Fab Friday (again!)

Finally today, the Babe was able to get the injections from the Pain Management Team, one shot in each of four ribs. This should give him relief from the terrible pain he’s had since he fell when the dogs pulled him off balance. Even though he’s been on the injured reserve, look what he did after the guys did the fireplace stone.

Barn Doors above new fireplace stone

Barn Doors cover the hole in the wall for the old style squarish tv sets, just before flat screens came out. This is a great way to cover up something unuseable for anything but storage. Right now, it appears our WIFI still transmits through the doors and I can once and for all hide all the components and extra decorative items. Win-Win! How the Babe did this while in pretty bad pain is beyond me. Hope the pain is a thing of the past. Time will tell, so prayers said and fingers crossed, he may be on the road to recovery.

We went to the Post and I emailed out their September Newsletter, and sent a copy to the printers for mailing, too. The older folks love to receive mail, so I like to make sure they’re on their way. I’m also learning how to use other social media to promote the Post and their activities. I can also use the time to learn how to use the same social media platforms to further my Author page. It all helps get the word out, whether you want to help veterans or distribute novels. Building your audience, getting the word out.

Today, I received a copy of “Corgi’s in the Wild,” a children’s book my friend, Gabbie Wieck wrote. It’s a delightful tale and I’m mailing one to our little grandkids in Colorado, and taking one over for Gavin and Addison to read to their new puppy, Josie. Dogs like the company of kids reading to them. Check out Gabbie’s book for your kiddos, on Amazon or directly from Gabbie on her Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter.

Ain’t it the truth??

I don’t know about all of you, but I can assure you I’ve had more than my share of plot twists in life. You have to roll with it or else you can drive yourself crazy. Don’t waste time wondering why, adjust your crown and reign on. I did get a laugh out of the meme, though. I laugh a lot at these things, maybe more than I should, but they’re good fun at times.

My biggest task this week from Sam, my book coach, is to nail down the character arc. It sounds so easy, but it’s not. The book Story Genius, is teaching me. It stresses what keeps people reading, how to get people to want to keep reading, and what you need to do to create that in a book. It’s very interesting, and Lisa Cron, the author, discusses how we are wired for stories, we need stories, we need to tell them, and we need to tell them well.

Some days, it feels like this!

It’s getting dusk out here, the days are getting noticeably shorter. I am a fall lover. And spring. And summer, sort of. And parts of winter. But fall is great, outside in a sweatshirt and jeans nice. Everything begins the slow down, the prepping for winter and new growth of next spring. I appreciate you reading along at this later hour. I promise, it’ll be earlier tomorrow. Take care until then.

Mindful Monday

This day has been all over the place! It took such a long time to get to 3:45 p.m. today! We have visited a pain management doctor for the Babe today. He is scheduled for an injection on Friday. I’m praying this will be his answer to this terrible rib pain that has been almost constant since he fell a couple weeks ago. We’re glad nothing is broken and hope like heck he will get some relief.

I’m a crazy woman, I decided to clean more than usual. I did swiffer duster, swiffer wet jet, and ran the vacuum cleaner. Way too much for this old lady’s spine to handle. A day of rest it hasn’t been. Doctor, Post (the Babe had some money to count), lunch, then home for blogging and reading. The dogs were happy to be inside all day and now they are trying to decide what to do with the rest of their day. The hours and days go so quickly!

All so complicated, isn’t it?

It’s all complicated with writing, doesn’t this flow chart make it appear that way? I did not have to draw flowcharts during my programming years. They were past that part of the process in the 1980s, at least where I worked. Somewhere I do have the ruler the school gave all of us to draw the different components. I also have a ruler a boss gave me that had tick marks on it for 132 characters, which was how wide reports on green bar paper were. Those were the days. They were fun to do, actually. Make reports for the higher ups to use to make business decisions. Important stuff, requiring tedious plotting and planning.

Yes, that’s me!

I’m reading a lovely book to see how an author fills in backstory without calling attention to it. As Waters Gone By is the book, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Introduction of characters is charming, the way she crafts the scene. I hope to be doing some writing tomorrow.

The first order of business tomorrow, though, is go see Mom. It’s her 91st birthday. Wow! It seems as if we just had her 90th party! A whole year. Wow. There will be cake all day! I hope she enjoys her day. Longevity is high with the women in my family. Mom and her mom lived long. My dad’s mother was 97 when she passed, and his sister is in her early 90’s. I hope I’ll be able to live as long as I know what’s going on and can get around.

We also stopped at Menards today after lunch. The Babe is building a barn door to cover the place above the fireplace where the TV would have gone. The house is about 11 years old, and I think that was the rage back then. No more. It looks rather weird, so this will hide the space, and give the mantle a nice accent.

Photo by Thomas Vitali on Pexels.com

Besides, I can store off season decorative items in the cubbyhole. Perfect! It will make the season change easier for me. I’m all about easier. I have some data updates to do tonight for the Post Website, the developer needs this info before he can complete his part of creating the new website.

Thank you for reading today. I hope you all had a good day and have a good evening. Stay safe out there, wash up, mask up, and we’ll all get through this inconvenience. Be positive and things will start to go better for you. Seriously. Positive attitude is everything. Get’cha some!