Super Bowl Sunday

STOP!! This has nothing do to with the football game later today, except to say I’ll be watching later. I’ve become a fan of Patrick Mahomes, and admire this very young man for how he is handling the intense spotlight. He comes from good stock, as his father was a professional baseball for the Minnesota Twins. It’s a great story. Hard, hard work, dedication, confidence, humility, generosity towards others, it’s all there. This is a story like many others of us who work day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Some of it is very hard and others never see it. As we build our foundations concrete block by concrete block, others resort to the poured walls method we see in construction now. It’s a quick way to get the job done, with fewer materials and less (much less) labor costs. Many block and brick layers are no longer in business, but the trade misses them. Just like many trades today. Hurting for skilled, dedicated workers, who are not afraid of hard work, and who will go the extra mile to do the job right. I have always been a huge fan of men (and now women) who can work with their hands. We need them all desperately.

Part of what we need is the mindset that comes with those professions. Not afraid to get dirty. They are really artists when you get down to it. A framer can eyeball things and often come up with the right measurement and right angle to cut the wood. Just to be safe, they measure and cut. Yes, mistakes are sometimes made, but not like people who have no idea what to do or how to do it. It’s that way when trying to learn new skills. Whether it be carpentry, block and brick wall building, quilting, writing, sewing garments, or blogging. Practice is needed. Sometimes years of practice. And the better materials you can afford, the better your outcome. But you can still do the job if you have budget concerns.

My family is a family of people who learned how to do many things by building and creating. My dad owned a full service gas station and garage after WWII. He sold it before he went to Korea. He could always listen to an older engine or drive the car and tell you what could be wrong with it. He was skilled that way. He could work with electricity in the house, (plumbing, not so much), building walls, (finishing and refinishing woodwork, he could do it all. My brothers have followed suit. My mother sewed a lot of our clothes. She did flower arranging about twenty years ago, when she was a youngster of 70. My older brother was good with cars and due to his small stature, ran many of the first computer cables in the old Omaha World Herald building in the 1980s when the computer age was beginning. He is good at the guts and workings of some electronic things. A younger brother worked as a machinist, a draftsman, and now works for that gutter guard company. The youngest brother works for CAT, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. He is a mechanic, and is very good. His people skills make him perfect for the customer service he provides. They’re all good guys. I’m a lucky sister, indeed.

Then you get to me. Growing up, I learned embroidery, as did many young girls in my time. I learned to sew in high school, and even sewed wool suits for my career in computers (coding, application development, etc.) because I was a single mom with three kids. It’s how I could afford to dress for the next job I wanted. I was glad some of those homemaking skills were so handy. Now, the kids are raised, two grandkids need rides or watching weekly, and two live too far to participate daily in their lives. I always thought I’d have a constant influx like my grandmothers did. Nope, didn’t happen. Now what? Learn new stuff. Learn how to reinvent yourself.

I was delighted earlier today to see a Facebook Post that depicted a 98 year old woman in London who had her opening art show. Yes, at 98! Ahem! That phrase across my face at the top of this blog?

I’m not too old, and it’s not too late!

Click link for article about the 98 year old artist.

So commences the I Art Daily challenge from my friends at I Create Daily. Yesterday, I prepped fabrics for the Snowball Quilt I’m making. I’m allowing one day a week to sew this beauty. I only want to finish by next winter, so no hurry. And I dug my milk crate full of art supplies out of the closet in my studio. Going to jump in today, did a little planning yesterday.

Ah, the possibilities!

Sometimes in planning, we need to look back at last month just to see where we are. I’m further along than I ever dreamed I would be. One goal in 90 days was to learn more about Social Media promotion of my blog, establish myself as an author, and gain a following. Interesting enough, the social media part was the part that ran out in front, thanks to the Nebraska Writers Guild Social Media training. If you’d like, join the Guild, and you’ll have access to this, too. You can find them at Nebraska Writers Guild. Does my heart good that even while I was feeling as if I was behind again, I really wasn’t.

And more possibilities!

Yesterday, I mentioned my friend Shannon Schofield, a newly published author from an I Create Daily writing group we both belong to. Here’s a link to her gritty tale of her life, bad choices, and her redemption. I applaud her for telling her tale. I have not read it, but as soon as I can purchase it in paperback, I will. Here is that, too.

And, here’s a link to my author Facebook Page. I’d love to have you follow me there as well. WordPress automatically posts there everyday to let you know the blog is up. I hand post to my personal FB page as well, but sometimes I get busy and forget. All new stuff. All good stuff. All stuff that will get this last third of my life going to be the best of the whole thing. I’m planning on living another 30 years, at least. How about you? Thanks for reading today, I got a little talkative. Just ask the Babe. I do that sometimes. See you tomorrow, I’ll be here. Hope you are, too.

Sneaky Saturday

Today went too quickly. I’d like a recount, whoever is in charge of such things. I don’t think a review of the days events will happen, so it will just have to be late afternoon/early evening now. I remember when I was about twenty-five, my doctor told me time goes much more quickly when you get older. Wow, does it! Addison, our oldest grandchild, will be thirteen next month. A teenager! Holy smokes!

This young lady is as smart as she is beautiful. She has a way about her. Kind hearted, but no one will give her any guff. She is annoyed by her brother, but no one dare mess with him. She loves her family, and doesn’t want to be away from them for too long. She participates in competition dance, and she is on the honor roll. I’m so proud of her.

The Babe will have a special birthday this year, seventy!!! We’ll have to try and do a special trip or something. We loved Yellowstone National Park and we want to see the Grand Canyon. Maybe this will be the year. Niagra Falls was on our list, too. A few years ago, we purchased the twenty dollar lifetime senior citizen National Park Pass. Haven’t used it or our passports yet, but we are ready should the need arise.

Words to Live By

Tomorrow the Babe has Honor Guard Photos. The guys do photos once a year, near the end of their year which is April – March. Photos exist pretty far back in the Post history. While he’s doing that, I’ll be working on the Newsletter for February. The regular editor has a bad knee injury, so I”ll be subbing for him. Get better soon, Leigh!

Have you ever watched the Netflix series Peaky Blinders? I like Tommy Shelby. I was shocked by his blue eyes, so I figure it’s the gypsy in his character? I am enlarging the Irish family in my novel, and I include some personality traits from the Shelby family. Wouldn’t that be a crazy lot? Wish me luck with that one. It is amazing how differently each person in a family becomes given they all grow up in the same environment. You all have different genetic traits and the environment is somewhat the same. I can attest to the fact parents can be tired by the time the last child is growing up. We overlook infractions we consider slight now which used to be major. Resulting personalities can be so different. The longer adults are away from home can also see major changes. At times, it’s hard to believe you all lived under the same roof with any amount of harmony.

Thank you for reading my distracted thoughts today. It will be a nice quiet evening at home with the dogs for sure. They love the fireplace on chilly nights, too. I will be here again tomorrow, and hope to see you then.