Hump Day!

It’s been an awesome, plain old day today. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, and we didn’t do anything special. It was a glorious day, and we were in the same house, each doing our own thing, and we’d check in with each other throughout our day, me in the upper level, him in the lower level, and checking with each other in between. This is what partnership, marriage, and life with your best friend is. Normal, everyday living, with breaks to visit and see how their day is going. I love it.

When we picked Addison up, the Babe took a little power nap while I read. He woke up just as she approached his truck. I asked Addison if she remembered when she and Gavin were over, I was changing Gavin’s diaper, and Grandpa was asleep in the chair, snoring. She immediately picked up the thought, saying, “And Gavin started fake-snoring just like Grandpa was real-snoring? YES I DO!”

I laughed so hard. I told her, “I thought of that while Grandpa was taking a nap while we were waiting. It was so hard not to laugh and wake him up!” We had a great laugh, and my heart was warmed through and through.

My heart was warmed by the history this girl and I have. That includes Grandpa, of course, as he is part of the bond. I look at the tall, intelligent, caring, loving, beautiful girl we’ve seen grow up from a little baby, and we’re blown away. We’ve played, walked, gone out for ice cream, read books, colored, played games, gone to dance recitals and competitions, and sat through dance class rehearsals. It’s all gone so fast.

I cannot imagine what this young woman will decide to do with her life. Right now, she wants to be an OB/GYN. She is in AP classes, and I say that’s amazing. Stay tuned!

Life is so very good. I hope yours is, too. Taking the risk of becoming who you need to be for you to live a life full of love, fulfillment, and living is so worth it. You notice things you’ve never seen before, and oh my gosh, every minute becomes so sweet. It’s just awesome.

Take care, we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe. Get those flu shots and COVID boosters. It may be a tough winter. Let’s beat all the bugs! And keep the babies well.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Although this is a grainy photo, sent to me from a cousin in California, it’s a touching one. It’s my dad, with his dad. And I’m not sure of the story about the puppy. I wish I could learn the story behind the whole photo.

Thomas M. Jewell, Jr and
Thomas M. Jewell, Sr

Life is full of stories. They are carried through generations and shared, each adding their special enhancements to it. Unless it’s written down. Families of old have many nooks and crannies in them. Around the Depression era, many men left families to find work elsewhere. I have heard Grandpa was in an orphanage, the oldest of ten children.

With no father of his own, he took on the role of provider for his mother and siblings. As a child aged out of the orphanage, they returned home or struck out on their own. Back in those days, Father’s were the bread-winners, and they may be the disciplinarian. The “heart” of the family was the Mother, who took care of the family and home on her own. She worked 24/7.

My dad would change diapers, at the same time, he left most of it to Mom. He was a day sleeper and night worker, so we didn’t get a lot of interaction with him, really. I was always sure he loved me, though. He always took me to the doctor, always after school, and Mom made dinner so Dad could eat after the appointment, and go to work.

Dad knew I was scared of the doctor. He was a huge, tall man, with big hands, who didn’t enter the room, he burst into the room. I had a very badly infected ingrown toenail once, and it involved deadening the toe, and removing the infected flesh. It was so painful. I cried, Dad comforted me. At each follow up visit, he talked to me about the Army, and explained what all the items were in the room; what the gauze was for, the purpose of the swabs, and on and on. He distracted me from my fear and taught me a lot of things. That was my dad.

He was always there for me as I grew older. He suggested I re-do a science project once. I didn’t want to, but he said I’d be happier with it. He was right. He was always right. I loved watching him with my kids. He was such a good male figure for them. He had a bond with my Frankie that is still appreciated by my son. He loved my kids. And me. And he told me they were good kids, I was doing a good job. He always encouraged me. I miss him after all this time. I wish he could have met the Babe. They would have been fast friends. They will be, someday.

If you still have your dad, you are lucky. Even bad dads teach you something. Maybe it’s what NOT to be. Anyone who looks over you, keeping a protective watch can be a father figure. Many, many people who do not have Fathers in their home can turn out well. Sure, it helps to have two parents, sometimes that is not possible. Tell your Dad thanks today. Keep your memories fresh. They will be all you have someday.

Have a beautiful, sunny day today. It’s sort of breezy out, full sun. I plan to spend the day doing something fun. See you tomorrow!

The Tea Pot

When my brother and I were little, Mom had time to take good care of us when we were sick. We’re only one year apart, so we shared a lot. When he went to kindergarten, I missed him so much it was terrible. He shared everything with me. The Measles, The Mumps, The Chicken Pox, The Flu, The Tonsillectomy we had together, and whatever else was going around. Our mom had her hands full, since she was pregnant.

We had lots of Chicken Noodle Soup by Campbell’s, crackers, juice, and lots of water. We were kept separate, each in our bedroom, in bed. Those were the orders anytime we were home sick. I was only four, so I was home anyway. We were in bed constantly, and even were served our meals there. Soup is hard to eat when you’re four and in bed. One thing she did let us have was tea. Hot tea is still a favorite of mine, and I think my brother still enjoys it too.

This was actually a coffee pot (a percolator) our parents received for a wedding gift in 1948. Mom had another one that was electric, so this became her tea pot. She boiled the water, put tea bags in, and enjoy the fresh, steepeded tea. It sat high on a shelf as we grew up and left home. I would notice it when visiting through the past fifty years. I always recalled those feelings of being taken care of when I’d see this pretty blue teapot. I now have it in my home, mostly for decoration, I’m reluctant to put it in the microwave to re-warm the tea should it become cold. The warm feeling is still there. It makes me happy.

The Sight of the Blue Tea Pot Still Warms My Heart.

During those times, Mom was often a little upset with me. I got lonely being in bed alone during the day. I remember her asking me, “Why can’t you be like your brother, he never bothers me?” Yes, he would not call out to her. I just felt like hours and hours went by since she came up to see me. My dad must have felt sorry for me, he would come in and play checkers with me. I loved him for doing that. He was patient with me when Mom was probably overly tired and needed a rest herself. Checkers remains one of my favorite board games today. I played with Addison and Gavin, and recalled how my dad sat with me, playing until I got tired of it. Good memories.

A lot of people were allowed to watch game shows (especially Price is Right) while they were sick from school. Our TV was never allowed to be on during the daytime. Mom didn’t do game shows or soap operas. I loved visiting our Grandma Bobell, she watched the soap operas every day. We had all sorts of adventures together. Did you get to visit your Grandparents for a few days during the summer? It was always fun, too.

Mom’s parents lived in several different houses as we grew up. They moved for reasons I don’t know. Their house on Pine Street was a beautiful brick home, two story, which was cozy. I don’t remember the kitchen much, but I remember the dining room and living room. We didn’t spent the night there, but did when they lived on 60th Street in a raised ranch with the huge backyard and shade trees. It was wonderful. It’s also where Grandpa died on Christmas Eve, 1964, when I was twelve years old. That’s another story, though.

Because Grandma didn’t drive, we would walk to her hairdresser, then catch the bus to downtown. I loved shopping with her. She was so much fun. She always did a craft with me, like making loop hot pads. One year, she cut out a doll dress pattern and had me hand sew it together. You just don’t forget those wonderful moments shared. I’m so glad our grandparents took the time to share their lives and wisdom with us. Our lives are richer because of them.

I have some office /website work to do for the VFW Post today, studying about Marketing for Small Businesses, and maybe be able to sneak in marking a quilt for quilting. I’d love to get this hung by Thanksgiving. It’ll go over our bed, against a pretty blue wall. Not sure if I’ll quilt it in dark invisible thread or choose gold or copper metallic. When the light hits metallic thread, you have glints of it, it’s beautiful.

This Will Be Stunning!

Thanks for reading today, I appreciate it so much. This post is early today, to make up for my tardiness yesterday. It’s good to have a day ahead of me, even though it’s overcast, cold and windy, with a little snowflake here and there. It’s here. And it’s ok. With my flu shot taken, I feel protected. I hope you have a great rest of the day, and come back tomorrow. I’ll be here. Blessings. Be Careful out there.

Blog Post #80!

Wow, it appears we have been on a real journey these past 80 blog posts. They have not been posted day after day, but I believe they really started after our Roxie died and I had a need to get the sadness out. It worked, and I thank you all for listening, for sharing in our grief and pain, and walking along with us until the sun came out again.

And our beautiful little Goldie, she makes me smile. The dark, dark brown eyes are stunning on her. Such a good puppy, too. Most of the time. We were lucky and she slept until 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning after having Puppy Training on Saturday. That girl was worn out!!!

Sleepy girl by the fireplace. Does it get any better than this??

WordPress is still a mystery to me at times, but we have muddled through enough times to have written and published eighty posts! That just feels like a monumental number of times to sit down and write 500 plus words on any subject that strikes me as important that day. I’m happy to have kept up the pace, and I hope to not run out of ideas. As long as there are people on this earth, there will be topics to write about. I hope you’re all along for the ride.

Learning WordPress is a challenge at times.

In keeping up with the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I need to write about 2200 words today. I’m documenting some memories of Christmas past, and talking about our Great Grandmothers on my mom’s side of the family. There were none on my father’s side of the family.

Is it me or do others of you Boomers remember “elderly” Great Grandmothers? I do not remember them even talking very much at all. Maybe it was because they were hard of hearing?? The great grandma’s always sat next to each other, but I don’t remember hearing them talk. I would hope they did, but maybe not?? My Grandma’s mother seemed very old, her hair was a yellowish white. I have no idea how old she was when I was in sixth grade. And Grandma’s dressed like Grandma’s! I would think at about fifty they would don those tie-on leather pumps that were maybe sporting a two inch heel?? I cannot imagine wearing those shoes, but they were used to it. And a dress and stockings every day.

I remember the laughter my older brother Tom and I suppressed when our Grandpa’s Mother asked if I liked my “toilet water?” We were splitting a gut, so to speak. I said “Just fine.” He never let me forget that one. For you younger folks, that was a type of fragrance women and girls wore some time ago. It had no bad connotations, and actually meant “Grooming Water.” Eau de Toilette or Toilet Water is a lightly scented cologne used as a skin freshener. And it has only been in the past fifty years or so that people have bathed or showered every day, so it wasn’t unusual to simply freshen up a bit in the mornings, and not have the full bath or shower routine daily. Times have changed, and I’m glad they have.

It’s nearly time to pick up our granddaughter from school. I’m eager to see what is going on in her world. She talks and gives me the scoop about a lot of stuff. I love our grandkids, I’m so lucky to be the bonus grandma to three and the bio grandma to one. They are all the apple of our eye(s).

Thank you for being here for all these posts. I’m looking forward to you coming along on the rest of the journey. And don’t forget to like the blog, the blog post, and leave a comment wayyyyy below. You’ll get an entry for each like, each comment, from November 1 through November 30. Go back and read other blogs, comment if you’re inclined. They all count. On December 1, 2019 I will draw for a $50 Visa Gift Card. It could be yours! Thank you, and we’ll see you tomorrow.