What to Do? Act or React?

Many feelings are strange things that surface at the worst times. In the middle of a great day, it can strike and cause your good mood to tailspin, feeling abandoned or terribly isolated. As if no one loves you. What brought that on? Hard to say.

A trivial phrase, image, sound or smell can uncover the deeply hidden triggers of our feelings. We thought we had that handled. How dare our feelings do that to us! We all have feelings, much as we don’t want to admit it. We think we are so smart, so hidden, so in control. Guess again.

We’re not responsible for what we feel or where it comes from. It’s part of the patchwork that is all of us. We cannot control the triggers, either, but we can control what we do with our feelings. We can feel them, let them roll over us and turn us into a jerk, who takes it out on everyone who crosses our path. When you allow that to happen, you are definitely not managing your feelings.

The key to emotion management is positive thinking. Hard to believe? Not really. There are negative emotions in all of us. Some reactions we have to memories of are those we saw growing up. If our parents became angry and ranted while raving, chances are we might do that. I did that for a while. It was what I saw many times. Then we repeat the behavior.

How much better to accept things are not working correctly, and choose to remain calm, and find a positive thought. Make that positive thought your focus. You will become better able to deal with situations that bring up terrible memories, and learn to take positive action until it becomes a habit. You can conquer it.

You have learned how to act instead of react. It takes practice and confident. I can manage emotions with positive, consistent action. This is the definition of emotional management.

The Babe did a tremendous favor for me today. I purchased a couple of bookcases, and he put one together. It was a nearly all day project. The pieces were too heavy for me to hold in place while he pushed the parts together. And, if I ever think I can get down on the floor, sit cross-legged, and hold a shelf in the air while the Babe secures it, would you remind me of my aching knees, my inability to get up from the floor easily and of my inability to get down on the floor? It’s crazy how our minds make us think you can still do them. In my brain I am 25, but the body is nearly 70! That sure sets me back. I’ll have to think about this.

At any rate, I’m putting all the random books purchased in the past five years together in one shelving unit. I’ll share a photo of the spot in the bedroom. I love the way it invites me to sit and read a bit. The other day, I worked on catching up with my read the Bible in one-year program. Yes, a lot of it is repeating, yet it still makes in impression. Over the last 20 years, I’ve joined many Bible Studies. They may have been parts of the Bible, or one book. Intensive study, watching video and reading. A lot of reading. I’ve enjoyed the process, learning more each time.

I’m reading a fascinating book, a true story, “My Life with Karma.” The man tells his story. It’s a story of an alcoholic, abusive father, and the abuse Travis Sackett endured. Also, it’s a story of his life and experiences with opioid addiction. It’s a story of how he became a functional addict until he had to break the law. I am about half finished with it, and I find it fascinating. He was a law enforcement officer, and he criticizes the training of police. Specifically, training to handle a person who is non-compliant to verbal commands, (put your hands up, sit down on the curb, put your hands in the air,). He criticizes the next step being using some sort of force. I will finish the book before I form an opinion on that subject.

Have a beautiful evening. I’m going to finish cooking dinner and might put some more books on their new home. They are all books I have not read yet. (p.s. Don’t tell the Babe!). I cannot wait to have the other smaller bookcase ready, then the three tall bookcases. All my photo albums, wedding photos, and quilting books. Like old friends at a reunion. I look forward to it. Thank you for reading today, and we will see each other tomorrow! Take care.

Merry Christmas, 2020!

My hope for you on this Christmas of this strange year is you are safe, warm, fed, and have plenty of books to enjoy. We are joining some very close relatives later for dinner, so it will be a nice celebration today. I hope you have a day of joy, too.

My last song of some favorites for Christmas is this one, “Christmas, Baby Please Come Home.” I can tell you it was a background for many, many late nights for me before Christmas back in the 1980s when I was a single Mom. My three kids and I were happy together, and I loved having things for them to open on Christmas morning.

Truth of the matter was, we were terribly broke all the time. I started putting things in layaway in October. I worked in Downtown Omaha, and the Woolworth’s store was still open. I paid weekly, a mere $5 weekly, and eventually got the goods out. I put them in the car at the parking garage across the street, then covered it all up with a blanket. Hard to conceal things in a station wagon.

I’d pick the kids up from their after school places, went home, we made dinner, watched tv while I studied, and then, I started wrapping everything when they went to bed. Sometimes it took until after midnight. Several nights in a row. I could always count on being entertained by the Late Show with David Letterman.

Just before the big day, he always had Darlene Love on to sing her famous Christmas song. I’ve always loved her voice, and learned her story just a few years ago. “Five Feet From Stardom is a documentary about what she was; a background singer. Genius Phil Spector stole her voice and marketed it as a white girl, but that’s another story.

This video is from Darlene’s last appearance on David Letterman, the last Christmas time he was on the air before retirement. It was magnificent. I had no gifts for the kids to wrap, so I just listened and remembered. Thanks for the memories, Darlene, and Dave, and Frankie, Nick, and Becky. You made my Christmases worth it. Much love to all of you and yours, know I love you all. Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for reading today, see you tomorrow!

Thriving Thursday

I swear, this formatting page area for WordPress has changed in the time we’ve been using it. Did you know I’ve posted over 200 Blog Posts?? I’m pretty excited about that. I’m even more excited to be picking up more readers, and folks that like the blog. Some are fellow bloggers, some are selling their services, some are spammy ones, but hey, we can pick and choose, you know? I love that we’re going somewhere with this.

In your social distancing, have you completed your 2020 Census yet? I haven’t. It’s on the list. And so is Mom’s. I have to laugh with her. The first notice comes and tells you to log in blah, blah, blah. She will tell you in no uncertain terms that she does not have internet, computer, cell phone, and furthermore does not wish to be bothered with one! SO THERE! I told her I’d do it online for her. “No, I’ll mail it in.” OK Mom, do it your way. A week later, “Have you done your census yet?” “No, I’m doing it online, so I’ll get it done.” She said, “Why don’t they let us fill them out like we used to.” I’m not even going into it yet. I was sent home with both of her notices to complete it online. In the last two times I took her to therapy she asked, “Did you do my census yet?” “No.” I’m doing it this afternoon, in case she asks you.

One thing we were told that must be done online is renew your license plates for your vehicles. We did. It’s kind of crummy you have to pay an online fee to a third party, the state does not get directly paid by YOU. The third party pays them the correct amount, but it’s about a twelve dollar plus fee on each renewal. We had an extra $25 charged. WHAT? That’s pretty crummy. They force you to go online, then they force you to pay extra. That stinks. What about people who can’t afford that? It’s something they should probably refund under these circumstances.

So many teachers locally are doing parades through neighborhoods their students live in. I think it’s such a neat idea, the kids are lost without their daily school routine and their dear teachers, and the everyday stuff of school. Some kids may say they hate school and like being off, but I’ll be at least they miss their friends. The news stories are cute, some families made poster board signs and had balloons.

If you take your toddler to the park, do not use the playground equipment. I am surprised it would even be a question someone would ask, but I suppose they are being thorough. If you have little ones, I can see how you wouldn’t have been able to see the stories. There is so much to this virus and all that goes with it, I really believe there is no way we can be back to business by April 12, 2020. Maybe May 12, but definitely not April.

Without the wonderful invention of the Internet, what would we be doing at this point? I’d get more done on my book, maybe. Probably get more accomplished on my other hobbies, but who knows? Rush hour video of one of our most busy and dangerous intersections looks like early Sunday morning. I was talking to someone today and told them I just feel so weird driving. Things just feel off kilter and I don’t know why. She said she feels the same way. It amazes me how something we cannot see can impact our lives so greatly. It’s making us afraid, angry, and full of angst. Whatever it is, we just can’t seem to put our finger on exactly what it is, but it’s there.

If you can at all, please support your local restaurants. Not the national chains, the locals who are needing your support right now. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of even thinking what to make for two or three meals a day. It’d be easier if the Babe wasn’t kind of “picky”. He dislikes fish and isn’t fond of chicken. I could live on the stuff he dislikes. One thing we do agree on is dessert! Ha! tonight, it’s going to be a brownie sundae. Why not? Kind of takes the edge off.

I’ve started a bag of things to give to homeless female veterans when the centers open up again. I decided to stop keeping several pairs of jeans, pants, and other clothing that just doesn’t fit anymore. It’s time to accept the reality. Losing that much weight is highly unlikely at this point in life. I would say twenty five pounds of it is from cancer medication. Glad I’m alive, just wish it was like it used to be. Not complaining, it is what it is.

Thanks for reading today. I appreciate it so much, and hope you’ll return tomorrow. I’ll be here!

A Beautiful Tuesday

It’s so hard to believe it is winter. Blue skies outside and warm temps. Good for getting errands finished, hoping it stays nice through Friday. Or it can do what it wants, which is usually what it does anyway. We really fuss and stress over the weather and it takes up a lot of time. Try not to panic. The most important thing to do is to be safe and calm.

I went to the bank to get some giftcards for Christmas giving. They don’t sell them! I would think a major bank in Omaha, Nebraska would sell gift cards. Anyone know why they don’t?? Some folks are getting cash instead. Spends the same, right? Hope you like green, kids.

I went into the Carters Outlet store and purchased a gift card for there. Kayla is growing pretty fast, and her mama prefers to pick out her clothes. The stock they have is unbelievable. The Outlet Mall seems to be a place where you need to know where you are going. Not good for someone who has back or knee issues. A beautiful day to be outdoors, though.

I am reading some books now that I’m having a little break from writing. One, “Elmwood Park,” written by John Brodston, is my first one. Nearly finished with it. It is a mixture of fact and fiction, based on an event that happened in Omaha’s Elmwood Park in 1960. Six young people were killed in a horrible car accident. It details the rescue turned recovery, it also tells a lot about the city at the time. I was only nine years old in 1960, so I really don’t recall much about the whole incident. It was very, very sad. The author was one year ahead of me in high school at Ryan, and he had some interesting takes on the local newspaper, the city itself, and the operations of the local County Hospital. I’d love to find out if this is where the fiction part was, or if it was elsewhere.

There is an interesting running story line within the book about a Catholic clergyman who was very outspoken on morals, Catholicism, and sin. I remember our Monsignor giving fire and brimstone like this, and it is not fun to sit and listen to. I remember this particular clergyman because he was at Holy Cross, where my grandparents attended. I need to ask my mom if she remembers Grandma talking about any of these issues and sermons. I love local stories. So much history!

This day has flown by, and now is the time to relax. This is the best time of the day. Tomorrow is a luncheon with my mom, and the VFW with friends for dinner. Nice day ahead!! Thank you for reading, I hop to see you back again tomorrow.