Back to Work

The rest we had for the last three days has helped my outlook, I feel refreshed, renewed, and almost energized towards showing some progress with my kid book, grand kids quilts, and other projects around the house. I have to dig in and produce, it’s time.

This morning, I took about 2 1/2 hours to prepare the eight sets of blocks for Kayla’s quilt. It will be so cute. They are bright, happy colors, and I’ll share as we make progress.

The news is on tonight and we haven’t listened for a few days. What is going on? The shooting of a kid football coach in Texas because of a disagreement between coaches and refs? Wow. Just wow. Many more issues across the country with folks who are mentally ill; one double homicide in Nebraska. A young man killed his grandmother and great-grandmother. He did not use a gun. He used a hammer. Mentally ill people will find a way to do what they think they should do, no matter how wrong.

I have no answers, except people may no longer have their loved ones committed if a medical doctor hasn’t witnessed bad behavior. I get it, it protects people against bad family members, but WOW! Those two old grandma’s did not deserve what he did to them.

I have my meeting tomorrow with my replacement for the webmaster and FB manager for the VFW Post 2503. I am so appreciative to Bill Hackenberg, he is the answer to my prayers. I’ll get those quilts, kid books, and novel written yet! I’m looking forward to having more time to do my own stuff, after about 8 years of managing all that.

New things are on the horizon, and I am ready to dive in. I’ll keep learning about publishing, writing, marketing, all of it. It just seems right to be in control of all aspects, since it’s no longer uncommon. At 70, I may not have enough years left to find an agent. And I want my book to remain mine, not a publishing company’s.

It’s now time to cook dinner for the Babe, and relax for the evening. I hope your day was good, and your evening pleasant. It rained today for the first time in a very long time. I wanted to go play in it! How about you? Do you feel the rain, or do you just get wet? I hope you felt it.

Keep going in your new direction, and follow your dream. Trust all will be well on our path. It will work out, you’ll learn how to make adjustments along the way. Have a good evening, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe.

Be Still, and Know That I am God.

Psalm 46:10 tells us to be quiet and listen. Listen to what the message is to you from God, god, or whatever Higher Power you believe in. We all have our own. And the older I am fortunate to become, my faith and spiritual beliefs become bigger. As I’ve navigated life as a Catholic, attended the United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church, I’ve learned so much.

My 50s Catholic training, that extended through the 60s and the early 80s, was pretty rigid. I hear they are not like that any more. And that is because of the human leaders of the Catholic Church, who believe they are the authority on what God wants us to do. Once I compared an updated catechism of the Catholic with the beliefs of the UMC. Hundreds of pages vs about 27 basic points. The UMC is big on letting you figure it out for yourself. I find that very appealing.

John Wesley, founder of what became the UMC, put it succinctly:

Do all the good you can

By all the means you can

in all the ways you can

In all the places you can

At all the times you can

To all the People you can

As long as ever you can

I absolutely love this. I believe they are words to live by, regardless of your religious belief. Try it out. Meditate on it for awhile. I’ve come to realize God is much bigger than I ever thought. While Catholicism has change dramatically since I was a child, God hasn’t. He’s been the one constant, however you believe. God has been so good to me. My nightly thought, as I go to sleep is:

God, Please Be Good to Me.

The Ocean is Large,

And My Boat is So Small.

Think on this today. It’s all about making the world a better place by our having been here. Give a compliment. Smile at a stranger. Say hello to a child who is watching you. It all makes a difference. And it feels good, too. Thanks for reading. It’s short today, I’m on my way to a luncheon with fellow Class of 1970 Alumni from Ryan High School. I decided I need to get out more, as I’m so comfy at home. I can’t become a hermit, which would be easy. So, you all have a great day. See you tomorrow!

Turnarounds and Puzzles

Ever hear of the comeback kid? Right now, it’s a hardcore punk band formed in Canada in 2001. Previously, there was a rom com starring John Ritter, about a baseball player. Generally, the term is used to describe someone who can be down and out, gather momentum, then be on top of the world.

I became a comeback kid many times during my life. After my divorce; after I graduated from college in 1996 while in my 40s; after the Babe and I married; and now, the hole left after raising kids and watching grandkids grow up is filled with my writing. I need to incorporate many other things into my time, so I get caught up with my hobbies. It could happen.

In order to be a comeback kid, you have to be present during the down and out time. You have to hang in there to fully enjoy the comeback. You can’t be a spectator during the momentum gathering. You have to do the work. You have to stay on top of it. Only then, will you have a chance of being on top of the world. Whatever conflict there is, you have to endure it. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. I know. I’ve done it many times. You can too.

People are capable of change, it can happen at any time of life. They have to want to change, make new habits, visit new places. I grew up uncertain how to participate in conflict. I never heard our parents argue, I experienced angry silences and didn’t learn until adulthood that was conflict. Probably the worst kind to have. My ex grew up in a home with lots of arguing and wouldn’t even have a conversation about a difference of opinion. Neither of us were equipped to have a conflict, work it out, then go on. I saw family members cut others out of their lives when they were angry. That’s unhealthy. I think the term, “They’re dead to me!” originated, not in a mobster movie.

Present day, I’m grateful to have learned how to disagree with someone. I am very conscious sometimes it needs to be low key, sometimes, you need to raise your voice. I try to only go there if necessary. We’re all still learning, and I’m learning to let things go. That is different than overlooking things.

Some folks I need to interact with get nasty about things. That is so unhealthy. Hard to rid yourself of toxic people when they’re family, too. It’s a constant reminder of why you tried so hard to break the cycle. You have, and they don’t know how to deal with you. The same old ammunition no longer penetrates your soul. The memory of it lives. They’ll never get better, they don’t want to. You were the brave one. You figured out the puzzle of your life and how the pieces fit for you. You found your truth.

So give yourself an atta girl. You deserve it! We’ve had a great day! An old work friend from Florida is in town, so the Babe and I met him with two other people they all used to work with. We had lunch and talked about some old times. The Babe has been retired ten years. Soon, he really will be. I look forward to it.

We both have some other computer work to do for the Post, and need a little relax time, too. I cleaned up and vacuumed today, so I am going to relax a little. Hope you have a day filled with good new memories, great music, and beautiful sights. If you’re alone, not doing well, look into the eyes of a child or a dog. You’ll see the light of hope, love, and trustworthiness. They will see the same in you. Life is all a give and take. We all need to be on either end and take turns. Like a teeter totter. Give and take. Sharing.

Have a great evening, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Stay safe.

Good Girls Rarely Make History.

This phrase just jumped out at me while listening to Jennifer Nettles album/CD “Playing With Fire.” I love her voice. I’ve read before she has a voice “to make a man leave his happy home and follow her anywhere.”

The one thing I’m curious about is writing lyrics. It appears to be like poetry, but adding the words to music adds another dimension that words on a page just can’t compete with. Nettles’ song, “Hey Heartbreak” is an anthem telling Heartbreak to leave her door, she’s taking her life back. Powerful words, and great music. Nothing better.

I believe some day I will write words for a song. I have experienced a lot of themes. Bone crushing lonely Saturday nights, before I met the Babe. I think when you’ve lived through those, you can pretty much get through anything. Loss of good health is another thing that tests your mettle. Not having an adult in your home to help you is another kind of lonely and hopelessness. If I hadn’t had my kids, I may not have made it through. But we did. All those experiences are back in the vault of my memories. I will do something with them in the future. You cannot make up the things every day people make it through. No one could believe it all happened. But it did. And I’m still here!

This is where my overwhelming sense of gratitude grows from. I could not have lived through these things without hope, faith, and especially love. God is in charge. I no longer try to affect outcomes; I pray, “However you decide, God. I’m along for the ride. Tell me what you’re teaching me now.” Many years ago, I prayed, “Please make my husband be kinder to the kids,” and learned it doesn’t work that way. The prayer became, “Show me what you want me to do to improve this situation.” Boy, did He!

I was the quintessential “good girl.” I was obedient, always followed the rules, never expressed my opinion, deferred always to my first husband, and didn’t rock the boat. Never again! The book I will finish reading today has stirred many memories of how women’s role in society has changed. In the Victorian era, women were not allowed to study things like math or science. It was believed their delicate makeup would be upset if they used their minds too much. Hogwash!

When I was a Programmer Trainee in 1987, I asked a question that was quite technical in nature. The boss that was training me said, “That’s too technical for you.” I asked someone else later who said, “He probably didn’t know the answer.” I finally got the explanation but not from who should have answered me. My first review after transferring to another department of I/T included, “You are way more skilled than he would give you credit for. He kept you down.” How about that?

Truth of the matter is, there were not very many women in the field in the late 80s. Most were men, and I had to learn to go to lunch with them, hang out with them, and not be relegated to the “secretarial staff.” It’s a hard stop to be in, but you have to make the best of it. Thank God it has changed! We need to remain equal. We were made to be equal. I never broke out in hysterics from debugging an old COBOL program. Nonsense!

And while I may not go down in history as a “bad girl” I know that would have been one who talked back, (I was just asking questions no one liked), wanted to take a class only boys took (I wanted to take Mechanical Drawing. The nun who enrolled me that year said “absolutely NOT! You’re too shy!”), and “You’ll probably never finish college, even if you attend. Go to beauty school or nursing school or become a teacher.” No offers of financial help were ever discussed. How was that supposed to happen?

In the 1950s, the thing that made a girl “bad” was being one who smoked, hung out with the boys, one who stole boyfriends, and had sex before marriage. The worse thing was if your daughter “had to get married.” The scorn! In the late 60s and 70s, it mattered no more. Now, often people live together for years, have multiple children, then get married if they even do. I’m glad young teens are no longer forced into marriage. It used to be the air was clean and sex was dirty. Now, the air is dirty and sex is clean. In my opinion, God made male and female to enjoy each other in every way possible. There is nothing better than a caring lover. That, along with commitment, love, faith, and trust in each other transcends to a beautiful life together. I have that with the Babe. I wish it on my friends to know what that is.

Does that make me a bad girl? Oh well! I’ve been called worse! When I was single for so long, I used to say, “If I could be guilty of half of what people have thought I’ve done, I’d be having a great time!”

Have a great time today! Be good to yourself and to each other. Show respect and kindness everywhere you go. You’ll receive it back tenfold. Do it out of goodness, not out of what you may get from it. Let’s see each other again tomorrow!

Help a girl out, we’re around #946 followers. Help me get to #1000! It’ll be fun! Thank you!

Introducing . . .

Roxie, the illustration by Jordan Ullom.

Jordan is my graphic artist I met through volunteering. What a great way to meet, and see what she can do! She does illustrations, album and book covers, and has musical talents, too. The whole package. She has worked very hard to earn her degree and establish herself in the Omaha area. Hoping to work with her for a long time.

Today, I’m editing. Starting from scratch in a way. By asking people I trust to give an honest opinion, I got straight answers as to how I can improve my children’s book. It’s easy to sit in my studio, thinking I did a great job, when I know it could be better. I’ve read where feedback is horribly painful. It’s not when people are kind to you. It also helps to know you don’t have all the answers. It’s good to be realistic. That said, it is hard to delete your photos, words, and change things. It’s not going to be it’s best unless I use the feedback.

I’m listening to the music of Billy McGuigan, and brothers Ryan and Matthew. The CD Yesterday and Today plays a part in showing how naughty Roxie, my little white puppy was. She tried a bite of the CD (she was a counter surfer. Naughty girl)! I was heartbroken. The Babe just had open heart surgery a couple days before Christmas in 2014. We had just seen this show at a local playhouse. The whole story about the show, the family, is a great story. We’ve been fans ever since. We rarely miss a show they’re a part of locally.

So, once the Babe was home from the hospital, Roxie did this terrible deed. I was able to get another copy of the music that got me through nearly losing the Babe. It helped me remain positive and certain things would be OK. And they were. Thanks to these guys and their music, it was much easier to be positive. Those months of recovery were the hardest thing to go through in our life together.

It only seemed right to me to write my first children’s book about our Roxie and how she taught our grandson Gavin about grieving and healing. My first regular blog was about the day we lost Roxie. Someone left our gate open (4th of July fireworks retrieving we think), she ran out, went to a busy highway and was killed by a car. We were heartbroken. Gavin was devastated.

So as I once again look at Eric Carle’s quote, it’s all making much more sense. I believe things come across my FB feed and into my mind for a reason. They serve as encouragement. A kind word to keep me going. Sure, the easy thing would be to quit. But that’s an automatic failure to succeed. I can handle trying and failing. I can’t handle quitting and failing. I won’t quit, either. Not unless I become mentally or physically unable.

Today, I’m down to 150,000 words. More to cull!

I need a break from the computer and my words right now. Going to pull weeds while the dogs play outside. This is the start of a great weekend, and I hope yours is, too. Be grateful, be humble, and be open to new things. It helps keep you young. See you tomorrow!

Thursday’s Thinking.

Do you have a place of comfort in your home? Not necessarily your bed (mine is great – firm mattress, I can let my spine decompress like nobody’s business), but somewhere you can sit and reflect. Maybe you have a spot where you can just consider your day, your life, your direction. Even for a retired person, this is necessary to keep living life, not just existing.

My thoughts go back to our grandparents. German on one side, Irish on the other. All very hard workers. Our dad’s parents had their own business, a drug and sundries store. Something for everyone. Dad told me a story once when I was telling him how hard it was with my oldest, who wanted to be our playing past dark, when it was time for bed. He could see the other kids outside, no supervision, riding their big wheels on the sidewalk of our busy street. Luckily, he obeyed me, didn’t try to go outside, he was a good kid.

Dad told me it wasn’t anything new. When he was a kid, he and his siblings were babysat by Great Grandma Hurley while his mother worked evenings at the drugstore. Never met the woman, but she ruled with an iron fist. She had to. She was widowed and didn’t have much. Her family lived with her, which was common in those days. Dad said he also wanted to be out with the kids. He didn’t dare cross his Grandma. She had a shillelagh, which she would use to bop them on the head when they were in need of an attitude adjustment. It got their attention. She died while my dad and his brothers were all away at the war. They were not allowed to come home for her funeral.

The more we think no one has done what we’re doing in these times, the more the similarities leap out at me. What has changed? Well, Grandma Hurley would not be bopping a kid on the head with her shillelagh. And our mom’s Great Uncle Roy walked with a regular cane. When he wanted the nieces to come talk with him, he would use the curved handle of his cane to hook them by the arm or leg. They laughed. Mom and her sisters always fell for it. What’s changed? Well, now everyone is on red alert about children being molested, accosted by pedophiles right in their own homes. It needs to come out of the dark.

That has gone on forever, it’s just now we talk about it. We need to. We need to help children through these terrible events and keep them safe. I believe we are teaching children to be aware, stand up for themselves, and tell a safe adult when things are not right.

I feel so lucky that as kids, we didn’t have to worry about anyone hurting us. We rode our bikes around, roller skated, walked to the library, and other stuff kids do. We loved going to the air-conditioned library when it was blistering hot outside. It was an oasis from the oppressive heat. And of course, there were wonderful books there. Great time, well spent. Thanks Mom!

Author Jennifer Chaverini is someone I’ve followed because of the theme of her books, The Elm Creek Quilters. Alex Anderson had a quilting show I started to watch when I started on my LTD. I was depressed, and I really was inspired by watching her create quilts. I made many purchases of thread, fabric, patterns, lots of stuff. I now have a full room of stuff for making quilts. There are other hobbies covered there, too.

Ms. Chaverini now writes historical fiction. She’s covered Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, and other women’s story throughout history. I just started “Enchantress of Numbers,” about the famous poet Lord Byron’s daughter, who was highly educated in math and science. That never happened in the 1800s. I’m only in the prologue.

Funny, authors debate the use of prologues to set the backstory. Most say not to use it. Could this very long prologue serve as the first chapter? I’ll have to let you know. Not having knowledge about that era and how social mores were so strict, I think it’s necessary to set the tone. More on that later.

I’m shooting for a productive day today. How about you? I like this new way of looking at my to-do list. Of course, there is a huge list of stuff that comes to mind that I want to do. I can cross it off when I write down what we’ve accomplished. I like seeing the done list grow and the to-do list shrink. It’s motivating.

Have a beautiful day, folks. Let’s keep going for more followers! We have jumped up to 938 readers as of publishing time yesterday. Let’s keep going! Love it! Thanks for going on this journey with me. I appreciate the company. Take care, see you tomorrow.

Monday (Missing) & Tuesday.

Somewhere, in the big, black hole of cyberspace is my partially written blog from yesterday. I have no clue where it went. (Note to self: Press SAVE more often!). I told you about the wonderful time I had at breakfast with my oldest son, Frankie. He is a good guy. Picked up the check, which is such a cool thing to experience with your adult child. Roles do indeed reverse! So grateful to experience this especially with #1 son.

It’s no big deal to have lost yesterday’s blog, it’s happened before, and I’m sure it’ll happen again. It’s the nature of the beast. What I’ll miss is WordPress congratulates you with each successive day you publish – I was back up to over 40. Now, it’s starting all over again. The problem was likely in the operator’s chair, trust me. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes. Believe me, I give myself lots of opportunities.

So yesterday, I thought it was Christmas. Big box on the porch wasn’t from Hello Fresh but from Annie’s Attic, a craft entity. I purchased a few afghan kits to crochet. The prices were unbelievable, so it it takes time to get them started, it’s ok. With the longevity for females in my family, I should have time. I love so many creative hobbies, I’m looking forward to having more time on my hands. The header photos show the four patterns I received. Aren’t they luscious?

I’ve mentioned before, to make more time in my life, I’m resigning from my volunteer duties at the VFW. I do with a sad heart, because I couldn’t buy all the friendships we’ve made in our years there. We’ve reached the ages where we need to step aside and let some younger people take over our duties. I’m hoping July 2022 is my last month, and there are a couple of events the Babe and I will still lead. And then, there will be time for my love of creating. The novel will be finished sooner rather than later.

An author really needs time to write consistently. Right now, the only things written daily is the blog – unless the cyber gods mess with it – and I need to convert those hours into words on the pages, quilts, afghans, learning to paint, watercolor, and draw. Plenty of time for these creative endeavors soon.

Before anything else happens today, I’m ending today’s blog. Going out to pull weeds, it’s so beautiful out. I’ll be in the shade. I had part of this blog disappear. I’m not taking any more chances. Hope you do something outside today if you’re so inclined. Hope you enjoy your day, laugh with me at my quandry of the missing blogs, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Unless I anger the cyber gods again. Take care.

#1,001 and Counting!

With all the excitement of yesterday and the celebration for making 1,000 published blogs, It’s kind of fun to know we are now 923 strong with followers who will be notified when a new blog is published. Join in the fun! There is a lot more ahead folks, adding new pages the first part of August, and we’ll have news of “Roxie! WHAT Are You Doing?” Looking forward to share all of this with you. Thanks for the opportunities you’re offering me.

Sometimes, our hearts are slower to learn things about life around us. Sometimes, nostalgia, or past friends and memories keep us in a place we’re not welcome anymore, or a place that isn’t good for us anymore. The same with the people at these places. When your needs and requests are ignored, it’s very disrespectful of others to keep doing what they’re doing, knowing it’s not what you need from them. Makes it impossible to continue the relationship.

This creates problems when the person being disrespected may not realize they are being disrespected. I’ve stayed in several relationships, friendships, and a marriage where my needs were ignored. It’s humiliating. And something I am involved with now is turning that direction. No, it’s not the Babe. In fact, he has encouraged me to end a friendship or two along these last 24 years together. He pointed out to me they appeared one-sided. They were. Adios!

I believe I’ll forever learning this lesson in life. Sometimes, you need to lose your way to find your way out. It’s that simple. We often know a decision needs to be made before we’re mentally ready to make it. I’m at that point right now. It’s an age old struggle. The mind knows it needs to let go, yet the heart holds on. No more. It’s time.

I stayed in a bad relationship for nearly six months once; I reasoned I wanted to finish college while working my full time job. Didn’t want the stress of a break up from a three-year relationship. And he beat me to it. I was furious! I wanted to be the one to pull the plug. I should have been happy it was done with. Hindsight, always 20/20. I was a slow learner there.

There is always a lag between knowing and doing. We shouldn’t be hard on ourselves; we’re just being human beings with human feelings. While the conflict is active, it is painful; we’ll get over it. As we walk towards the truth, away from the fantasy our feelings created, harmony will be restored.

Deep breath, it’ll all be fine. I promise it will. Going is painful, but staying is worse. Stand up for yourself, and you won’t be misled. Women just aren’t used to it – well, some of us are, some of us aren’t. Be willing to take action and change your circumstances for the better. Have a beautiful day and we’ll see you tomorrow! Thank you.

July 3, 2022. Sunday.

Last night was pretty loud with fireworks. I imagine they will get worse before they get better. Please, consider your neighbors who may be Veterans with PTSD. The memories they have can be triggered by loud noises. Artillery shells are loud, sudden noises. Pets also have a terrible time, so be considerate of both.

We are nearing 1,000 blogs published; help a girl out by following my blog. It can be on WordPress or through Twitter, or Instagram posts of the blog. I’d love to make 1,000 followers! We have lots of excitement happening in July, and none of it includes loud noises! It will more likely include a celebratory cupcake or two and ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream.

I’m getting some Post things taken care of this morning, later today will be the monthly task of updating all the social media, website, calendars, events, etc. It’s a task I’m turning over sometime in the near future, I hope. I’m managing too many things, I have to let go of several to make room for my stuff; books, etc.

I’m getting pretty good at doing some reading every day. I’m nearly finished with half of Where the Crawdads Sing. It gets better the more I read. I recommend it. And I’m doing this, too:

Today’s task: Get the blue v’s in there. Wish me luck!

This center medallion with end up being an afghan for myself. I’ve made probably 50 over my lifetime, but never one for me or my home. Kids, nieces & nephews, and brothers, but never for me. It’s symbolic in a way. As I need to free my time from other responsibilities, and stop checking that darned phone. Crocheting helps me stop doing the phone check. Sometimes, I try to check the spelling of a word while writing, then I fall down the rabbit hole of FB, etc. We all do it. Now to unlearn it!

As I think of years’ past of the Fourth of July holidays, some were spent with relatives, some not. As a younger kids, if Dad had the day off, I think we were at his brother’s home for a picnic. I remember the watermelon, and one aunt ate the white part of the rind. Anyone else do that? I never heard of it before. And when in high school, we would go to Mom’s sister’s home for a picnic and the first time I ever experienced people doing their own “big” fireworks. It was fun.

After I was married and had kids, we’d go to the local AAA ball team’s 4th of July celebration and fireworks display. I always held the baby, Becky, because she didn’t like the noise, and was sleepy. She’d cry, poor thing! We sat so close, the ashes rained down on us when they fell from the sky. They probably don’t allow that anymore.

And now, I just like for the dogs to be ok. The Babe and I have steak to grill today, and hunker in for another evening of noise. Glad it’ll be over soon. I’m going now to sit and read while the Babe watches this week’s NASCAR race. We’re good just sitting in the same room quietly. Enjoy whatever you do, noisy or quiet, with your relatives or at home, and remember how lucky we are to live here, in the land of the free, because of the brave. See you tomorrow, thanks for reading!

Batten Down the Hatches!

These are the nights our pups dislike. The fireworks aren’t as prevalent in this neighborhood as in our last one, but they still spook the pups. Lexie worse than Goldie. Lexie retreats into the closet, hiding under a row of hanging clothes, and she’ll sleep through all the sounds, including thunderstorms. Goldie? She used to lay her head on the pillow next to me, breathing puppy breath into my face. About like sleeping next to the Babe with his CPAP machine.

Now, Goldie wants a little comfort, then sleeps at the foot of my side of the bed, then jumps down onto the floor, like every other night, sleeping next to my side of the bed. Lexie surfaces once the noise stops, and sleeps next to the Babe.

A newscast the other day interviewed one of our veterans about fireworks noises and PTSD. Yes, it bothers some terribly. Others, not so much. The commonality? If they’re not expecting it, they startle and react. It may not turn out well, either. Please be aware. Yes, our pets are terribly affected by fireworks; our Veterans are even more. Please be considerate. Please warn them if you’re lighting fireworks off. Maybe they’ll want to go elsewhere for the evening. I don’t know if noise cancelling headphones help in this circumstance. I pray all our veterans make it to July 5 with few issues. If you need help, call your local VA. Call your VFW, Legion, or other organizations for help.

I’ve had a wonderfully no stress Saturday. I have not done “should’s” today. My youngest brother invited me over to breakfast today. He’s quite the cook! Pancakes, eggs, sausage, coffee, great company, it was legendary. We decided it would be time to catch up with each other, not just troubleshoot for our aging Mom. It was very nice, much needed. Thanks, Tim! I needed that.

Once I stopped at a local farmer’s stand, $41 later, I had tomatoes for BLT’s, summer squash, strawberries, Georgia peaches, a cantaloupe, and the best ever, a Black Diamond Watermelon!

I was so relaxed, I just had to take a nap. I planned this as a day off, and will get busy first thing in the morning, despite it being Sunday. These days at home will be combined work and rest for the Babe and me. Those are good times, and we enjoy them.

Whatever you’re doing this long holiday weekend, be safe. Eat lots of good food. Make some memories. Remember to lock the gates to your yards (we don’t want scared dogs to run into traffic if they’re afraid of fireworks!) and double check them. July 5, it’s three years since we lost Roxie that way. Someone left our gate open after being in our yard, possibly getting a fireworks toy, and she ran out the next morning, afraid, and she ran into the highway traffic. It devastated all of us, especially her sister, Lexie. She cried, howled, whined for months. Saddest sound I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, enjoy your people, your activities, and know we’ll all meet again tomorrow. Happy July 4th, friends! Enjoy! I’m curling up again with a book; and picking up a crochet project for me!