Friday, Finally!

Today marks post #675. July is only half over and we’ve covered a lot of ground with life. The Post hosted a Car Show/Fundraiser for Nebraska COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors). I’m proud to announce we raised $2,020. We met the goal I had of $1,400. The rest is just extra cushion for their bank account. The funds were raised for transportation, lodging, and expenses for three Nebraska Law Enforcement Officers’ families who lost their loved one in duty related deaths in 2019 and 2020. Our volunteers at the Post are phenomenal. Couldn’t have done this without them.

Now we are gearing up to host Mr. Rick Tiger at the Post this evening. The Babe and I met him a few years ago, have all seven of his CD’s, and like the memories he raises when we listen to the words of his songs. It will be an enjoyable evening for sure. Then the work begins again!

We are planning a presentation of checks to some of the organizations we fundraise for. We plan to invite the media, Nebraska COPS representatives, Moving Veterans Forward representatives, and Guitars for Vets representatives. It should be a good event, and educate people a little more about who we are and what we do.

In my spare time (!), I’m Facetiming with Cartney today, to discuss our book. Hope we can successfully complete our project at least by December 31. Publishing your first book in the year you turn 70 is a worthy goal. Cross your fingers! Say your prayers! It’ll be an adventure. Have a beautiful day, be kind and gracious, and courteous. It might make someone’s day!

Generosity RULES!

I’ve been absent a couple days. As I’ve told you before, the VFW Post 2503 Honor Guard in Omaha, Nebraska sponsored a Car Show yesterday. The proceeds went to the organization Nebraska COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors). They are a charitible organization who assist families who lose their Law Enforcement Officer in the line of duty. For 2020 and 2021, this nation lost 491 officers who were performing their jobs. Crimes against the officers has spiked in 2021.

Families struggle to pick up the pieces sometimes. The funds we raised will help send families of three Nebraska officers who died doing their jobs to Washington DC in October, 2021, for Police Week. Usually it is held in May, but due to COVID, October will be when the new names on the wall will be revealed. Think of them, will you? You may want to go to the website.

I need to review some information about mistakes made in writing children’s books. I want to see if I’ve made those mistakes and correct them before I finish the manuscript and put Cartney’s drawings on their pages. With all we’ve been doing lately, I need to put my head back to writing. And quilting. And learning to draw. And maybe cleaning the house?

I am still waiting (patiently?) for my Apple ID to become unlocked so I can try to get my Pixel 3xl backup to load on my new phone. It’s a safeguard by Apple. I get it, but I alternately applaud or curse it. I need to learn from the inconvenience and I have. We’ve all become so dependent on electronics. If we have one silly thing go wrong, we’re toast! I certainly am for the next 23 days. It’ll be ok. As I told someone, I’ve been thrown out of better places!

This will be brief today, the work of the weekend has made me need the heating pad for my achy back and the recliner for comfort. Hoping you can enjoy the nice weather today, I plan to later. Be Careful out there; Be Grateful; Be Generous; Be Kind. And Be your Best Person. Live your truth!