Sunday Funday. Sort Of.

It must have been plain old exhaustion that kept me on the ropes (well, the couch, mostly) for the day yesterday. Nap and early bedtime finds me rested and feeling somewhat less sore. It’ll never go away completely, and I know that, so we’re good. The Babe told me to take it easy today, isn’t that good of him? No wonder I tell him he’s my favorite husband!

The plants need extra water today, another day predicted to be a scorcher. So do we humans and animals. Don’t forget your kids, too. They don’t often like to stop playing to drink water, but it’s necessary. Sunscreen for outdoors, too. That delicate baby skin can burn so quickly.

Have you ever told a story where you’ve had to make the choice between darkness and light? Where you’ve had to make a decision that may find you less popular with your friends but doing what you knew was right. We all have, if you think about it.

How do you feel afterwards? Sure, you have fewer “friends,” but you did the right thing. That’s all that matters in eternity. Whether you believe in heaven or hell is irrelevant. You stood for something in the annals of time. Even if no one remembers, you will. And hopefully those who matter will, too.

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes you can’t make a difference any longer, and it’s time to change where you’re making the effort. Sometimes it needs to come back into your home for awhile, as you decide where to go and what to do next. Sometimes, there’s no place like home. There should be no conflict there. At least nothing that lasts very long. I love our home. Our home is not a physical dwelling, although I do enjoy our physical home, the home we have in each other is none like I could have imagined.

My brother uses the phrase “Just do the next right thing.” This is a man who leads a transformed life. He’s been at the bottom of a dark pit, blaming others for his predicament. Like many before him, he finally admitted his powerlessness over alcohol and drugs. Steeped in positivity, he helps others. He is a best friend. The Babe and my son Frankie are also in that class. Dad always said, “Tim will be OK.” I have told him that many times, as Dad didn’t tell my brother. It means a lot to my brother to know Dad said that. People, tell your loved ones about your belief in them. That they’ll be ok. They need to know. You may not be able to tell them.

One thing I love about baby brother Tim is how positive he is. We are the two who can find blessings in the ashes. We have both had to look for them sometimes, but we find them. We encourage each other. It’s phenomenal. We laugh at things a lot. It just spirals out of control, and we’re both breathless from laughter. That’s so special. In some situations, we just need to catch each other’s eye, and there we go. We get each other.

Why is he my baby brother? He’s the youngest. Little brother Steve is between Tim and me. And big brother is older than me. The funny thing is, big brother is only about 5’2″ tall; I’m about 5’6″ tall; little brother is at least 6′ tall; baby brother is tallest, maybe 6’2″ tall. How does that happen? Mother Nature does strange things.

The Babe and I have relaxing on the front burner for today. I’m almost halfway through “Enchantress by Numbers” by Jennifer Chiaverini. I’m fascinated. It’s historical fiction, but accurate in the portrayal of society of Europe and Great Britain during the Victorian era. I’m at the part now where Ada Byron meets Charles Babbage. Fellow computer nerds will get the significance of that meeting.

Ada was a sickly child who was not allowed to engage her imagination in any way. Math and science were topics she studied as other girls read nursery rhymes and poetry. Her parents were separated, Lord Byron (famous poet) was thought to be insane, and Ada’s mother did not want her daughter to have the same problem. Denying creativity, imagination, and whimsy was her mother’s way of weaning her daughter from carrying insanity. Isn’t that strange?

I must say, parents did not coddle their children; Ada was frequently punished for her spontaneity by her mother leaving in the middle of the night to travel abroad for an extended period of time. The child suffered greatly, and hid her feelings by studying constantly about math and science. While her mother was a woman of means and title, most of her life was spent making sure her daughter wasn’t “ruined” of reputation or her virginity. People would talk. How sad.

The late 1880’s and on were not that many years ago; my grandparents knew of “society” in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s been in my lifetime the “Women’s News” in the newspaper has become simply local news. My father’s mother told me once, “A woman should only have her name in the newspaper twice in her life; once when she gets married, once when she’s buried.” That was the norm. No, it wasn’t that long ago.

Whatever you do, have a delightful day today. Stay hydrated. Do something enjoyable. And we’ll see each other tomorrow. Stay cool.

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The Day After

Yesterday was the Bombshell Patriots Conference for Nebraska. It was a very emotional day. Stories shared, we heard about lives of patriotism, valor, anxiety, depression. How these people fought their way out of the darkness are stories of victory, faith, hope, and a strength that builds spirit, character, and heart. Some, unfortunately, cannot find their way from the darkness. The depression takes over.

They may not reveal depression, hopelessness, and PTSD symptoms. Their careers could be over by admitting these things. They struggle. Many cannot do it alone. We lose many to suicide. It breaks my heart to know that. The ratio of killed in action to killed by suicide is reversing at a frightening speed. Fewer KIA’s last year. Four times as many killed by suicide. We cannot look the other way while this happens. We owe our servicemen and women better.

The sisterhood I entered yesterday was incredible. Women helping women. What a noble concept. Not having any sisters, I often am at a loss figuring out how to fit with groups of women. I don’t need to do that with BSP. They honor each other where each of them are. This is key. The encouragement is something I’ve not encountered a lot. It was refreshing and comfortable.

The downside? For a person with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, I have pain every day. After a while, I needed to overcome it mentally. Sure, it hurts, but I know it won’t kill me; I don’t like it, but dang it, I can’t give up everything. That said, conferences and classes must be carefully scheduled. Not too many hours, no carrying stuff and off loading alone. I need to ask for help. And I need a day or two after to do nothing. Recuperation takes strategy, patience, and lots of self-love. And of course, gratitude.

Why gratitude? It’s because twenty-seven years ago, I had a tumor in my spinal column that was growing, pressing the spinal cord. The bone crushing pain I experienced was the worst I ever had. It would have paralyzed me except the neuro doc saw an arachnoid cyst. He learned about it in school, but never saw one. Surgery took over eight hours. I’m grateful every day I can get up and walk. Sure it hurts. It could be so much worse. Sure, it could be so much better. That isn’t even a remote possibility. I have to choose positivity.

Do I have days I don’t want to move? Yes. I have days I don’t want to. I know I’m better up and living. Each day has hope for me. It’s a necessity. Creative endeavors are a must. Writing clears my whole soul. I get strength from it. I’m better at creating than anything else. Quilts, stories, and many needle arts projects will have my time.

As we have a quiet evening and consider what we need to do the next week, I hope you are also enjoying a quiet evening. The week will be another busy one. And I will think of the room full of women and a few men who spent time yesterday with the Bombshells. Long may they reach out. Female veterans need them. I support that. Bless all of them.

Take care this week. Be purposeful about your work and play. Be sure to play. Let’s see each other again tomorrow.


Wow. It was a tired evening. I totally spaced off writing yesterday until the Babe asked me if I did a blog or not. I was really tired and in need to having a very productive day today. We lost another friend on Friday, and it appears his funeral will be on Friday. It’s a day I’ve dreaded for awhile, and know it will be difficult. The good thing is how good a friend he was. I got exactly this far, and decided the best thing I could do was go to bed.

And so it goes when your body tells you to stop, right there and then, and rest. I hated not having a blog for yesterday. And I knew it was the best thing to do. We need to collectively do much more of that. This is very different from pushing through to achieve your goal. Resting also helps you meet your goal. It looks like activity has stopped. Lots of action is going on behind the scenes, where a body is resting. The brain becomes more creative. The body recharges and regains stamina.

I thought I would wake ready to hit the keyboard today. I did wake, but I’m not winning any races today. And that’s ok. It will take me more than a night to recover from this worn out. Today, I have a full list of things to achieve. Many of them will be accomplished from the comfort of the couch using the laptop or Chromebook. I will log many hours with the heating pad today, and that should kick this fatigue for now.

Have you ever had an adrenaline rush from being around a hyped up individual? You enjoy the “high” of their energy, and it can lead to a crash of energy afterwards. I have several friends like that, and am pleased to work with them for fundraising events in the area. Jay Miralles is such a dynamo. He is the founder of the 50 Mile March Nonprofit, twice sponsoring a 50 mile walk/march from Lincoln Nebraska to Omaha Nebraska. He is amazing under any hat he wears; fundraising is one of his specialities. We are learning so much from him, and it will be a tremendous partnership.

Sometimes, these “highs” last a few days, then exhaustion sets in. I’m excited about the future and all we can do. We will do great things, with the blessings of God and the support of many good people. Let’s press on, resting when we need, and make the world better for hosting us. Have a beautiful day, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Guess What?

Sorry to be late with this again today! The weekend should be better, I believe. The Babe is very tired and has decided we’ll stay home and let him rest two day. (Finally!) I’m glad, he’s surprised this fall affected him so deeply. A brain bleed is never something to ignore. And we have to pay attention to everything unusual. So far, so good!

It’s very quiet, only 7:30 p.m. CDT but one dog and the Babe went to bed. At 5:30! He’s exhausted. I’m not a basketball fan, so I’m watching a very old colorized version of Dick Van Dyke Show. It’s amazing to take this walk down memory lane. The married couple have twin beds to sleep in. The craziness surrounding the impending birth of a baby is so foreign compared to birth plans nowdays. How far we’ve come in about 60 years.

What an innocent world we used to have. Couples hid actual information about reproduction from their children; women were treated as if they were fragile, yet they gave birth. Do you know how much pressure there is within the body while giving birth? It’s a miracle every time. So amazing.

These best thing about today is I finished typing the text for my kids book into Publisher text boxes. It needs a couple read-overs. And on Tuesday morning, bright and early, I’m sharing it in Google.doc with Cartney. June 1 (if not before) she will start her official job as illustrator for “ROXIE! What Are You Doing?” I am excited beyond belief. I think she is, too.

We continue to be grateful the worst things didn’t happen when the Babe fell off the ladder Tuesday. My life could be considerably different right now if things had been even a little different than they played out. I don’t want to let him out of my sight, yet know that’s not healthy. Logic tells me one thing, and emotions tell me something else. We’ll be logical in the end. And grateful.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a normal day. A normal blog. A day of doing laundry, cooking, sitting on the deck reading. No hospitals. No doctors. No tests. Just rest. I think we both need it. Thank you for reading, we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be Careful!