What Day Is This?

I’m sure everyone has asked themselves that question during the last ten days. I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week for some reason. It’s perfect to have it during vacation, with the holidays themselves on Saturday. Recuperate on Sunday, back to work on Monday? Maybe. Some folks will have designated holidays on Monday, and schools won’t go back until Tuesday or Wednesday.

This is Thursday, I had some office work at the Post to help the Babe; he had two funerals at the Omaha National Cemetery for the VFW Post 2503 Honor Guard. The Commander’s wife was decorating for New Year’s Eve; it will be beautiful. A lot of progress is evident at the Post; a year ago, we met to begin planning the great remodel of the facilities. It’s coming along nicely. The bar area is the last and will be most expensive, as it includes the rest rooms. The 90th Anniversary Party is in April, 2022, and it will be wonderful.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with saying:

“The hero is no braver than the ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.”

All of us are capable of heroic acts. My dad was a hero in WWII and Korea. He was also a hero to me. He was a great example of working (perhaps too hard), and staying the course. He was unwavering in anything having to do with providing for his family. Shows of affection were a bit more difficult for him. His mother told me once, “he took after his father in that department.” Grandpa finished growing up in an orphanage, one of ten children, hugs weren’t given away freely in that era.

Heroes we refer to who save a regiment of soldiers solo are much more glamorous than everyday, working class heroes. Consistency is what matters. Integrity is what matters. Above and beyond often means taking care of yourself so you can care for others. It’s not news-worthy but it is necessary in life. Staying the course, being consistent, and honesty are critical. We are all capable of doing small but heroic deeds in our daily lives. Keeping on our workout routine and eating healthy makes you a hero to your child, who needs you to be there for him or her as they grow up. Be your child’s hero. Those of us who achieve hero status just have worked at it a little longer than others. But we all can do it. Let’s join each other in being each other’s heroes next year. Help each other along.

Try and list all the things that turned out well this year. Concentrate on the positive. Despite everything, I’m thrilled with how 2021 played out for me. I became not only a published blogger online, but also in print; in Nebraska Writer’s Guild Anthology #5. I’m nearly there. What have you accomplished despite the odds? Be your own hero. You know you were braver than you ever thought for even five more minutes. Be safe out there. See you tomorrow, as we say goodbye to 2021.

Oops! Plot Twist!

Good Sunday Morning! The tree is glowing, the fireplace dazzling, and my brain is reeling. Apparently, I’m not the sleuth I thought I was. It’s a good thing I’m not a mystery writer, eh? My cousin in Omaha called our aunt in California. She did not send the calendar to me. The plot twist has me in a conundrum. Yes, a conundrum. I’m baffled but have a couple other people to talk with.

Today, we watched grandson Gavin play basketball. It will be fun to see how he does with this sport. Baseball is my favorite, and he did pretty well playing today. We had dinner together afterward and talked about Christmas dinner et al.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish decorating the house, and do some prepping for baking the next couple days. My Christmas-y feeling is still present, I hope it stays through the week. Whether it does or not, it’s ok. I’m looking at making plans for next week and planning into January, 2022. Writing, quilting, and reading will occupy me through the winter. It’s going to be cold eventually this winter.

We will have a new start again in a couple weeks. How wonderful! The approaching year is another major, notable birthday. I’m hoping to have at least one children’s book published by my birthday, and the second one by the end of summer. If it goes great, a third one by Thanksgiving. And my novel should be undergoing editing by next summer. Lofty goals. But it gives me something to aim for. Aiming high. There’s so much to do, in this, the great part of life. Doing whatever I want! Yay, let’s hear it for retirement!

Let’s have a great day tomorrow, and we’ll see each other again. Take care, and be safe out there.