Day Two; Fighting the Beast

It was a beautiful reunion last evening, Joell ran to greet Grandpa Dan, and Grandpa was blown away; his grandson is almost as tall as he is! The young man is pure muscle, love, and gigantic heart. We’ll visit again later, and I must have photos of all of us. We are so blessed. Silly I didn’t think of photos last night, was too busy enjoying the evening.

As I looked at Joell and Gavin pal-ing around last night while Addison was at Dance, it did my heart good. Joell was patient with him, a “little” kid. It appeared Gavin thought his cousin is cool. Joell and Addison are the same age, (6 months apart), 14. Gavin is super smart and gets a little carried away, as little boys do sometimes. That’s what family does. I’m so lucky to have the step-kids I do. Love them and their spouses just like my own. The Babe is proud!

Sneezing fits, Mucinex, lots of fluids, and doubt are all fighting in my brain this morning. Itchy eyes, drainage, all the junk is happening, and I’m just about officially done with the whole mess. With a lot of free time on the calendar (sort of), I should be working on some stuff. I’m at my limit today. Rest will win out. Can I share something with you?

If you know anyone who has a chronic illness, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc., know I am grateful to get just a cold or an allergy flare up. It will go away. The other stuff won’t. Yes, I’m grateful for that sort of thing. Somedays that’s all you’ve got in the world of chronic conditions. Your friend or family member may feel the same about their days. The thing that’s hard is the mind fog that goes with all of the above. It will clear, but doggone it! We’ve got stuff to create!

My apologies for being brief today. I need to take some allergy stuff and have a nap before we meet up with family for dinner. Take care and have a beautiful day. See you tomorrow!

This Guy

What can we say about a grandson who has grown into a young man over the past couple of years? He is an athletic, smart, a kind-hearted young man, and the apple of his parent’s eye(s). We’ve watched him grow from a little guy to this deep-voiced, tall, muscular teenager. He is a world traveler, European back packer, mountain biker, former Ju Jitsu student, baseball player He once attended a Cal Ripken baseball camp and asked Mr. Ripken if he was ever afraid of the ball coming at him @ 90mph? Mr. Ripken told him yes, he has been afraid of the ball sometimes.

Part of becoming a player is learning to calm your fears. How cool is that? He is unafraid to try something new, to speak up in a crowd, and to help someone who may need it. They have brought him up to share his gifts with others, donate birthday gifts to the USMC Toys for Tots drive and delivered meals on wheels with his mom. His life has balance, enrichment, and support. They’re a wonderful family and we love them a bunch. We get to see them in October when they visit, and hope to keep in touch more with his new fully functioning cell phone.

In 13 1/2 years, this guy has grown into a part of what he’ll be the rest of his life. His heart is enormous, with love and compassion for everyone. His body is robust and nourished well. Although he’s an only child, he has many friends in the various groups he takes part in; school, swimming, mountain bike (training now), indoor swim, and who knows what he’ll pick once he gets into high school.

He is in a Spanish Immersion Program since pre-school. I admire the program as it will be necessary to speak two languages in these times. It will make you much more employable. Translators are critical now, for medical facilities, social services, and employment. My years in Human Resources hit home with the needs of the workplace now. He’ll do great with being bi-lingual.

The one thing that makes us miss him less? He is in Maryland, we’re in Nebraska. With that distance, it’s easy to lose each other in the distance. What we try to communicate to him is we think of him often, are proud of him, and we are all under the same sun, moon, and stars. We can try for a Facetime call when he’s not busy going to lessons, practices, doing homework, etc. Just remember, we love you, Joell. That will continue on forever. We’ve known and loved you all your life. Besos and love!

Grand parenting from a distance is hard. Yes, we could travel, but the Babe (and I) don’t want any exposure to COVID. We’re vaccinated. It appears not to matter with this mutated strain. We don’t want to be carriers, or become ill. I would guess we’ll go back to masks. The schools are considering it as we speak. This disease is no joke. We will make adjustments in life, and do what we can. As the song goes. We have to do what we can, and love one another through it. Our love goes to our families, scattered all over America. California, Colorado, Missouri, South Dakota, Maryland, and other’s I’ve probably forgotten. Spread some love around today. We all need it. See you tomorrow!