Friday, NaNoWriMo Day # 4

Ok, boys and girls. We’re off to a good start. By creating a document and writing for the daily goal of 2000 words, we’re on track. Yay! Every little bit helps.

By approaching this way, I’ve discovered I can add to the word count throughout the day. That helps in a number of ways. First, the interruptions aren’t a show-stopper. Being retired is such a bonus. Many NaNoWriMo participants are still working, still raising families. Being young and having lots of energy would help a lot in getting the job done. Being retired and having lots of time is an advantage in and of itself. Party on, Garth!

By today’s header photo, you really get a sense of how fall appears to be over. Temperatures at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska are well over 60 degrees this week. Perfect. I’m adjusting my attitude, preparing it for winter. While winter can be beautiful, the cold temperatures cause lots of issues with the arthritis and chronic pain and asthma, which I’m plagued with. I love snow, and the look when it glistens under the moonlight. Get the picture? 

Word Press, who hosts my website, has enacted some new features that nearly caused me heart failure. Every time I hit the PUBLISH button, the magic happens, then the screen refreshes, revealing lots of stuff I overlook. The stuff I do care about the most is the number of followers I have. While at about #985, imagine how my heart sank when the next day, it showed only #498 followers. 

I couldn’t imagine what I did or wrote to make nearly 500 people mad. Isn’t it funny where our mind goes first? After investigating, I discovered they now tally Word Press followers, AND they report the number of people who signup on Word Press for e-mail notifications of a new blog. That gives a new total. Recently, it’s been 513. The rest of the followers are from Social Media. That total is 483. The total is holding steady at about 473. The grand total sits at #986 this week. WHEW! Another interesting statistic available is the number of consecutive days I’ve published in a row. That stands at 114 days. That’s a little less than one third of a year. 

This is cause for celebration, although it’s a small one. Small victories all add up to big ones, my friends. The biggest help to an author is writing every day. Publishing every day is one step past that. Yay, me! I’m excited about writing again. Today. And every day.

Yes, some days the words and ideas are hard to find. Some days they flow, and for that, I’m grateful. The days they don’t, I am painfully aware of that fact. There are so many subjects, so many things we learn just from researching our every day life. As the day goes on, I try to notice everything I can. That’s how you learn new things, and I’m all about that. 

Some days the writing is great. Some days, I amaze myself (she said, modestly). Other days I amaze myself, too (at how bad some writing is). It’s all good, though. I liken that to life in general. Not every day is great. Some days, it’s a real effort to remain positive. Monday was that kind of day, sort of. 

I had a doctor’s appointment. Due to traffic issues, I had to drive through town. I tried to imagine all the major intersections along whichever route I might take. Which ones were too busy during that time of day? Which ones have fewer stoplights? Decisions were made quickly, and I did a pretty good job, only ten minutes late. 

I made a mental note my blood pressure would probably be high because of rushing along. They precede the doctor visit with your blood work, and have results for you during that visit. It’s pretty cool how it works. The doctor part was on time.

It made me smile when the doctor told me the story of his terrible morning. His Apple watch alarm didn’t go off when it was supposed to. His scribe had the same thing happen. Hurry, hurry! As he got to the part of his route taking him through a beautiful park, there were barricades. His heart sunk. He hurried around, got stuck in traffic, and ended up being the same ten minutes late I was. By the end of my visit, he told me to have a great rest of the day. I told him the rest of his day would be stunning. He laughed, and said, “This was the turning point!” I told him, “Glad to have been of help.”

The thing of it is, we have a good, smart, kind man for a doctor. I found him because of my terrible experience with a tumor in my spine, along with an infection in my vertebral disks. I needed a new doctor, and he was in the office with the infectious disease doc I had to see for the infection. God smiled on me by having us meet, all the way back in 1996. The Babe started to go to him, too. We are grateful. What a smart man, who knows his stuff, and gives wonderful care.

Needless to say, I’m grateful for being 70 years old, disabled since age 48, I am in pretty good health. How? Sure, the orthopedic part of my body is bad, but the main systems that keep you alive – the respiratory; despite having asthma, I’m good; the circulatory, my heart is good; the nervous, despite neuropathy from pain, I’m pretty good; and everything else is fine. All things considered. I cannot than God enough for the life I have. And I’m excited for the life ahead of us. The Babe and me. You and me. Thanks for being here. It means a lot. Have a good rest of the evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

#922 and Counting!

Can you believe this is blog #922? I am proud to celebrate three years with WordPress, and having a home for Kathy Raabe, Author. My electronic footprint, now well established, leaves me feeling enthused about whatever is ahead. Onward!

I ran out of time yesterday (again!), devoting time to the Income Tax return. Looks like I’ll learn something new there, too. The software is telling me something about one topic I’ve not seen before. More research is in order. Was hoping it would go easier. Another life lesson for me. This is the latest I’ve ever filed. I will not be recreating this form of tardiness!

Also, yesterday had all the hype of a terrible weather event brewing. The news and social media was all about it again all day long. So, we were at the ready to take the girls and adjourn to the basement. Never happened. Lexie hides in the master bedroom closet. Goldie sits by us and shakes. All good. Bad night’s sleep, but no tornadoes, large hail, or damaging wind. Color us happy after all the hype.

The temperature and humidity reminded me of a hot July day in Nebraska. Windows were open. The grit that blew in the windows remained on everything in the kitchen – the table, the countertops, the chairs. It covered every surface it met. Today will be a major cleanup. If you run your hand over the surfaces, you will feel the grit and see the dirt. It was crazy! I am ready for the winds to calm down forever. Yes, except for breezes. Breezes are good.

Grandma Babs is a 73-year-old woman who is now a TikTok goddess. She began two years ago, while living with her daughter during the pandemic. The daughter had two toddlers and was pregnant with the third child. It was her daughter’s suggestion she develop a persona on TikTok. Grandma balked at first. Then she tried it.

Grandma cooks and bakes, tells stories, and imparts a lot of wisdom with her demonstrations of all things wonderful in the kitchen. These are things our young people don’t learn. I watched my Grandma Jewell bake, cook, and all the things she did so well. Most people don’t live near their grandparents. I’ve thought about doing a podcast reading children’s books. Feedback? I’d love to know what you all think. Comment, please!

Today, I will resolve the problem of Income Taxes for 2021. I will file it, finished it, and forever banish it from my brain. Then on to the fun stuff. Getting ready for my kid book preview. It should happen early in May. I cannot wait to see what Jordan has dreamed up. She is a creative soul if I ever met one.

As I prepare to slay the dragon that is the IRS reporting, I feel confident by 1 p.m. I will slay the beast. Tuned in tomorrow for the next exciting installment! Have a beautiful day.