Loneliness. Not Good?

It’s said in the Bible, when God created everything, planets, skies, animals, Adam, the first thing He declared as not good is “loneliness.” And then He created woman. From the rib of Adam. Eve, created as his equal, remains so despite repeated protests and laws declaring otherwise in our country.

We are social creatures by nature. We need others in our lives. Yes, sometimes I tire of people, too. Reaching out when the need strikes is satisfying to have someone out there when we seek them. Friends make life happier and fuller. Colleagues make it so, too. Learning from one to another is the best when we put our minds and hearts together to create. Sharing those collaborations is the stuff we make our dreams of.

Hurt people withdraw from society. When we withdraw and shun people from approaching us, we make ourselves inaccessible. If we want to attract friends, people whom we can trust, we must be open to people approaching us. Being painfully shy as a teenager, I was aloof to some. In reality, I felt petrified and scared to death.

We can build bridges between ourselves and others with similar interests, groups, activities, and gain satisfying relationships from the bridges. If we make a mistake, it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a path we may not follow in the future. Lessons learned are good. Trust me.

We who are introverted must work at it. We must get outside of ourselves to meet others. Only when we make the attempt can we find fault. If we find fault instead of friends, we need to change our tactics or our search or maybe where we’re searching. Once I learned I deserved better treatment than I was receiving, did the results change. Having been there and done that, I can tell you it works. Try it out for yourselves.

How about that header photo? I am back at my studio/office right now. Like my recent sign? I’m such a sucker for fun stuff at Hobby Lobby. I rotate my stock every once in a while. Yes, I still have some things to rearrange and go through. But we’re almost there! more pics to follow!

Today, try an experiment. When you’re in public, be the first to say, “Good morning.” I love to tell little kids, “I like your hat!” or something similar. It opens up a channel of communication we don’t have now. You’ll become braver with time. Just do it. Don’t overthink it.

More straightening up today. And I have received the drawings from my artist. Excited to see how they look placed on their pages. Hoping you all have something to look forward to today and tomorrow. Enjoy this overcast day if you’re in Eastern Nebraska. It’s another comfortable one. See you tomorrow!

Lesson Learned

I learned something very important today.

I’m on Day 2 of a major cleanup/organizing my studio/office. There will be a Day 3 with perhaps a Day 4. I knew it wouldn’t be One and done. I didn’t expect 3 days. Why? I have chronic back pain, and it is getting me back in spades. You’d think I’d learn.

I’m not supposed to lift anything over ten pounds. Have you seen the old printer I moved from the Babe’s office into mine? Have you seen the backpacks full of books about writing I need to sort and shelve? They will live on a corner shelf and a small library cart I need to put together. Not a problem. I need to sort through all the sewing projects collected on the sewing machine cabinet. Re-homing in the basement studio is in store for them. Some special projects will stay upstairs. All else will also go to the basement studio. That will also be reorganized, but that is for June, July, and August. Hopefully, the three tall book cases will be assembled by then.

Yes, I lifted over 10 pounds. Two days in a row. We also picked up groceries. They were heavy, too. I will probably do that until I absolutely cannot. That means I’ll have pain. I usually do. This is nothing new. I also know waiting for the Babe to get home and he is often too tired to do those things. We’re both aging. While logically, we know that, we still fight the idea. I’ve had restrictions for 25 years. Sometime I can test them; lately it’s not such a great idea.

We took care of a necessity on the way home. We stopped at Baskin Robbins and the Babe ad I each had iced cream. What a treat! That’s probably my last food for the day. It’s nearly 5 p.m. and we’re going to stay home and have a relaxing evening. Hope you do, too! And I hope there’s ice cream in your future. Take care. See you tomorrow!

Super Sunday

Yesterday, I went to an art exhibit to see the works of Liz Boutin. She is a new friend and artist I’ve just met, and she has her works at the VFW Post 2503 for Veterans Day Week. It was nice to see her nature paintings. She does some beautiful work. I purchased a Dragonfly painting. It’s in three parts, and she cautioned me it’s a real job to get all three parts equal when hanging. The Babe will have fun with that! A photo of the painting is in my header photo today. I love the colors. Since we have a Wetlands behind us, we have a bunch of Dragonflies in the yard. I love them! So beautiful. Thanks, Liz!

Today will be spent gearing up again for writing. It takes more than having an outline and a half of an idea of where I want the characters to go. It takes having the house clean – dusted, vacuumed, decluttered, and how it should be all the time. It takes having some meals planned so we don’t have to eat out. I’ve fallen deepy in love with carbs and ice cream again, so I need to get back on the Keto bandwagon. I will not backslide after losing 45 pounds. I’ve given away my big girl jeans.

It also takes plotting the play time with Goldie. She requires a lot of activity. Last winter, I got smarter and threw her toy down the basement stairs. She would run up and down, get her energy out, and stop when I tell her, “It’s time for a drink.” She laps up her water and goes to take a nap. Perfect! It’s that time of year again. If it’s 30 degrees outside and windy, forget about it!

I’m glad to be able to get back to writing. That first week, it was easy, then life got in the way. It’s ok though. Having 30 days is somewhat forgiving in case you have situations that need attention crop up. And the more you want to get done, the more interruptions you get. Murphy’s Law, you know?

The sunny morning yesterday gave way to clouds which stuck around today. The house is clean, and I’m done working for today. The culinary challenge of the day is figuring out which containers in the freezer contain meatloaf, and is it still edible? We have too many things leftover and frozen to buy new stuff. I’d like to clean out the freezer before adding more to the tundra. It’s interesting how I usually think I’ll be able to do so much every day. The days I get stuff done, it’s not unusual to crash in the afternoon, like I did today. I need to remind myself I did a lot of work, got the house amazingly clean, and moved furniture and decorative items and put out some new ones.

Cozying up with some new decorations.

I’m going to plot some points tomorrow morning for the story, book, and check how they will fit with what I have so far. It’s going to be a session in planning and time management, since I’m meeting our artist friend Liz Boutin, at the Post tomorrow. She will dismantle the exhibit she showed last week about PTSD. I’m a little sad it’s all over, but the holidays will soon be upon us, and people will be busier than ever. I hope the days are good and the nights short.

Thanks for being here today. I we’ll see each other tomorrow, and it will be another great November day. See you then.