Life is Not War . . .

And people are not the enemy.

Have you known someone who was convinced, even before they got out of bed in the morning that it’s going to be a terrible day? When you expect hostility, you get hostility. Also true if we believe there are no good people, we won’t look where there may be good ones, only where we know there are bad ones.

I did it too. I was sure all the good men were married or buried. I was so wrong, although technically, the Babe was married when I got divorced. We wouldn’t meet for another 14 years, so I suppose part of that was true. For awhile. I had more to learn, and so did he.

I worked with someone who wouldn’t even say, “Good morning,” when I greeted her. It took two years for her to tell me she hated people who were happy in the morning. She wasn’t a morning person. I wasn’t going to squash my joy because she was a grouch. I didn’t stop telling her “Good morning.” Let them be grumpy, I’m not. And I won’t be for you.

Many people wage wars between their ears, not physically. Fear is a big cause. Fear they’ll learn what you’re really like. Fear they’ll not like us. Fear they’ll know Mom drinks. Or your brother gambles. Or your other brother uses drugs. A lot of drugs. No, lies are no good either. Ignoring these problems doesn’t make them go away. Meeting them head on doesn’t either. But it makes them manageable. Remember, we can’t control outcomes, just our efforts.

Try it tomorrow morning! It will be a Monday. The day society seems to collectively hate. I don’t. Never really have. But before you get up, just think of what a good day it will be. It’s the start of a brand new week, a holiday for remembering our Indigenous People, not Christopher Columbus. A lot of kids are out of school, and it will be Indian Summer-like weather-wise. Interesting!

Change your attitude, change how you live. Expect peace and pleasantness. You may be surprised. Did a lot on the quilt pieces today, and should have them ready for machine applique and sewing tomorrow. Finally!

NO! I have to be positive, not sarcastic with myself. I did a lot today. It was a nice day, and we each did what we needed to do. The Babe made his first batch of chili for the season. It’s pretty yummy. We’ll have a couple lunches of it, and it’s always good for a quick bite when we don’t have time to cook. Or don’t want to. We expect a lot of soups and chilies.

Have a good rest of the evening; practice on making it a good morning, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Be safe, and enjoy the nice day ahead.

Saturday-It’s a Christmas Miracle!

My tree is finally decorated. I admit, I procrastinated getting started. I located each and every storage bin and just waited until I “felt like it.” Christmas is hard; my family doesn’t gather like others do. I wish they could/would. But then, it would be a lot more work. House guests, more meals to cook, etc. I’d love the grandkids to be here, but their Grandma in Colorado would be alone. I can’t be the cause of that.

As I opened the first box of decorations, the memories flooded back. And I smiled as I saw each group of ornaments. I’m going to share them with you today. I’m so fortunate to have been able to have the good memories in the forefront of my mind. And, knowing some people who have dementia or Alzheimers, I’m delighted to be able to be able to recall the events and their details.

My First sewing Machine was Green; a Nativity ornament from my first Mother in Law; a sequined tennis shoe for the granddaughters.
Two Years Ago, neighbor kids made ornaments for our tree after we lost our dog, Roxie. So sweet!
Front and Back of the 2021 Official White House Ornament. I’ve been collecting them since 1999.
Mom worked at Hallmark; She bought many ornaments for each of us. Love me some Elvis!
Collecting Ice Skates, Penguins, and Nutcrackers.
Acquired Large Green Glittery Ice Skate Decoration a couple years ago. Great Memories!
First Initial of Grandkids: Addison, Joell, Gavin, Kayla, and Cody. Photo of our dog Roxie who we lost in 2019.
The sewing machine, the pile of books ornament, the writing quill ornament Mom got me from Hallmark, The Typewriter ornament and the old fashioned telephone ornament.
Amazing what you can do with a vase, colored baubles, and some glittery ribbon.
And she’s finished. Included are ornaments from all travels during the last twenty-three years, and the White House Ornaments.

I’m happy the ornaments reminded me of the joys I’ve experienced on Christmases past. The memories were heartwarming and delicious. I am grateful to remember the good and let it overshadow what’s missing. I can fill in the gaps however I like. For once I am not dreading Christmas, the festivities, and seeing lines of cars parked outside our neighbors’ homes the Eve before and on the Day itself. I felt the wonderment of the season looking at the ornaments and decorations. I felt the excitement of the year my brother and I received ice skates for Christmas. We spent many, many hours at Spring Lake Skating Rink. The Fire Department flooded it every winter. It was some of the best fun around. I have warm memories of freezing our feet off while learning to skate. We walked down the big hill, left our shoes in the snow near the log we sat on to change our shoes. The shoes froze since we had no fire to warm them by as we skated.

I was so proud I didn’t fall the first time we skated. I had some frostbite on my fingers and toes, with them swelling and turning white/yellow and staying that way until they warmed up. For the rest of my life, I’ve learned it takes time to thaw out, and to never spend too much time in the cold even with boots, heavy socks, two pair of gloves.

Tomorrow, I’ll put empty boxes on shelves that the Babe made a couple years ago for storage. This year, we will store everything away where it belongs, not in piles to wait labeling and storing properly. It’s all part of organizing life and making things more simple. I look forward to it.

As we move through this rest of the week before Christmas, know you’re not alone. You can push through the uncomfortable and the fear of feeling badly, and actually find some joy again during this season of love. The first one to love in this season? Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You’ll get there. I believe you will. Thank you for reading and letting me share this with you. Let’s see each other tomorrow.