A Weird but Good Day.

The best laid plans of mice and men. The best laid plans of authors and others.

Yesterday, for some reason, I became convinced it was Monday. I texted my two brothers, “Happy Monday,” along with a punny meme. One reminded me it was only Sunday. I knew that, but gee. How does the human brain do that to us? And then, today, I was further convinced it was Tuesday. Gosh. Not another day of being clueless! Where does that come from? Wow.

Mom called yesterday, and asked if I could do her a favor. It was a grocery run. No problem! But I had to come to her home first and see what cereal she wanted (she has very low vision, so some days reading packages is not in the plan). So, I made a list and set off on my quest.

I had a big flashback to when my older brother Tom and I sometimes had to walk to our neighborhood Safeway store. We only had one car, Dad worked nights, and when the two younger brothers came along, it was hard for Mom to get to the store.

Tom and I walked three blocks to the store; we cruised the aisles with Mom’s handwritten list, wondering what the heck a “loof of bird” was. Her handwriting wasn’t too legible. Our analysis revealed it meant a loaf of bread. That’s ok, Mom. We broke the code. We proudly presented the cash she gave us, and each took a nice brown bag filled with the good stuff she sent us for.

We reached the end of the first alley shortcut. Tom had such a heavy bag, we had to stop and re-bag some of his things. I gave him some of the lighter items and took the package of chicken. We made it the rest of the way home with no problems. Mom was thrilled. We felt rather victorious.

It’s funny, I found everything Mom wanted today. She insisted I call her from the store, in the cereal aisle, specifically, to report how much a certain store brand cereal cost. I reported in, and she determined at 2 for $4, she needed six boxes of that particular type of cereal. At this point in life, whatever makes her happy. Whatever my two brothers and I can do to make her life easier and hopefully worry free, the better days she’ll have for the rest of her life. A 92 year old widow shouldn’t have to worry about her food supplies, her comfort needs, or anything else. It amazes me that she is still a homeowner. She needed another roof last summer, and luckily, my brother who lives across the street from her handled the project. She deserves a rest. And thanks, Steve.

Now that the cereal supply is complete again, the quest is to find the cat food her fussy cat eats. No vet or pet store in Omaha has any. This supply line is weird, it’s an American company, not a foreign one. The cat is getting old, and Mom’s had him for probably 10 years. His name is Hugo, although my youngest brother calls him, “Pffatt Ass.” Very fitting, for sure. I’m not a cat person. Sorry, folks. Dog lover until the end!

Had a proud grandma moment x 2 this weekend. Grandkids Addison and Joell each showed what kind of great teenagers they are. Addison was a last minute sub for a senior at the regional Dance Squad competition on Saturday. The whole family went to Minnesota. The team came in second. Second! So proud!

Grandson Joell was celebrated by his immediate family after his first official day of work. He just turned 14 so I was surprised he got a job. He is a fantastic competition swimmer out in Maryland. His job is that of a swim coach for the younger kids. It’s perfect! We’ve watched him develop from a beginner swimmer to a tough competitor. So proud of him for doing what he loves and the growth he’ll experience by teaching younger kids. So proud!

Addison, back row, middle; Joell, surprised by his family after his first day of work. Life is a celebration!

As we gather our thoughts on whatever day this is, I hope you’ve also had a great day. There’s another new opportunity happening in the morning, too. We an make the day as good as we want. Be positive, and see how it unfolds! See you tomorrow, whatever day it will be.