Monday, Monday

When I was in the eighth grade, the Mamas and Papas came out with the song “Monday, Monday.” And “California Dreamin.” They had some good ones back in the day. That time seems much closer than it was, over fifty years ago! That’s forever!

Before graduation, we thought we were the best. We were King of the hill, Queen of the mountain, and the oldest in the elementary school called St. Bridget’s. We were soon to receive our comeuppance when we went to our different High Schools for the first time as Freshman. No longer King or Queen of anything and longed for those glory days. Before we knew it, the upper classmen of Ryan High School were readying to graduate too, some in three years, and some in the traditional four. We had no identifiers such as Seniors, Juniors, and such. It seemed like we were cheated out of our legacy, but we lived.

Looking for a new profile photo for FB. Which do you like?

It is funny how things mean so much to us as we are looking forward to those life events that are significant. If they don’t happen for whatever reason, we live. We may not want to, but we do. And hindsight is always 20/20, you know? Wouldn’t it be great if foresight was a little more predictable? We might have it made if we had half an idea of the outcome. It might help us make better decisions. We need information upon which to base our decisions. It helps us decide one way or another. The more information, the better decision. Unless you are paralyzed by fear.

Fear stops us from doing things. From taking a job. From moving to the mountains. From marrying someone. From divorcing someone. From taking any risk. Freedom is the right to choose. The right to choose from your alternatives. If you have no choice, you are not a man or woman, you are more of a nameless, faceless member, an instrument, a way of getting something done. And dispensable. Learn to face your fears by understanding them. Where did they come from?

I have a terrible fear of water. I cannot swim. At this point in life, I can paddle with a noodle, that’s enough for me. And I want a warm water pool for my joints. Soothing. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense for me to take up scuba diving. If I learned to swim, and loved it, and was comfortable with the water, I could take up diving. But not until.

What about this writing I’m doing? I started blogging a year ago to get into the habit. The more you write, the better you become. Makes sense. Blogging gets your name “out there.” I’m nearing a year’s worth (in about 50 days or so) of posts, and I’m proud I stuck with it. I have about 100 followers. Not bad! I’m grateful for each of you. I only have about 1/3 of those followers engaging in some way. Sharing, commenting, or just hitting “like.” That’s ok. It’s a start. That’s what I was looking for.

As I’m working with a book coach now, I’ll (hopefully) be ready to publish later this year. And next year, publish more. I’m sure to be working just as hard next year, and there should be more interest in what I have to say. If I decide to quit, it’s all on me. It’s because I decided not to pursue. I haven’t thought about becoming a best selling list author (it’d be nice), what I want now is to be a published author. I’m hoping people will want to buy the books. That’s not first and foremost right now. I’ll dig into marketing when the time comes. Putting my blog out there is a step of marketing. Hopefully, it will attract people who would like to read what I write.

I have a huge interest in publishing children’s books as well. I have the story ideas for two – one, about our Roxie and our grandson Gavin. The other story is about a big loss on Christmas. I’m hoping I’ll have a co-author with that, more later on those projects.

The ideas are rapidly forming. I have no idea if they can all be executed or not, but for now, they’ll be kept for future writing sessions, be it a blog post, a kids book, a family book, or a creative non-fiction. Gee, I’m so glad I learned how to type back in high school. It’s made life so much easier. And coding is easier when you know typing. Anymore, I don’t think people care about accuracy or speed with typing. Another lost art!

The two books I’m reading right now, Personality Isn’t Permanent and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up are so interesting. The personality book is helping me learn so much about changes in life and making changes in life. It will be helpful in writing about characters. The other one, I just started on and I’m wanting to learn more about the genre of Creative Nonfiction. It is revealing and informative.

Thank you for reading today, I appreciate it. I look forward to telling you more about “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” tomorrow. It’s got lots of info that is just plain interesting. Take Care. Wash your hands. Wear your Mask. Let’s help each other through the rest of this, whatever it is. We need each other! Thanks.

Wednesday, Woo-Hoo!

I cannot believe it’s Wednesday again so soon. Time flies when you have a nearly eight year old grandson to talk with all day. He and Grandpa went to lunch while I did errands. Got groceries (Too much to carry in!) and found myself buying snacks for a growing boy with a hollow leg. One day next week, we’re going to make our own mini pizzas for lunch. Today, probably hot dogs. That’s ok once in awhile. One thing that is fun to do is sit and color with a child. I hope we finish our pictures today.

If you know anything about Zentangle, good. I have a coloring book that is full of animal pictures done with that technique. Here is a link to their website. I’m just fascinated by the technique. It is very relaxing as long as you simply let the pen do the work. You will surprise yourself. I’ll try and post our pictures tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll be finished. You never know how the schedule can change with an eight year old in the house.

It’s a good thing I have other staff members, here at the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. Why, right now, we’re having a conference in the studio. The Babe is gone and the dogs surprisingly are hanging out with me for awhile. Kind of a surprise. Oh, and we’re listening to some Ray Scott Music. The tunes are good, folks. Song of the Day is, “Ashtray on a Motorcycle.” It’s a broken up love song of sorts, but the comparisons are quite humorous. Writing a song must be quite like writing a book. The words must be precise. So must the melody. Ray Scott does it all quite well. Check him out.

The Meeting isn’t that boring!
Seriously, folks!

It was funny, I think Lexie (left) just came in to look out the window. Goldie (right) followed her and Lexie became trapped. She won’t walk past Goldie, and Goldie won’t walk past Lexie. It must be another girl thing I don’t understand. I had three brothers, so I don’t “get” the chick stuff. Guy stuff, yes, but not girl stuff. My only girl cousin on my dad’s side of the family, along with our one aunt, Dad’s sister, share that exclusive club. It is unique. But then, I always had my own room. Blessings abound when you search for them. Try it. You’ll like it!

Our first severe weather forecast late yesterday was for apple-sized hail. I have never heard a forecast calling for hail that size before. I had all sorts of bad visions in my imagination. Actually, they were based on what we have experienced previously. At our old house, we had two separate hail storms where all the siding had to be replaced. The total was about $17K. Thank the Lord for insurance! For everyone’s sake, I think damaging hail could be a no-show this year in Nebraska and other areas that usually get hit with bad hail storms.

As the boy has entered our home now, I’m cutting this short today. Stay safe. Hydrate. Be kind to each other. Right now, the Babe and I are going to do the grandparent thing, you know. Color and go get ice cream. It has to be done and it’s a perfect day for it. Enjoy! See you here again tomorrow.