Severe Weather Spring

It was a little unstable weatherwise last evening. Constant interruptions in television on major networks, with local weather. Tornadoes in Iowa, doesn’t look like there are any in Nebraska. It’s hard not to get irritated, when I needed to just veg out in front of a rerun of Chicago Fire. My brain is toast, to tell you the truth.

We have had a fairly good week so far. Mom is handling her treatments well, everyone is happy. We come from good stock, this family of mine. My two younger brothers stepped up and are the reliable men, the gentlemen Dad was. I’m so proud of them. They take turns with Mom for dinner, home repairs, whatever she needs on weekends. We’re a mighty team, and I’m so grateful to them.

I also am deeply grateful to the Babe. He reminds me every day he’s in this right with us. He’s taking Mom to treatment Friday. It is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I’m only attending Friday and Saturday. Have to get Mom’s new meds parceled out and make sure she’s comfortable taking them.

As any cancer patient can tell you, there are a lot of side effects/strange things that happen with treatment. They’re all manageable and minor compared to the cancer itself. Such precision goes into the treatment. Such splitting hairs for these highly trained doctors, radiology techs and other personnel. It’s a miracle as I live and breathe, for sure.

I hope your day is enjoyable, and you’re safe. See you tomorrow!