a half away from it, and I see it every time I go visit Mom. I can picture a quilt made from the picture. Somewhere, I have a photo of Grandpa and his three sons standing in front of the store. That would be cool to add those elements. And I picture making from my imagination the sight of Grandma behind the candy counter. The glass was spotless, inside and out, and the oak wood that held the glass was shiny as a new penny. It would take some work to get the proportions correct. Those are ideas I have that recur and tell me someday I must set them in fabric or drawing once I learn to draw. It’s part of a creative mind. You have way more ideas than what you might complete in a lifetime.

We all have stories in our minds. Some are wonderful and warm. Some are frightening and chilling. You can remember the good in all events to create wonderful memories of your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Everyone has far too many terrible stories. Let’s try to concentrate on forgiving and learning from our hurts. It’s a lot easier than carrying baggage around that doesn’t belong on our trip around the sun every year. Leaving the baggage behind also opens your arms to embrace new people and things. Learning to do that is hard, but so rewarding.

Love Makes Our World So Much Better

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it. How about if we meet up again tomorrow and do it again? I’d love to see you again. Be Safe out there! We all need to take care of with other. It’s our job.