#994 And Counting

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Well, I had a topic all written, and my Chromebook decided to have an issue saving all those words of wisdom. It was stuck on Autosave forever. I exited. I was warned it might not save my work. It says that to me all the time, yet it still saves. CLICK. I was in the black hole of cyberspace. And I lost it all. About an hour and half of hard work, since the words didn’t come too easily.

My topic was addictions and how we can have our own opinions about the SCOTUS, I’m not landing one side or the other of that discussions. Now, we’ll punt, based on what happened about five minutes ago.

So here’s where a mostly positive person needs to practice what they preach. We can do one of two things:

ONE – you can let it ruin your entire day. You can focus on the hour and a half you just lost and you can lose the REST of the day by telling everyone you meet about your bad luck this morning. You can be angry, kick the cat, growl at your significant other and justify it by your bad luck this morning.


TWO – you can get started on the work you lost, telling an entirely different story than you did first, laugh at yourself, your bad luck, and make it a great day in spite of your bad luck this morning. You can tell your friends about your bad luck, let them laugh with you, and know well, things happen. Even very experienced computer systems analysts have things happen. Not gonna ruin my day.

You’re perfectly free to choose ONE. I hope we don’t run into each other, though. I don’t need anyone to rain on my parade. One reason I’m choosing to be positive about it, is just by looking out my office/studio window, I can see things that cause wonder and happiness for me. Life is too good for us to waste it being crabby about everything.

I just was watching the little twin toddlers from across the street running through the sprinkler, laughing and having a fantastic time. Why don’t adults get to do that? Of course, my running days are over. I may stroll through the sprinkler. I would laugh and have a fantastic time, too. It’s fun. Why not have fun? There are no age limits on having fun.

Are you going to run/stroll through the sprinklers with me today? I hope so. We’ll have a marvelous time. And have ice cream. No one’s every grumpy when they have ice cream. At least, they shouldn’t be. I’ll meet you on Main Street. Noonish. How about that? Here we go. See you tomorrow!