Yogi Berra

The world’s most famous blunderer aside from any political person, has to be the loveable Yogi Berra. His Yogi-isms are famous. One of my favorites, “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over” is a classic. And it’s as true as the day is long.

The Yankees are the team America loved to hate; no one can deny they were one of the hottest teams with Reggie Jackson back in the 70s. I remember seeing them in the new stadium in Kansas City about 1980. It was great fun, although people did not yet tailgate and we arrived with three small children three hours before the gates opened. The kids and I sat in the car while their father canvassed the parking lot looking for other people from Nebraska.

We finally got to our seats. Talk about nosebleed section! Oh my gosh, it was the very last tippy top row. It was hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. We were relatively poor, lower middle class I suppose, and couldn’t afford all the things the vendors were hawking. The boys had sunflower seeds, and out of my view they spat them out, flinging them into a lady’s beehive hairdo who sat in front of them. I did not see this, because our four tickets had two on one side of the support pole and two on the other side. The children’s father insisted on sitting next to me, but refusing to hold his daughter, a baby who insisted on trying to crawl on the floor in front of our seats. I suppose it couldn’t have hurt her, but the smell of vomit emitted and my mind knew some fool was sick from cheap beer, high heat and humidity, and no food at a double header between the Yankees and Kansas City. Good Lord!

It was an exceptionally long day, and the kids were all tired out for the ride home. Our boys had lots of fun, as brothers often do, and our daughter, well, she survived well. She was tough even then, she wanted to do everything her brothers did. No, she did not have sunflower seeds. She was about 16 months old, so her food was appropriate.

So back to Yogi. He’s also famous for saying, “Baseball is 90 % Mental. The other half is Physical.” Really? Despite the Yogi-isms, he was present for 22 World Series, either as a player, or a coach. “Pair Up in Threes.” “It’s deja vu all over again.”

Yogi was so right in his observation. It’s never over until it’s over; whether it is working on retraining your sweet tooth, adjusting to retirement and filling your days, or working on a new craft such as painting or writing. Simply starting isn’t finishing, and we need to consider that. Starting is just a step towards finishing. We need to keep going, persist despite discouragement or obstacles. Daily work yields long-term accomplishments. Just get started. You’ll gain momentum as time passes.

Today was a day to get Mom to a doctor appointment, Hobby Lobby, lunch, Walgreens. The usual outing. She got exhausted and gets upset with herself and worried. I just tell her don’t worry, I’ve got all the time in the world. It must be hard to not be able to do much anymore. I can only hope I have her long life, and a life where I can still get around, be of help to the community, and have a life that is fulfilling. Hope the good Lord is willing.

Tomorrow is another much needed day at home. It will be another beautiful day outdoors, and we’ll see you then. Take care out there, mask up where you have to (vaccinated or not) and enjoy every minute of every hour. They pass too quickly. Make the most of the time we all have to be together. Thank you for reading!

Top Notch Tuesday

It was a beautiful day in the Heartland today. Mom and I had haircuts, and I picked her up. She’s quite a bit slower and it’s harder for her to see and hear, but she’s better than I expected. It’s been 12 weeks since she had a haircut, so she needs a perm next time. It will be late in January when we go next time. How time has flown.

She has decorated her home once again for Christmas. Most of it was others helping her, but she did a great job so she doesn’t see or hear well at all. She has learned how to get music channels on her cable subscription, so she’s delighted she can listen (when she can hear!) It’s a whole new world for her, at 92. We should all be that lucky!

In my reading for the day, it’s stated, “Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other.” How great is that? The conditions of our bodies kind of dictate how we see the world; generally speaking, the healthier we are, the more cheerful we are. We live in those bodies, whatever shape they are in. Your thoughts can be dictated by how healthy you are, just as the amount of patience we have, and the mental capacity to concentrate, and our capacity of emotional management. Yes. It’s all affected by our health and sense of well being.

How much exercise do we get? It’s directly affects our energy. We know that. How much exercise do we get? I know, it’s hard this time of year. I walked about six blocks yesterday, by parking far away from a UPS Store. It was about as much as I could handle, with the amount of deterioration in my spine. It was plenty. I felt the best during the summer while I was doing squats. I need to resurrect them and keep it up. My knees rarely hurt, and I had more stamina. I have to do what works.

We aren’t just a mind, heart, or body. We need to have them all acting together to be whole. If we abuse any part of us, we don’t perform at peak performance. It’s a pity when that happens. We live longer when our body and mind are in tip top shape; unless we have diseases like cancer, heart disease, or other incurable diseases. Mom is an example of that for sure. She made it a point to walk, exercise, eat right, and take good care of herself. She still has had a few strokes, but despite that she’s done well for 92 years old. She’s outlived Dad by 33 years. He was only 64 years old when he died of lung cancer. Many of his co-workers from the local newspaper also died of lung cancer. I believe his was a combination of smoking, and environment; the ink used to have lead in it and the paper dust has to be a factor. OSHA certainly makes a difference in workers lives, safety at work, and overall outcomes for illnesses and injuries.

Please be mindful of the mind, heart, and body connection. Celebrate this Christmas season, and remember to take care of you; heart, mind, soul, and body. It will do you good. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.