Queen Nerdess, I Am!

I’m so easy to please! I mean that in a good way. I had a favorite lunch today, still trying to eat properly. We had the Keto Egg Casserole for breakfast. For lunch, I had a glorious lettuce chunk salad with cottage cheese, topped with a handful of frozen red cherries. It made me happy. Weird, huh?

I remember when my kids were little. Becky was the youngest. Her brothers teased her as brothers do. Frank called her a Nerdess, since she was a girl. His brother Nick was a Nerd. It was all in good fun, but I laugh as I recall it. They really did fiercely love each other. I believe most children from single-parent families do. I wish they were still close. When we have a group text going, once in a while they make a comment that brings back memories we all have. We were a wonderful family. Still are!

So as I ate my favorite lunch from my favorite bowl, I was grateful our life is so simple. We have payments for cars and mortgage; most people our ages have everything paid off. We were late to the game of Life, so we’ve only been in the game since 1998. It’s ok. We don’t need millions in retirements. The Babe and I are not planning world travel. We’re very content to stay home, sit on the deck or patio and visit, read, enjoy the wildlife of the wetlands behind us. There is so much to observe, enjoy, and be grateful for. Some days you have to search hard for it. Others, it’s easier to see.

The Babe just looks at me sometimes and shakes his head. I just tell him he’s my favorite. And he is. Not sure why, but I’m having some sort of flash-back moments of different things I’ve seen over my years with the Babe. I love remembering his teasing ways, the way the ladies at the Post, Church, his work career, he is such a charmer. Makes them all laugh and give them hugs when times are tough. I’ll gladly share him. The hugs are healing. I’m so lucky.

Well, while eating lunch, I had a filling/tooth crack. Oops! Can’t get into the dentist until Monday. Hope it will not hurt. It most likely needs a crown. Fit for a queen, eh? Have a beautiful day. Let’s see each other tomorrow.

It’s a Great Friday!

It’s a celebration today, the Babe went to the cardiologist and was one of only two patients in the past year who didn’t gain weight. What an elite group to be part of! I’m proud of him for sticking to the Keto diet and being strong enough to skip Christmas cookies and candies. We have two dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies leftover from our giveaway to the neighbors, and they’re going to go in the freezer. Way to go, Babe!

Since we would only be gone a couple hours, I left Goldie out of her kennel. I think she and Lexie played the music too loud while we were away. Nothing was eaten up, tipped over, or scattered about, so I believe they were good. She is certainly old enough to be left out of the kennel, but I hope she and Lexie don’t get into a tussle while we’re away. Baby steps, for sure. Goldie kind of hangs her head when we close her kennel door at night. I might try leaving her kennel open, so she doesn’t feel bad. I know. We pet owners can be ridiculous.

Bernie Sanders is certainly a character for the ages. The Internet is full of new Bernie Memes, complete with his chair and mittens. Guys got to dress for the elements! No time to be fashionable! How funny! I have to say on another Inaugural topic, the “fashions.” We finally have a woman holding one of the two top offices, and we still have a huge fashion report. Kind of strange, and I doubt it will ever change. I truly don’t think there is any more elegant woman than Laura Bush. She has a beautiful manner, and her demeanor is kind, in my opinion.

I’m currently reading a book called, “All Things in Time,” by Sue Buyer. Sue Buyer is well over 90 years old, and after being a professional writer her whole life, she has written her first novella. She was a Vassar College and Columbia Journalism School graduate. She writes about her observations at a large-circulation metropolitan newspaper.

Of course I was drawn to the story once I heard this was her first book, at 92, I believe. She worked in an era when women didn’t work away from the home. She was ahead of her time with her thinking and lifestyle. It is only 114 pages long, I’m sure I’ll finish it today. I’m enjoying her writing and storytelling.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

It’s a chilly 27 degrees outside this afternoon. I’m feeling like having a nice, hot cup of tea to enjoy while reading a little while. It will be a great way to spend the rest of the afternoon. I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your day. Thank you for reading today, be kind, and see you tomorrow!