Doing What You Love

I love what I’m doing. I always have. Probably my best “job” was being a Mom. I loved every bit of raising my kids. They’re good people, and I can tell they did listen to me. Some better than others, others, not so much. They’re all good at what they do. My daughter Rebecca went into Radiology Tech field after she went to Radiation with me when I had breast cancer. She studied very hard for a couple of years, and went into Interventional Radiology; that is when people have surgery with xrays at the same time. The scheduling was so hard on her, being on call while pregnant, and then with a young baby. She transferred to Mammography so she could enjoy her children. I love she checked out alternatives.

Being a wife the first time was not what it should have been. By the time I started to stand up to myself, I had stopped loving him. I didn’t feel important to him. At all. Ever. I thank God for the courage He gave me when I needed it. I cannot believe I was once a doormat. Never again.

Being a wife this time is everything I always dreamed it would be. I just had to find the right person for me. We found each other, it was meant to be. I’ll never forget the loneliness and heartache of being so alone for those many years. Being single has a lot of advantages. You don’t have to sleep next to someone you no longer love. You don’t have someone second-guessing all of your decisions. You don’t have someone undermining you under your own roof.

That said, being alone is very hard, raising kids. You can provide them with a loving home. They can grow up balanced. It’s a hard, thankless job. You get so damned tired, you can’t believe it. But I still loved it. I just didn’t think it would be hard when they all left. Just think, you raise them to leave you, and then they do! You’re glad, but you miss them. Sometimes a lot. Something needs to fill that void.

Frankie, Me, Becky, Nicholas

And that is why I’m writing. I believe I have stories to share. Some are happy. Some could have ended tragically. Some did. I vividly remember all of them. I want to capture how it felt to have those things happen; and how you feel as you get through it. Sharing those things can help others. I love the process of telling stories; they can be songs; poetry; or novels. It’s healing.

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday. I’ve taken Mom to an appointment this morning, and she was thrilled to be out of the house for the first time in awhile. Do something nice for someone today. Call your Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother/Friend/Child and see if anyone needs anything. You could make someone’s day! Be Safe out there, until tomorrow, when we meet again.