Saturday Ideas

How’s your day going? I hope well. We started early, like always, and are taking our time about figuring out how to spend the day until the first NFL playoff is on. Relaxing and reading is always a double win for me. And the Babe has chili fixings. Does it get any better?

I was thinking a lot about our Grandma Jewell the past week. When we were kids, Mom bought Imperial Margarine. It was cheaper than butter, and no one had much money. Housewives had to pinch pennies. We only used butter on major holidays, like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. We felt rich, everyone dressed up for dinner and feasting on special cuisine.

Grandma always used butter. The real kind. It was magnificent. She also baked clover leaf rolls, and the combination of melted butter with freshly baked rolls was heavenly. And the scent! Wow. The stuff dreams and wonderful memories are made of.

I had toast the other day for breakfast, and the Babe buttered it for me. Nothing else. A healthy grain bread, toasted, and buttered. I’m finding it easy to eat it slowly, The last little flavor burst is sweet beyond belief. How is it the taste is so enhanced? I’m not sure. Is it from opening up and letting my creativity reign? It could be. We’ve talked about opening up and paying attention to what goes on. I think that could be some of it. I’m just enjoying the memories produced. I can see Gram, in one of her lovely aprons, holding a pan with those beautiful baked goods.

I’ve read the sense of smell evokes the most vivid memories. I have to believe that. For a very long time after my son drowned, I couldn’t tolerate some smells. Normal smells. Wet sand. Suntan oil. A beach. Believe me. They are right. I hope you never have bad memories related to scents. I hope they’re only good ones. Like Grandma’s kitchen.

Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy it. Enjoy your people. Pets. Solitude. It’s all good. See you tomorrow!