An Action Packed Monday

Wow, this lady is quite tired after traveling a lot of ground today. It’s 8 p.m., and have been on the go since 10 a.m.

Met with a friend for coffee this morning. Haven’t done that in a long time and it was great. I’m gathering more creative friends as time goes on, writers, musicians, poets, artists, and I’m loving it. It makes life interesting and full of possibilities.

Mom had therapy again today. Not sure if she’ll go many more times, and I’m sure she’s glad about that. She’s still not compliant with footwear. I just don’t have the energy to argue with her. She doesn’t hear what the provider says, and fills in her own blanks as to what her instructions are. I hope when I’m elderly I follow directions. I do now, I don’t see that changing. Hope I don’t cause my kids a headache.

My new book to read is “Vacuuming in the Nude and Other Ways To Get Attention.” It’s by Peggy Rowe, Mike Rowe’s mother. She is my new hero. She had two New York Times bestsellers after turning 84. I’m a child of 70, so I’m stoked! How about that? I’m looking forward to reading some humor right now.

If I had to write an essay about how I spent my summer, I’d have to say a resounding “inside!” I find that sad. We had such a terribly hot summer this year, it didn’t feel as if we had much deck time at all. Sunday, we enjoyed a couple hours out there, and I realized how much I missed it. We just don’t spend as much time like we used to. It’s so terribly busy for the Babe doing Honor Guard Captain, funerals, and his Quartermaster duties. I’ll be glad when he’s finished with his elected term and his volunteer position. I hope we have a lot of spare time. I’d like to take a surprise day trip here and there just for fun. Tulips in spring, leaves in fall, Baker’s Candies when the fancy strikes us.

The Babe has an appointment tomorrow afternoon to get his eyes checked again. He went six months ago, and got new lenses, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. I hope you have a nice evening, and we see each other tomorrow. Take care!

Sliding Into Sunday

It’s been a fantastic three days. All the highs. All the lows that are really highs but you don’t realize it. What? It all depends on how you view events. I am grateful for all of it. Beginnings and endings that aren’t permanent endings. All the feelings that accompany them.

It’s amazing when you meet someone, then spend time with them. Every once in a while, you just know you can be friends. And then you reach out, they reach back, and you talk nonstop for a couple of hours. You could keep going but duty calls. What a great feeling!

I have a great deal of respect for Taylor Frye Ullom. She is the founder and Boss Lady of Guitars for Vets, Nebraska. Any vet who has PTSD can take guitar lessons with an individual instructor. Ten lessons and graduation later, they receive a new guitar and accessories, along with the opportunity to perform with others at a ceremony. I am blessed by attending several of their meetings over the last year and enjoying their music every chance I get. Thanks, Taylor. I love your honesty and candor. It’s refreshing.

We spent time at the Post Friday night for the weekly Fish Fry. Good to see the people, and the new crowd who attend. I did some office work since the group kindly prohibits me from bussing tables because of my chronic back issues. I protested and told them I can handle paper plates, but they insisted. Nice when friends look out for you. I appreciate the kindness.

We went to Gavin’s basketball game Saturday afternoon. He is getting better and better! At the first game, he scored a three pointer at the buzzer! How exciting! He was happy.

We all went to see an uncle of Tracy’s who is very close to the end of his life from congestive heart failure. He is the most active man, the best host, the best friend, and the best mentor. The Babe worked for him for many years, and they knew each other well. They two men were married to sisters.

When the Babe’s marriage didn’t work out, they remained friends and business associates. The Babe got his life straightened out and progressed at work. He became a lead man, then Labor Foreman. His brother-in-law is proudest of the soldier aspect of the Babe’s life. His service in the US Army in Vietnam, and his service now as Honor Guard Captain. Two men, stayed friends for years, despite what life threw at the two of them. What a gift.

I took this photo after we left our friend’s home last night. I believe the angels were telling us that was our goodbye on earth to him. He is ready. May God take him home soon. New friends and old friends. Are all part of our time here on earth. We need to recognize the angels telling us the stories and helping us with new beginnings and older transitions. We are blessed to experience both ends of the spectrum this weekend. Thank you for reading. Hope to see you again tomorrow. Blessings.