Tuesday # 498

I’ve seen some really cute posts on Facebook lately that talk about Quarantine Day # 8,375 and the like. It’s about how it feels somedays, you know? I shudder to think how places back east are trying to jump the gun and open up again. I don’t believe it’s a good idea, we will surely be locked back down again perhaps more so than we are now.

Pray for those who are violating the social distancing rules.

I believe most people are compliant. I’m not thinking we’ve lost our rights at all. Sometimes people need protection from themselves, like during a pandemic. A cool head and common sense must reign our thoughts and activity now. Now is just not the time to start up on life again. It’s too soon. The protesters could be in for a giant surprise after touting their freedoms over the last week. I feel badly for the people who will be infected by those who think the rules shouldn’t apply to them. Their grandmas, grandpas, and babies could be in peril. How selfish.

When I was a Systems Analyst at Mutual of Omaha I worked in the Rate Adjustment area when I first started. As with any computer program changes, we first had to analyze how any changes made would affect the way the program operated at present. Don’t break anything that is working. Then, when we made changes, we had to carefully test and make sure the changes did what they were supposed to do. And then of course, make sure you didn’t cause an issue down the road.

It’s kind of like that while testing for this pandemic. The results of any action should not impact life as we know it with illness or death. Isolating temporarily is just what we need to do. Still. The reason? We cannot be sure what this viral disease is going to do to us if we do nothing. There are way too many ways it affects our bodies. Skin, kidneys, lungs, heart, some or all of it is affected.

We aren’t getting the same results when testing antibodies as therapy, some folks who were infected are becoming reinfected, some aren’t. It almost seems no two cases are alike, so there is no treatment emerging as the be all and end all to this virus. When your testing results do not end the same, nothing you are doing is the cure, the answer to our prayers. In that respect Americans are so impatient to have everything NOW. Science does not work that way. I’m perfectly happy to wait it out.

Yes, we are retired, but we surely don’t want any of our adult children or grandchildren to become ill. The five grandkids range in age from three months to thirteen years. Too much that is precious is at stake for a few irate people to cause trouble now. I pray mob mentality doesn’t take over. Be sensible. Be smart. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Be kind. Offer help. Your wishes are not the most important. The greater good is what needs to be protected before we’re out of the woods. We are the ones who must protect America and ourselves.

I need to do some more editing on the novel today. Yesterday, I reviewed about thirty eight pages, which is a good start. It was beautiful sitting on the patio while reading. The thought I’m keeping is I can sit there and read the real book before next winter. The deadline could change, but the goal to finish is the same. These are exciting times.

What would you like to have to show for your time in quarantine? Aside from makeup, hair, home haircuts, facemasks, solo workouts, virtual meetings, recipes, and public service announcements? Think about it. Time will go and never come back.

With the Direct TV package we have, there is, of course, music available. The Babe has consistently turned on 70s music or 80s music every day. It’s weird to hear the 80s music and recall just yesterday, I was a single mom with all different kinds of music coming from my kids’ rooms. It was a fun time. Some of it I miss, some I don’t. And the 70’s music reminds me of my first marriage, the kids being little, and life in general being so different than now. In the not too distant future, COVID-19 will be a memory, and we’ll think back on all we did (or didn’t do) during the quarantine. Hopefully, we have something good to show for it. Don’t waste it. Time is too precious.

Which is why I appreciate you spending time every day to see what’s happening in my little corner of this wonderful world. It’s better with you all in it. See you again tomorrow, with more progress on the re-write. Have a productive, fabulous day! Hugs to you all.

I’m Going to Hug EVERYONE When We’re Let Out to Mingle Again.

Windy Wednesday

It’s another seventy degree day outside but the wind is awful! My Bon Jovi hair just gets all over so I can’t see what I’m doing! It could calm down a little, just saying. Not sure what we’ll do once the Babe gets home with our late lunch/early dinner. Probably relax and sort through some more papers for medical deductions. I love using H & R Block, I’ve used it ever since I quit using pencil and paper to do taxes. Always did my own, and now it’s our own. It was kind of exciting to remove the word “Retired” and replace it with “Author”. Doing so and putting in the costs out of pocket to get started has shown me at a loss of $3400, and that’s ok. Chromebook, Website/Blog startup costs, it’s all good. I would expect that.

Gotta love computers. Due to the diligence of my brother in law Brad, I have a dual backup hard drive, for photos, documents, etc. One of the drives went bad, so he coached me through replacing it. For a girl, I think I did ok! But it still has some sort of issue. So, we’re mailing it off to South Dakota. Every family needs a Brad. He’s one of my favorite Geeks! He knows that’s a compliment! Thanks, Brad.

Package ready for mailing from the Home Office in Gretna, NE,
to the I/T department in Sioux Falls, SD

I was looking for receipts from all my writing expenses this year. I came upon these two books. One is for me to fill in, as Grandma talking to the two biological grandkids who are mine. Kayla and Cody will get this later on in their lives, and I hope they appreciate it. It will be fun to answer all the questions written on every page. The book on the right is a journal I got in DC last spring. It was a happy family occasion, and a good memory of the event.

Left, I’m going to fill this for Baby Cody and his big sister Kayla.
They’re biological grandkids, and maybe they’d like to learn about their maternal Grandma someday.
Right, A journal from the United States Secret Service gift shop at an undisclosed location in downtown Washington, DC
I bought it at our son Blake’s promotion ceremony nearly a year ago.
The 160 printed pages here are my novel.
Time to re-read it again before writing more.
I get goosebumps looking at it!

Out of necessity, the reading may have to wait a day or two. It appears now the CDC is recommending we wear cloth masks when we go out in public. I need to make a couple for the Babe and me. We should have some pretty good selections, being a quilter with a healthy fabric stash, I doubt I’ll miss it in a month or two. I’m all about staying healthy as we wait out this beast called COVID-19. Off to cut and sew masks to keep you healthy. And you’ll do the same for us, I’m sure! Thank you.

Before I start reading my novel again, to check if it makes sense and flows well, I have to say this is the cumbersome part of writing. You need to make sure it still flows well. I cannot do that by reading the screens over and over again, especially when I’ve moved paragraphs where I think I want them. My first chapter is driven by the characters all interacting, some happy and some not. The difference between that and narrative is huge. I have to thank my friend Sam for telling me I was telling, not showing. Funny how a rookie writer gets caught up in what they are doing, and not really doing what they are supposed to do. Thanks, Sam!

I wish either of our Grandmothers were still with us, just to tell us about the Spanish Flu Pandemic. I think as humans we may have become pretty smug, thinking the world was over things like that. Guess again! As long as people will consume food from wet markets, the danger is there. The WHO needs to instruct some of these nations that certain things may not be such a great idea anymore. Too many things can go wrong, and you can see how it affects everyone.

Thank you for reading today. I hope you enjoyed the blog, and I hope you come back tomorrow. I’ll be here. See you then.