The Reenactment-Friday & Saturday

One of the bright spots in the sadness and celebration during the past week is the reenactment that took place with grandkids, Addison and Joell. And a new photo op happened with Gavin included.

Twelve years ago, when Grandma Sandy passed away, Addison and Joell were toddlers. Yes, toddlers. They held the funeral luncheon at the same place as yesterday. All these years later, Blake suggested the kids reenact the photo that was so meaningful to all of us. The love these cousins have for each other was apparent in spades.

Then and Now

Where did the last twelve years go? These two have been learning, growing, and experiencing life. And the adventures they’ve had! Addison is in high school, Joell in middle school. Their six-month difference in age is enough to make a year’s difference in high school. They both excel both in physically demanding endeavors; competition/school dance teams and competitive swimming. Joell is a thoughtful young man who tunes in well to the mood of the room. He might come over and give a hug on his own. He shows his love and affection for all his family, and isn’t afraid to. This is a wonderful quality.

These two are now including Gavin in their adventures. It’s fun for Gavin to be with the big kids; it’s fun for Joell to have a boy to share games with. They did another pose including Gavin this time. Another beautiful memory. Everyone, take more photos. Record your family living life. Include weddings, funerals, baptisms and graduations. You’d rather have too many pics than wish you’d taken one at every chance.

I appear in very few photos with the Babe. We are going to change that. We are attempting to take the time to record everyday life. The ordinary. The stuff we see day to day. Because, one day, one of us won’t be here. It’s part of life. The kids are learning those hard lessons. I believe faith is a huge part of dealing with death, loss, grief, and happiness. When we accept these parts of life with grace, it’s then we truly live. Learn by doing.

The Loves of Our Lives

We need to tell part of our family goodbye today as they return home. We all go back to our lives this afternoon. And they all have a space in them where our loved one was before. Lou, you’re always in our hearts. We will take your lessons in making the world a better place forward, spreading your love further, if possible, than you did. Hug your loved ones. And take photos. Lots of them. See you tomorrow.

Hump Day, 2022

So here we are, the middle of the first week of 2022. How does it feel?

I’m pretty tired today. I woke up at 4:45 (yes, a.m.), and the restless night I had is catching up with me . . . at 8 a.m. It’d be easy to give up and lounge on the couch today. I have to resist that at this early hour, as I’d like to keep with my idea of having the house undecorated by Sunday this week. It was sweet, I asked granddaughter Addison if she’d like a couple items I’m not crazy about anymore. And she wants them! I’m happy I have something she’d like to have. It’s important for kids to have some thing from previous generations. I hope granddaughter Kayla will someday want something of mine.

I have a Grandma Book that poses questions for me to answer for one of them, maybe Addison will want it. We’ve had 14 years together, going on 15. I tell her how I’ll never forget Grandma Sandy handing her to me right after she was born. Grandpa’s and Grandma’s had the opportunity to hold her. Sandy brought this beautiful baby to me and said, “It’s your turn now, Grandma.” She smiled, and her brown doe-like eyes with awning-length lashes shone with her tears of joy. She was beautiful. And her heart was, too. I am so grateful we had a strong friendship, not the usual problem between the ex-wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. It was a gift for both of us. Sandy died of lung cancer about eleven years ago.

And now, this young woman is about to turn 15 years old. Wow. What memories! All good ones. She amazes me with her confidence. She’s all about sticking up for herself. I wish I had known about how to do that. It’s a gift to me at this point in my life. Yes, I say I’m late to the party. At least I made it. I’m grateful for that.

The Raabe/Shuck family up in Sioux Falls is about to grow again. Alex and Meagan Shuck will have another baby girl in May! We have so many birthdays in that month! The Babe’s Mom Liz was on the 5th, Mine is the 22nd, the Babe’s is the 24th. I better get to the fabric store for this little one! I think I owe Kenna a quilt, too (and Cory and Amber Davis’ Trisha, too). This Grandma loves to make stuff for babies. And toddlers. It’ll all get done some time.

Psychologically, we know if it’s cloudy outside, that makes a dome over this part of the earth and the weather becomes a bit warmer. It defies logic how our moods lift with sunshine and blue skies; after all, the cold deepens with clear skies! We have sun, blustery winds, and WCI’s of minus to minus 15 below zero. Wow! Lots of people go to Arizona, Texas, Florida or Mexico during this time in a Nebraska Winter. I don’t blame them, really.

These temperatures don’t do a lot for my arthritis, my broken ankle hardware, or my ailing shoulder. At the same time, I’m grateful I don’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s terribly crippling. See? Yes, we can find positive things when we’re not feeling well, we are tired, we feel the ravages of aging and injury. I’ll be fine. I’m certain of it.

I want to straighten up the area around my sewing machine today. I didn’t quilt my cardinal quilt but want to get it done and displayed this weekend, too. Goals, all help a lot. I’ll get stuff done. We’ll be ahead of the game before we know. Small steps. Patience. It’s all part of our process of the word for my year. “Progress.” I have lots of ideas, lots of plans. Stick around, and I’ll share them with you! Stay warm today, stay inside if you can. We’ll see each other tomorrow!