Monday, Monday

Wow, I’m having a day, how about you?

In the middle of trying to straighten out a snafu with some other folks, I called my cousin at the VA, and as we chatted, I noticed the coffee pot was overflowing from the grounds basket, not from the pot. All the water, grounds, etc, spread all over the counter top, down into the drawers, and onto the floor. All my good intentions for this morning; learning how to use my sewing machine (never plugged it in), writing my blog (now, nine hours later), and not getting anything done! It lends truth to my Grandma Bobell’s statement: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Amen, Grandma, Amen.

I laughed with my cousin about it being a Monday, and wow, what else could go wrong? I must have tempted fate, because things happened here and there. I’m still smiling, but frustrated. It won’t get me down, but I remember when I’d fuss and fume for days over things like happened this morning. It’s age and learning to practice gratitude. And always remembering it could always be worse (and many times, it has been).

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose everyone has a day every now and then. We all do. And we go on. Some folks are not equipped to deal with everyday difficulties. Maybe they’ve never had to cope. Maybe things always went their way. Maybe they always won a trophy. Or maybe their parents managed their lives so much there was no margin for error. Bless their hearts.

I’m planning on finally getting to put thread in my new sewing machine tomorrow. It was my plan today, but someone else’s mess became my problem, so my day has been spent on damage control. Thank goodness for friends who listen and who know who you are and what you’re about. Those people make up for everything. Thank you, you all know who you are.

I am enjoying the book, “The Gown,” about the making of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown. In those times, embroiders worked on all the royal gowns, dresses, and fine ware the queen, princesses, and children wore. Right now, I’m learning about right after WWII, the major design houses in Europe were re-establishing themselves. (Think Christian Dior). References were given when certain young women looked out for others at the Concentration Camps. Jews had an equal chance to get these sewing and hand work jobs. And they deserved them.

The Babe and I are working on our next volunteer opportunity, one that will help us give back in a huge way. More on that as it becomes available. As for this evening, I’m donning my comfy lounge wear, and diving back into The Gown. Let’s visit some more tomorrow! Thank you.

We Create Our Own Nightmares.

Sometimes, that’s the cold, hard truth. We all want our own way. It doesn’t matter if we’re a cranky toddler, an angst-filled teenager, a broken-hearted mid-lifer, an elder of the tribe, or an angry nonagenarian. We all have our moments.

We think we know everything at those moments. How others need to respond to us, the situation, who should do what, how they should do it, and of the result will be exactly what we think it should be. How could it fail? Let me count the ways, my dear.

We think our power is greater than it is; we’re not supposed to manage other’s outcomes. We have no idea what will work for everyone we think is involved. If everyone actually bends to our iron will, things may work out for a time. Before they backfire in our faces. The feeling of power is short-lived. Wow. We didn’t know what’s best. Imagine that?

Coming from an environment where some tried to control others lives, I know for a fact how true this statement is. Those folks don’t admit they’re wrong, nor when you’re right. Sad. Stay in your lane, people! Most often your own best guesses about my life are wrong, just as my ideas about your life are most likely wrong. The exception in cases of deep addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. You need help not only with the substances, or activity, but also with your mental health. Sometimes, it’s necessary to have another help you figure out what to do. You need to care about your recovery more than I do, though. I cannot and will not do the hard work for you.

Me? I sure don’t ever want to quit learning. I’ll never know it all and I wouldn’t want to. Too much responsibility! A better life lies ahead of all of us who realize we need to be our own navigator. It’s even better when you have a co-captain/navigator in your life, a trusted person to travel with you. It’s not necessary, just nice. Appreciate those who love you and help you grow. Thanks a million, Babe.

Watch out for pitfalls and backsliding while learning to let others navigate their own road, when they’re capable. We’ll all make mistakes, there is no way around our being human. Learn from today’s mistakes. And don’t dwell on them. You’re living in the now and the future is ahead of you, not behind.

Today will be beastly hot, not fit for anyone. Drink lots of water, and rest. Outdoor work will still be there tomorrow. We have a heat advisory in our area, and I expect it to remain too hot for anyone. Grateful for the A/C. I have lots of catch-up work for the Post, and for us. Too many unexpected things happened all week. It’s going to be better. I know it will. Be safe, hydrate, and be kind. See you tomorrow!