There are a few different meanings for divesting. Today’a meaning is simply ridding oneself of something they no longer want/need, etc. Today, I am meeting with my replacement for the Website and social media for the VFW Post 2503. My friend, William Hackenberg has I/T talents and skills that blow me out of the water. It’s time to have a younger, more up to date skilled person. And, I need the time to go back to my interests, my quilting, and especially, my writing. It’s time. And we’re darned lucky to have him to take over.

The past eight years have been a roller coaster and real learning experience, but we hung in there. I’ve enjoyed interacting with all the members, friends, and visitors to the Post. I don’t plan to go anywhere, I’ll still do community outreach with the groups we’ve established relationships with, and will be visible. The big difference will be having more time to spend the way I want to, and having no guilt about being behind in postings, calendar updates, etc. It’ll take a few weeks to be fully divested, but I can feel the relief already.

With the eight losses of close friends in the past two years, I am looking very closely at how I spend my time, and what the results are. We should all do that every once in awhile. Taking stock and deciding how to spend your time is part of de-cluttering for sure. Our schedules need that just as much as our closets.

I am happiest creating things, and sometimes those things are with fabric, sometimes with words. I hope to add drawing to the mix, and painting. It never ends, I have a curiosity about many things, and hope to investigate all of them. So far, so good!

The whole point of spending your life wisely is to leave the world a little better for you being here. Leave every person you meet and love better off than when you met them. We all try to do that. I feel if we all concentrate on that very hard, we’ll be able to achieve some level of those goals. Let’s all try it in our circles of friendship, business, and partnerships. It certainly cannot hurt.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty sad making this move. I liked knowing a little more about what was going on and helping communicate those things to the public, the members, and guests. My dad always said what’s in this header today. I’m giving something up that has taken eight years to build. Some of it feels like “my baby.” And at the same time, with a new, young, more talented I/T guy coming along, it’s time to step aside. It’s what we older folks are supposed to do. Many don’t. So, that’s what I’m doing later today.

What can you divest of that will give you more time to spend how you wish? Sometimes we don’t realize how much time we waste, until we don’t have a chance to change. Don’t let that happen. No one is on their deathbed and states, “I wish I would have spent more time working.” Don’t be that guy or gal. Free yourself up to enjoy something else. It’ll make a difference in your life!

Thank you for reading today. We’re still looking for about 50 more subscribers, to reach 1,000. We have about 956. There is room for everyone! Have a beautiful afternoon and evening. See you tomorrow!

New Year’s Eve, 2021

So many people are saying how terrible this year has been. I think 2020 was much worse, with the quarantining. I remember the Babe saying, “The worst part is not having any idea what’s going to happen. I haven’t felt this way since I was in Vietnam.” I was so glad he shared that with me. It helped me put his feeling into perspective.

2021 was terrible as far as loss of life went. We lost four people; our VFW friends Nugent and Lenny, our singer/songwriter friend Rick Tiger, and a longtime work associate’s son, Tony. The first two, from health issues, the last two, from COVID.

I’m confused with the big blow-out parties still happening (New York City), and the officials thinking going on a cruise is a perfectly ok idea. We have friends going on one in February. They have been vaxxed and boosted, but I still wouldn’t go (personally). With the crazy fights breaking out on airplanes recently, I’m not sure I want to risk being in a plane in the sky with a bunch of crazies. It was bad enough once being on a plane with a drunken college rugby team. They were boisterous to put it mildly. They all became silent when we hit turbulence. Yes. In the mid 80’s. You could hear a pin drop all the way to Omaha from Newark. You can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t get me wrong. There are still many beautiful things I’d love to see in the USA. Niagara Falls is one (ok, so I’d cross over to Canada for the best view), The Grand Canyon is another. Oh my, but which rim to watch sunset or sunrise? I’d have to see one of each to be sure. And the giant redwoods of Sequoia National Park. The sights of our country are beautiful and I don’t have a desire anymore to travel out of our country.

I’m really happy for the strides made with my personal writing journey during 2021. I’m blogging very regularly and have over 400 followers. I’m grateful for that. I’m nearly finished with new pages to add to my website; one for the kid books, one for the novel. And one for Jewell Publishing LLC, and one for Grandma Kathy. I think this will cover the bases for me. Hope it’s a part of my business plan that succeeds. One website for 2 authors, 1 business, and the blog that communicates about them all.

We’ll be hunkered down here for NYE, it’s just as well. It’s not worth risking a broken hip/leg/elbow/wrist or a car accident. We’ll count our tickets as a donation, tax deductible. The Babe’s had enough misfortune this year; ladder fall & brain bleed, someone running a red light & hitting him & ambulance ride to the hospital, we just don’t need to tempt fate.

It’s been an interesting year. That’s neither good nor bad. Life may throw stuff at all of us, we need to hang tough, no matter what comes our way. We will get through all of this together. Human nature is a strong force to deal with. It can be a will stronger than evil. We can overcome. We will overcome. Enjoy your last evening of 2021. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Last Chance! New Opportunities!

Get it while you can! Just a few hours left! Really? Who are we kidding? Ourselves?

Human beings lie the best and most to themselves. We all have entertained illusions one time or another. It’s different from entertaining childhood fantasies; imagination is vital to a child’s development. Truth is vital to an adult. We don’t like a lot of our truths. I didn’t for a long time. As soon as I examined why some of my truths were my truths, I realized it was usually something I made a wrong decision about, so it became my truth. How wrong I was. We all make mistakes along the way. Your truth can change as you change.

I foolishly accepted poor treatment from people. Family, friends, and people I dated. My fault for accepting it. Once I realized I could stop it, I did. Opportunities opened! I learned how wrong I was about people. I went from being a victim to being a survivor. Now, my first question is, “Did I contribute to my feeling of being mistreated? Can I put a stop to it?” Words. Semantics. They have such clout! Just don’t take part. Period. You’ll never experience it again. Walk away. It’s powerful.

Once my resolve was firm, I met the Babe. How’s that for timing? Although I was sure he would find fault with me, he didn’t. He honestly told me I had walls built around me from being hurt. “WHAT??” I thought I hid it well. Not from a person who genuinely loved me. I’ve learned to love myself and be patient with myself. I’m so lucky to have a good person to travel the rest of time with. Together. No more deceiving me. Just honesty. And it’s everything.

Again, it’s more my nature to look at good things. Yes, even in 2020, there have been good things. We have another healthy grandchild in Colorado. Our entire extended family has remained healthy. No COVID-19, and although we have friends and acquaintances who had COVID, they have all recovered.

The happiest moment at our VFW Post 2503 was when Nebraska Patient #1 and #2 (A young woman and her father), came back to the VFW for a Hamburger Night. You could tell she was a little tentative looking at everyone. We all stood, said, “Welcome back, Emma!” and applauded. Emma broke into a smile and hugged as many people as she could. Her dad shook hands and thanked us all. It was a moment for the ages. Good always triumphs! Emma has now moved into a group home, and her life is going well.

Were there times we hated 2020? Sure. We had many discussions about how we felt. The Babe, a Vietnam Veteran, said, “The last time I felt so out of control was in Vietnam. You never knew from one minute to the next if we’d get hit and you’d die, or survive. That is stressful constantly, just like this illness is. All we can do is sit and wait.” We spent a lot of quality time together, watching movies, tv series, and talking. I’m so glad to be with my best friend 24/7. Being human, yes, we need a break from each other now and again. It’s so nice to be cozy at home together.

I’m glad I stuck with my idea of how life should be, because it turned out, it was a real thing! How surprised I was! I was right all the time! It’s not a big deal I was right (vs. being wrong), it was a big deal because my ideal was possible! I’m not an overly competitive person. Being spot on in this situation meant the world to me. Perhaps I could be in charge of my own life. What a concept! No, this isn’t a victim speaking; it is a survivor.

YES! 365 Opportunities!

And you know what? We have also all survived 2020. Many have thrived. My musician friends have new music to debut in 2021 and promote what they released late this year. I hope they can all go back to the road again. Some of them had a 90% drop in revenue during the Pandemic. 2021 is a year for all of them to shine and come back stronger than ever. Support these artists, they need you and you need them!

Thanks for reading today and for following my blog. We will have many new things happening next year and have many celebrations along the way. I want to share them all with you, my family, friends, and followers. Have a beautiful rest of the day and start 2021 on a positive note; safely! See you tomorrow!