Facebook Ads Training

I changed my mind about the topic for today. We’ll learn about Pete Seeger another day.

Mom called me this morning. I told her I couldn’t do an errand with her today. When I told her I was doing an online training class over today and tomorrow, she said, “OK. Study hard.” I haven’t heard her tell me that since I was in high school. It was a pretty cool memory. I’m smiling to myself about it.

We walked to and from school every day. You could only stay at school for your sent-from-home sack lunch if you lived more than a mile from school; or, if you Mother worked. We walked home every day at lunch time, then went back to school. The nuns didn’t want all the kids on the playground at lunchtime, and wanted those of us who walked to take our time coming back. If you heard the bell ringing and were a half block away, you timed your return to school well. Mom always told us to study hard. That’s what I’ll do today. With a smile.

In my spare time (?!?), I take care of the VFW Post 2503 Social Media, Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram, posting items of interest and events our members and friends may be interested in. Since their status is a non-profit organization, some of the rules are different for posting ADS. Since learning something new never hurt anyone, I jumped on the “classes,” and this is a free hour before two back to back classes. I am not viewing anything about social causes or anything, so I’m skipping one of them. I expect to get a lot from the time spent. Besides, it counts as volunteer time, since I’m helping the Post become more visible, in the new and improved version we’re creating. We have a lot to offer young Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. And they have so much to share with us. I love the eagerness of youth, and the wanting to help however they can.

We are about to go our separate ways tonight; the Babe to an Honor Guard Meeting, me to see the fabulous Tara Vaughn at the Sumter Ampitheater. She has perfored her show “She Rocks!” for several years now. It’s another idea someone talked about out loud and said, “Why not?” I’ll love listening to live music again.

The girl singers of the 60s and 70s were fabulous. This concert will be a compilation of all of them, and it never gets old. Take care this evening, and get outside if you can. I plan to, and also plan to see you tomorrow!

My Inspirations to Create

If you were to look just above the top of your phone, notebook, laptop, desktop, what can you see, right in front of you, at this very moment?? This is what I see:

My view at this very minute. Inspiring me.

If you have a human sitting across from you, please, you can read my blog later. Interact with your friend/spouse/lover/child/sibling/parent. If it’s a stranger, smile. Be kind. If you have no one close by, observe.

Listen to the sounds you hear. I’m not going to video, but I swear I have music on right now by Rick Tiger. Learn about Rick at


Rick has written and recorded many, many thoughtful, storytelling songs. I am inspired by that. It’s creating at it’s best. Rick and his wife Joyce are such nice people.

Dan and I met him a few years ago, and we’ve become fans. We met Rick through Jimmy Weber, who is also in my creative soundtrack arsenal. Jimmy has an extensive musical background that you can check out for yourself at


Jimmy is a remarkable human being I’m proud to call a friend. He’s deeply involved in his community and with fellow veterans.

We met Jimmy through Billy McGuigan and his vast assortment of very talented friends. Billy, Ryan, and Matthew McGuigan have our attention whatever and wherever they are performing. Songbird Tara Vaughn has taken major part in the productions and my, she has grown as a performer. She can still belt out a song, but she has been creative herself by starring her own show, “She Rocks.” And I can assure you, she does. New guy Max Meyer can do things with a guitar I can only watch in awe. My hubby Dan gets a kick out of how Max has blossomed, become more comfortable on the stage with Billy and the others. It’s such a neat thing to watch. Visit their schedules and story at:


Yesterday and Today, Rock On, Legends of Rock, British Invasion (with the Omaha Symphony), Billy and the Downliners, Rock Twist, and everything they do is superb. It inspires me to try and do something superb.

About a year ago, I sat down to start jotting ideas, lists, books to consult, etc. So much to learn!

All these folks have closed shows with words like, “Follow your dreams!” “Dream On” “Do what you love.” It really set me to thinking. I could do what I want right now.”

About a year ago, I purchased this book from Amazon. I started reading and thinking about how I’ve always wanted to write books for children. My daughter, Rebecca, has always encouraged me to do that. I miss her, she’s lived in Colorado for the past 18 years, has a great guy for a husband, and a beautiful baby girl named Kayla. They prefer I not post photos of them and especially not Kayla, and I respect that wish. So, with Rebecca leading the charge, and those generic encouragements from the stage, I’m following my dream.

For me, this is the perfect time of life to create, write, and publish my stories. I’ve always wanted to, I like to create, and my living doesn’t depend on it. I wouldn’t have taken the risk of quitting my job in the IT world for something I thought I could do. After all, I had three very hungry kids to feed. This is now my turn!

The person who inspires me daily is my husband, Dan. (I called him “Babe” in public with our VFW friends one night, and that is now his name, “Babe,” or “The Babe.” He is all for it if I want to do it. Something I’ve never had in a partner before. Babe, thanks for always being in my corner.

Dan’s support rivals what my dad gave me throughout life. He wouldn’t want me to quit a good job and roam around trying new stuff, but he would have encouraged me to try it out in spare time, once I was done raising kids. A man of few words, he would tell me, “Just keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll get there.” Thanks, Dad!

Right now, I’m writing a realistic fiction. No escaping reality there!

Thank you, Billy, Ryan, Matthew, Tara, Kate, Kathy, Jimmy, Rick and Joyce, Dan, Dad, and especially, my daughter, Rebecca.

Thanks to all of you for reading, encouraging, and giving me ideas. Please leave comments, like and follow, and don’t forget about the $50 giveaway for November. Once per day, for your comments or likes, you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a $50 VISA giftcard. Share with your friends, please. Let’s have a fun November!

Headed off to write the 1,677 words for today. 50,000 will be here before I know it!