Information Needed ?

Before we decide anything in our lives, we need to have as much information regarding different outcomes as possible. If we want to write a novel. There are two different schools of thought on how to map it out.

The first way is the way of the “pantster.” The story goes where it leads you, with no outline, list of characters, a loose idea of where it should go. The total opposite of that is the way of the “plotter.” They have detailed plots, fully developed characters, complete plots, and prolific writing.

Before you write a story during a certain period in history, research the customs, clothing, social mores, language, and everything else before considering it ready for beta readers and editors. Lots of work, but necessary.

Before you purchase a home, you usually have an inspection by a qualified inspector. They can tell you about any problem areas you might miss. A faulty furnace, bad electrical, a leaky roof, and a host of other things can be problems soon.

In these situations and medical issues, we need complete information before deciding a course of action. Mom has some things going on, and we have more tests before she can decide what to do. She is a very good patient and is not afraid to ask questions.

The timetable of my kid book publication depends on some of these things. Nothing is more important than family. More information will be available within two weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Take a walk if it’s nice outside; or read a book. We need to enjoy our lives every day. Even the hard work parts. It all helps make us who we are. Enjoy your Thursday, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.