Happy Wednesday!

School is closed, there are weather alerts, and we will see between one and seventy-two inches of snow in the area, depending on who you listen to and where you live. Weather forecasting in the heartland is pretty interesting.

Some kids need to tune in to remote learning tomorrow, and others get to sleep in and forget about it. I don’t know how the administrators figure out who will remote learn and who gets to sleep in. What a job to have. Kids will love you or hate you, just for deciding about school. They’ll survive.

Mom had a doctor visit today. It’s interesting how old people need to go have someone clip their toenails. I hope to never become so stiff I cannot do that anymore. It’s such a simple everyday task. There are so many of them that elude older folks. Simple, everyday things. Mom doesn’t use lotion on her feet anymore. She says her feet are slippery on her wood floors. The Doc asked if she had slippers to wear. Mom said, “Yes, but they’re not in bed with me.” Gosh, Mom, neither are the wood floors! I’m not sure what she means by that.

The Nail Tech was wonderful. She was kind to Mom and trimmed everything up, then massaged her feet with lotion. It made Mom’s day. It was such a treat for her and made her happy. She is already looking forward to her next Podiatrist’s visit.

Such a simple thing. Don’t take things for granted. Things we can do for ourselves at a young age are gifts when we’re older and people need to perform them for us. It’s kind of sad. You start out doing things for your baby; they grow and do for themselves, and then someone needs to be a helper for them at the end of their lives. Life is a circle, isn’t it?

The snow is supposed to begin around 9 a.m. this morning. You will have been able to read this anytime four hours earlier. I hope it’s a beautiful day of snow and watching the dogs play in the snow, not of rain, ice, and all that goes with that. If we’re going to have a once a winter snowstorm, it should be a wonderful event, one to enjoy. I’ll let you know if this really comes true or not.

My sewing machine is at the shop, just investigating if everything is in alignment. I had a mishap that was my fault, so it needs looking at. I didn’t want to let it go and possibly mess something up worse. Back to the Bernina for the blocks on Cody’s quilt. I think I goofed and have 38 blocks to rip up and re-sew. A great thing to do on a snowy day in Nebraska.

Hope you are in a cozy place today. And if you’re around this snowstorm, hunker in and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to drive in ice storms. Have a lovely day, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sorry, Snoopy. I had to steal your intro line. It truly was! We turned off the tv and went to bed before 10 p.m. The rain was fierce. No wonder it flooded downtown. I’m grateful we are high enough to not have that as a concern. If it gets this high, we need to find a guy named Noah.

While we can’t tell if we have wind damage on the roof, we didn’t see bundles of shingles scattered about. We’re probably good there. My butterfly bush yielded a bit, but I’m sure it will recover nicely. Some folks downtown at the lowest elevation in town had their vehicles swept away. News reports included some folks stuck in an elevator – with water up to their shoulders. I would not do well with that. Hope no one has injuries from it all.

Just darned grateful. I’ll miss watching the leaves fall after turning yellow. I’ll miss watching it bud in the spring. I won’t miss the allergy symptoms. I also won’t miss the air conditioner compressor getting packed with the cotton falling until last night. Probably needs cleaning out again. Nearly time to stop using it for the season.

What will the week hold for you? We had an outdoor concert scheduled for last night; they wisely rescheduled it for next week. That would have been a terrible situation. And their equipment! Glad we’re going next weekend.

While this is terribly short, it’s time to work on a couple other things now – one being a nap, the other a book I’d like to finish. And the chronic pain is yelling at me again. OK, just grateful for being able to sit upright this long. You all take care today, and stay safe. Some folks are without power, and that is never good. Relax, breathe in, and remember to be considerate. Tomorrow? I’ll see you then.