Good Monday Morning!

Here we are, holding our clean calendars for the month of October. Have you ever considered what possibilities lie in a nearly blank slate? Well, in theory, that is. None of us has a blank, virgin-like month ahead with no mental notes as to what we need to do, do we? Mine isn’t like September was, but it was a good month.

This month, I have a bunch of de-cluttering tasks I’d like to do in the next two days. My mental checklist has now become real. I wrote it down on a note-pad I have notes in for a lot of projects; Moving Veterans Forward Nebraska, Passwords Notes, TO DO Lists, and reviews of albums I’ve written. This one, however, will make the month go much easier. Clutter will be busted (burst?) and I won’t get distracted by my messiness.

I’m proud of the fact I’ve lost 5 more pounds on KETO (actually Dirty, Messy Keto); I now have a large wardrobe of jeans that fit again, and many that are too big. I love that best. I’ve had a battle with myself for my whole life. Now, ego has nothing to do with trying to lose. It has to do with what’s good for my body and (dis)abilities. Fibromyalgia, scoliosis, severe arthritis, severe chronic pain, and asthma are no fun. All that with 35 more pounds is miserable. The cooler air kicked up the asthma and arthritis. I need to dig into my passions (writing, quilting, sewing, learning to paint) to take my mind off all that. At this point, whatever else I can lose will be a bonus. Maybe 25 is a good number.

If you are just starting, don’t give yourself 60 pounds to lose all at once. You’ll get too discouraged and probably quit. It’s all human nature. If we were to give a child 18 years of learning all at once, they would not succeed; it is too much to wrap your head around, no matter how bright they are. If we gave a new music student a classical pianist’s hardest music, they would lose interest, get discouraged, and not want to go on. Set a lower goal – 5 or 10 pounds – and give yourself a lot of wiggle room, say a month. If you lose 15, you’ll be enthused and want to do more. The new tasks you have incorporated into your day will become habits you are dedicated to completing for your day to go well.

Baby steps. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. It’s all about perspective. Looking back, some of the jeans I can wear again were purchased the last time I lost a chunk of weight. It was the early 2000s. Are boot cut jeans back in style yet? Skinny Jeans are still ok, right? I’ll wear whatever I want. As long as they fit, they’re fine in my book. I’ve really come to love leggings and have many pairs. They fit like they should now, and are still serviceable. We’ll visit that again after the next 25 pounds are gone. And since I can sew, I have the fabric already for newer clothes. It’ll work out! If I could use all the fabric I’ve gathered over the years, the Babe would have a heart attack! It still could happen. If you’ve ever known a quilter or seamstress, you’d understand.

This blog # is in the mid 700s. I’m so proud of that, too. You know, for a woman who grew up in the 60s, that’s kind of hard to say out loud. It goes against all we learned as kids; women were supposed to be “meek,” submitting to men in every way, and never calling attention to themselves. Knowing your place was important during that era. But, late bloomer that I am, here we are. It feels good to finally admit you own yourself.

There are many areas I joke and say I lived my life backwards. Graduated, had kids young, went to college, graduated at 44, raised 3 kids alone, bought a house (a house of my own!), and proceeded to get married at 46 (I told the Babe to tell his friends his fiance just graduated from college. Lots of laughs!), and we’ve had a beautiful life together. I’m grateful down to my bones. We’ve survived so much, including each other (some days); Breast Cancer, Ischemic Heart Disease (thank you, Agent Orange), moving, ex’s, loss, gains, and life in general. Nothing’s been better than all of it. It’s called real life. No dysfunction left, it’s the real deal. And I’ll say until my dying day, it’s all been worth it. Every tear, every disagreement, every disclosure to my best friend, every fear shared and conquered.

Folks, have a beautiful day. It’s going to be in the 70s all week, and we’re going to enjoy every moment we can outside. It’s time for those nasty little black bugs you can barely see, but they bite hard. (No-See-Ums, biting midges, their bites are worse than mosquito bites and can last up to two weeks). They drive us inside. Maybe I need to got the deck and patio with something. Google, here I come! Thanks for sharing time today, see you tomorrow!

Feelings are really Habits?

What do you think about this meme? I suppose it is true, and I’m going to change some starting tomorrow.

It’s the first of September, and I’m going to commit to doing Keto with the passion I first had. The determination that helped me lose 30 pounds and keep it off, even though I’ve cheated quite a bit since the first of this year. I think I need to give it one last time, then try my hardest to break through this plateau.

So what am I going to do? I’m going to vow to spend the whole month of September doing these things:

Having no sugar.

Having no alcohol.

Having no bread.

Riding my recumbent bike 22 minutes per day.

Doing 71 squats a day to total 2,220.

Do 22 Wall Push Ups a day.

22 minutes a day, 2200 squats a day, 22 wall push ups a day will remind me of the 22 veterans a day who commit suicide due to PTSD. Organizations I volunteer with are very cognizent of this. I vow to be also, so I can help them and the Veterans.

The past summer has been so good with the fundraising efforts of VFW Post 2503 for the help of Veterans with PTSD. I want to help. I want to help other organizations help. We will persevere. It’s what is needed to change those statistics from 22 until none.

This is brief and to the point tonight because it’s been a long day. Spent it with Mom at her house, and I’m glad to have done it. It’s funny, she doesn’t have wi-fi, so I couldn’t do anything blog/computer/or VFW Post related. You miss it when it’s not available.

Have a good evening tonight, and a pleasant day tomorrow. I’ll be spending the day with Mom again tomorrow, so know we’ll talk a little in between. All is well, have a great day, and remember; you are making the world a better place with however you help and volunteer. See you tomorrow!

Sublime Saturday

The day started early, as usual. The Babe had to go to the VFW Post early to get all the cash drawers ready to the Husker game today. We opt to watch from home. It’s much more comfy that way. It is a great day, and we’re looking at another nice weather day tomorrow.

Nebraska, where we live, is a hot spot state for COVID. Is this ever going to end? Our Governor seems reluctant to close everything, but I’m not sure how to achieve less contagious conditions without it. The economy will take another big hit if that happens. What is the right answer? I don’t know. I’m ordering groceries from Walmart and picking them up. It has worked great the three times we’ve done it. Probably going to continue, at least for a while.

It appears the Keto Egg Bake for breakfast is a big hit. The Babe loves it. And it’s easy. The cream cheese squares that melt into each serving are divine. It’s an easy, quick way to have some good protein to start the day. It’s a change from our routine of several years, a bagel with peanut butter, and a Greek yogurt. The dietitian recommended it after Dan’s open heart surgery in 2014. Time for a new routine. We’re not hungry either, and that’s the best.

The Muffins are Great!

Funny, I’ve really taken off with my novel writing. It’s coming along nicely. Then the guilt sets in. I have several places in the house to tidy up and reorganize, and of course, that doesn’t appeal to me. We’re always happy after we do that, but procrastinate until we get there. Why is that a quirk of humans? I’ve been both OCD in house keeping but now, more inclined to let things go. The Babe is a great help with the vacuuming and mopping the floors. I could be better about dusting. I decided a long time, a family lived in my home, not the staff of Better Homes and Gardens. That was way back in the 1980s! It was freeing. Try it!

I’m writing about my character Katie, having a baby. It’s 1971, she’s very young, and she has a general practitioner for a doctor. She expected him to tell her what to expect in labor and delivery, and he shared nothing with her. Back then they really made things easy for the doctors. It was before Lamaze classes, and most often, they knocked you out, and you might not even know what you had. That happens to Katie. It’s sad how things used to be. She went into labor before she could ask the doctor what to expect, aside from the obvious.

It’s easy to judge the character and her lack of experience. You need to know nearly fifty years ago, there was not a lot of information available. Women often told each other old wives’ tales, frightening tales of loss, and some doctors had egos that did not permit them to entertain questions. It is sad. It’s all part of what helps her grow into an independent woman, capable of many things. The story is about her freeing herself from the bondages of tradition, playing it safe, and living like all the other men or women in your family. She breaks the mold. She ventures out. She learns to live.

Thank you for reading today. I’ll see you again tomorrow. I hear there’s this football game on right now. Go Big Red! Hope they play well today. Be Safe out there!