I cannot describe how exciting it is to have a new sewing machine. I’m going pretty slowly learning basic functions, nothing is the same as it was. I’m also wanting to joke with my younger brothers that, “Dangit! I have another BROTHER! Not AGAIN!” I’m an only girl. I’m glad, I always had my own room. Until I met the Babe, I had my own room for an additional 14 years. So, here I am with the Babe and four brothers. One of them a machine.

This baby tells you when you’re just about of bobbin thread. What a welcome feature! No more playing beat the bobbin, to find out you ran out five minutes ago.

It’s been a little challenge, since I bought it in late May and just now am trying to use it. Of course, I forgot all the instruction for my couple hours with Jenny, the owner of MJ Supply. They were the only listed Brother dealer in the Omaha area. The price is what made me buy the machine. I had never considered an embroidery machine. It came with the package, so who am I to turn down an upgrade? I see some fun projects in my future.

Thought I’d get to write about Homecoming, but that won’t be until tomorrow. The photos don’t sync as quickly as I’d like from photos to Google Photos/Wordpress. It’ll still be a good story. Memories and all.

Have a beautiful rest of the evening. I guess we’ve gone from Football to NASCAR now. I looked up from reading, and there were race cars on the screen. I wondered what happened. The Babe just works the remote way too fast for me to keep up. See you tomorrow!

Sometimes . . .

I couldn’t tell you what I love more; watching Gavin play baseball, or watching his dad, TJ coach his team. It would be like trying to choose my favorite child. The team played very well last night; their first game of a tournament weekend. TJ was not only coach, but head cheerleader, encouraging each kid and their unique talents; Chief Medic, tending to head bumps, re-injuring an elbow; and helping a little guy stop his nose bleed so he could continue pitching; and equipment manager, gathering it all up after the game so he’s ready for the 10 a.m. game today. That man can do it all!

You can tell the boys look up to their coach. They are learning not only how to pitch, field, bat, and the rules of the game, they are learning how to be young men. They are learning to concentrate on this game, the one right now, not dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes. Their coach has a different approach, he appears firm but fair, plays everyone, and corrects their form as needed. Before the game last night, he told them, “Just play better than you did Tuesday.” Tuesday night was a terribly off night for everyone, all at once. They did! Crossing my fingers on today.

I’m excited to go this afternoon to my class about using my new sewing machine. I’m not only learning about something new, I’m opening another door towards creativity. Hoping to get back to making things to wear (in my spare time.)

I look forward to this day, and learning. The Babe just texted. Gavin’s game is on, with a 15 minute rain delay. I hope he has a great game. He’s learning about the strategy of resting his arm when he’s the pitcher. Dad calculates carefully how much Gavin can pitch, and he plays other positions in between. He’s great at first base, catcher, but seems a little bored at second, the outfield, and third. You can just see the improvement since the first game, and that is because the boys are learning, and growing as players, under the guidance of their coach. So proud of him. Our family is so blessed.

Time to get in front of the new sewing machine. May you all have a wonderful Saturday. We’re planning to. See you tomorrow!