Thursday Thoughts

After the day we had yesterday with the Babe’s fall, small brain bleed, and beginning his recovery, all I can say is how lucky he is. We could have had such a terrible outcome, and we are once again grateful. I swear, the Babe has nine thousand lives. I shudder to think which one he is on now.

I’m finishing up the narration of my kid book. Soon, it will be in the hands of the illustrator. What a week she’s having! Cartney McGuigan is graduating from high school Saturday, and setting off on a road trip. She is ready to sketch, shade, paint, and whatever else she needs to do to create the magic of our story. After she creates her magic, I will get to reduce my word count. The whole prospect is daunting. Can you imagine how it feels, to have wanted to do this all of my life, and be near realizing my dream? And Cartney is getting to do something she probably never expected right after high school. It just goes to show you, you just don’t know how partnerships will be formed. Perhaps someone will approach you when you least expect it, and . . . well, here we are. I’m getting more excited by the day.

It’s a great distraction from the sobering reality that our lives could have been changed forever yesterday. I’m readjusting our schedule to figure out how to cover all the bases, ours together. No driving for the Babe for at least a couple weeks, once he gets off the pain pills and has another CT Scan. This will be another adjustment on our road of life, and we will make it. Together. There is no other way to negotiate the vows we made nearly 23 years ago. In sickness and in health. We are with each other through thick and thin.

Sorry to be so short today as I said, we’re adjusting. Let’s see each other tomorrow, and catch up some more. Have a beautiful evening.

Thoughtful Thursday

I noticed a mistake or two in last night’s late blog. I corrected and re-published. Having the newspaper blood in our veins, my brothers and I don’t like to see typos or obvious errors identifying people in photos. I am not perfect. And I’ll always try to correct my mistakes. We should give ourselves do-overs.

I read another thoughtful meditation this morning. “Would you rather be right or be happy?”

WOAH! What was that again? That could stop any argument in its tracks, wouldn’t it?? The article, written by Michael Easter, and is featured in Medium today. I found it fascinating. Most of the time we’re not right, we just want to “win.” What drives the human mind is odd. He points out time changes our position on ideas and things we “would die to keep.” The next day we could gladly give up what we didn’t die for the day before. It is definitely food for thought.

The Babe and I have a few disagreements now and then, we’re human. We’ve also reached a point in life where we know there are not a lot of things to argue about. We’d rather be happy. It’s something I’d suggest to everyone. You don’t always have to win or lose.

Interestingly enough, the meditation in my book was a quote from Voltaire. “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” Instead of praying to God to spare you from pain, ask Him for strength to get through the pain, whatever it is, and to gain a better understanding of our lives.

The sun is finally shining today. It’s chillier than it’s been, but the blue sky is so welcome. I believe it brightens everyone’s mood and helps restore our collective sanity. Doom and gloom hammers away at a person’s mood.  I have to check myself. A little self-care to maintain an even keel is worth it. Awareness is crucial in our world. We don’t live in a vacuum. Our interactions with others, however small they are, affect other people. An unexpected smile is worth a lot. Share one of yours!

Time to work on our VFW Post 2503 website. We had a terrific St. Patrick’s Day Dinner yesterday and a good time was had by all. People enjoy seeing events posted. I’d better get busy so the news is current! Thank you for reading today. I appreciate your time. I’ll see you tomorrow! Be Safe out there. Be Kind. We all need it. And Be Courteous. The world needs it.