This Day, Thursday.

I may have finally made a breakthrough with my procrastination, my laziness, and the bad habits I sunk to. Yes, I was getting sloppy about my dream. Easy to do when you wake, sit and drink coffee, scroll the phone, while watching the (depressing) morning network news. It’s easier with the Babe going to the Honor Guard duties very early. I need to have enough resolve to stick with it on the days he’ll be home.

One thing that made such a huge difference, I turned off the TV. I turn on this local radio station and listen to it instead. There are all the songs from my late high school years, and early married life. They spark so many memories! I’m enjoying the memories and the happy mood the music brings. It’s great.

I’ve assembled my second book cart, and kind of scoped out the table I’m trying out for the new sewing machine. I’m kind of on a mission now. Get those Christmas gift quilts started! I want to be sewing them by July 1. There you have it, I have publicly committed and will follow through. Schedule changes, projects, and attitude changes are all things to help people keep track of what the need to do to achieve their dreams. I got sloppy. Time to get back on track! Thanks for the help, friends!

Photo collage, above, Mira Hadlow is a new FB follow for me. I love her poetry memes, her posts, and just purchased her book. More on that after I’ve read her book. The Honor Guard letters were addressed early this morning, with coffee, on the deck. I read some of Donna Ashworth’s book of poetry from the pandemic. She is another FB follow for me. She writes so eloquently, I think most would enjoy following both of these female poets. They’re great.

Bottom row: My second book cart for my office. This one will truly have books in it! Part of the office/studio cleanup I’m working on. Middle photo, my haul from Hobby Lobby yesterday. I decided to heck with the plain, generic, white paper napkins? No, I decided to get pretty party napkins. And why not? Every day is a special day, a party for your life. The little door hanger says, “Bless Our Nest.” Goes with the bird theme I have going on for Spring. Makes me happy.

And the last photo? Grandson Gavin has another ball game tonight. The team had a bad game Tuesday. Dejected players everywhere. This is a pep talk my favorite coach gave them. Our son in law is such a good man. Good Dad. Yes, he has his days. We all do. His love of the game (which he got from his dad) shows in his interactions with these kids. He wants them to learn the right way. Just because some guys are coaches doesn’t mean they’re good ones. And I love most watching him catch for his son while warming him up to pitch. It makes my eyes sweat, to say the least. We get to see another game tonight. Good times.

Whatever you do today, celebrate it as special. You are. I am. See you tomorrow! Let’s get this done! Going back to the patio to edit my kid book now. Enjoy!

Saturday Summary

Lots of busy stuff today. My illustrator and I will meet next week which is better anyway. I’ll have more prepared for her. Life always works itself out, doesn’t it? I used the time freed up to try and organize my project better. As I see this:

Email is Great When You Keep It Current!

I realize there are some of these emails need reading, some just need to go. That was my first order of business when I got home. There is a useful week long free class (one hour a day) on Picture Book Challenge Week. I think there will be something to glean from it, so that’s going to be high on the daily to do lists.

I do like knowing when people follow my blog. I receive an email when someone follows it, and I can respond in kind if I think the topics interest me. It’s nice when people like your work and follow it. The number is now over 200, which is just from plugging away at it. It’s posted every day on Facebook, both to my Author page and my personal page, and on Twitter. I need to tweak it to go to Instagram too. I usually forget to do that.

No matter how you spend your time, there comes time to re-vamp. I love writing this blog every day, and I do wonder some times if I wrote two at a time, I could schedule one to be uploaded and work just on the book every other day of so. That could be a plan for the future, freeing up some time for other things. Still trying to tweak time and get the most accomplished.

Up until today, we have always kenneled Goldie when we have left the house. It’s not that we don’t trust her, it’s we think it’s safer for her. Being a crazy kid, if she plays too hard or too long, Lexie often puts her in her place. Lexie is older and the alpha. I did leave them today for about fifteen minutes while I went to the Post Office. Luckily, there was no line. Both girls crowded into the crack of the door from the garage to greet me, and promptly walked away when I patted them on the head. No one hurt each other, no one ate the couch, no one was naughty. What a relief! I suppose I’ll start doing that more often, but not for extended periods of time. The puppy is growing up!

These are stock photos, but the dog really resembles Goldie. As a child did you ever hear about the “Inch Worms?” This one looks more like a tomato worm to me, but I could be wrong. Kinda scary. What a creature!

I don’t know if Lexie would let Goldie sleep on the bed or not. I’m thinking no, and we do need room for both of us. Lexie is territorial, and until we lost Roxie, they both slept in their kennels. When Roxie died, we let Lexie sleep with us. She cried and looked everywhere for Roxie. They were from the same litter and never were away from each other. She mourned for a long time, and sometimes, I think she still does.

I feel a nap coming on, followed by finishing watching some training videos for publishing. It will be a good rest of the day, hope yours is too. Thank you for reading, I’ll see you again tomorrow. Rest. Relax. Renew.