Great Way to Wake Up

I love when a day starts when the Babe wakes me, asking if I’d come talk to him. It starts my day knowing how much I mean to him. He’s making some important decisions, and asked me what I thought of his ideas. All good. If you’re single, make sure you hold out for someone who is your best friend. And you know every day you mean a lot to that best friend, and it’s reinforced in every day life. It’s bound to be a great day when it starts that way.

I’m  finished with sewing the rows together for Kayla’s quilt. Today, I put them on the design board downstairs in my craft room. Here’s how it looks:

There is something wonky (technical term) with the blocks, etc., so I need to figure out how to fix it and sew the rows together. It’ll work out. I know it will!

I collected bunches of scraps and pieces from my stash today to make Cody’s quilt of the puppies. I think a little nearly three year old boy will love puppies. I’m looking forward to the process of cutting a bazillion little squares out and putting them all back together again. Creating is creating. 

I had a wonderful time picking out buttons for the flowers. The button box, tucked away in the storage room, was filled with buttons from a special friend’s closet. She passed away several years ago, and it was fun to look through the buttons from some of her wardrobe. I imagine she’d be pleased I used the buttons for a pretty little girl’s quilt. Happy thoughts.

Hope you had a lovely day today. Not much else going on today. Yesterday, we made it to #999followers! Still working on passing #1000! Thank you so much for reading and coming back every day! See you tomorrow!

August 19. Happy Birthday!

To one of my childhood friends, Karen Wingerson Smolinski. We spent a lot of time together in upper grades of elementary school through high school. Karen, may you have another year of living life well. And stay happy.

Last night, I thought it was dark a little earlier than I noticed the last few nights. Some mornings have a little chill in the air. The air conditioning is feeling too cold for me (what’s new?) but the Babe is always hot. (Also, what’s new?). It’s still going to become torrid again next week, but I’m ready for the nip in the air. It’s time.

It’s about three in the afternoon, and I had a delightful morning. I spent about four hours prepping two quilt blocks for granddaughter Kayla’s quilt. It’s quite a process. I already ironed the shapes of the pieces onto the back of the fabrics. You cut out 1/4 inch around the piece, then clip the 1/4 inch area slightly all around the piece. Then you an use a small wooden device, pressing back the 1/4 inch seam. A small amount of fabric glue helps keep the pieces under control. I have the pieces pinned to the pieces of fabric that are the quilt blocks, and they look rather nice. They’re pictured above, in the header.

These are photos of the different steps taken to get where we’re siting now. All part of the process. This will be pretty. Just what a little girl deserves.

This is precise, tedious work. It allows me to let my mind go many different places to go while problem solving, planning a narrative, or wondering why some people are like they are. Yes, I wonder about some people, and sometimes wonder what happened to people to make them as they are. Do you ever do that?

Well, it’s been a long day and it’s now time to get dinner started. We plan on a quiet weekend. How about you?

Monday (Missing) & Tuesday.

Somewhere, in the big, black hole of cyberspace is my partially written blog from yesterday. I have no clue where it went. (Note to self: Press SAVE more often!). I told you about the wonderful time I had at breakfast with my oldest son, Frankie. He is a good guy. Picked up the check, which is such a cool thing to experience with your adult child. Roles do indeed reverse! So grateful to experience this especially with #1 son.

It’s no big deal to have lost yesterday’s blog, it’s happened before, and I’m sure it’ll happen again. It’s the nature of the beast. What I’ll miss is WordPress congratulates you with each successive day you publish – I was back up to over 40. Now, it’s starting all over again. The problem was likely in the operator’s chair, trust me. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes. Believe me, I give myself lots of opportunities.

So yesterday, I thought it was Christmas. Big box on the porch wasn’t from Hello Fresh but from Annie’s Attic, a craft entity. I purchased a few afghan kits to crochet. The prices were unbelievable, so it it takes time to get them started, it’s ok. With the longevity for females in my family, I should have time. I love so many creative hobbies, I’m looking forward to having more time on my hands. The header photos show the four patterns I received. Aren’t they luscious?

I’ve mentioned before, to make more time in my life, I’m resigning from my volunteer duties at the VFW. I do with a sad heart, because I couldn’t buy all the friendships we’ve made in our years there. We’ve reached the ages where we need to step aside and let some younger people take over our duties. I’m hoping July 2022 is my last month, and there are a couple of events the Babe and I will still lead. And then, there will be time for my love of creating. The novel will be finished sooner rather than later.

An author really needs time to write consistently. Right now, the only things written daily is the blog – unless the cyber gods mess with it – and I need to convert those hours into words on the pages, quilts, afghans, learning to paint, watercolor, and draw. Plenty of time for these creative endeavors soon.

Before anything else happens today, I’m ending today’s blog. Going out to pull weeds, it’s so beautiful out. I’ll be in the shade. I had part of this blog disappear. I’m not taking any more chances. Hope you do something outside today if you’re so inclined. Hope you enjoy your day, laugh with me at my quandry of the missing blogs, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Unless I anger the cyber gods again. Take care.

Batten Down the Hatches!

These are the nights our pups dislike. The fireworks aren’t as prevalent in this neighborhood as in our last one, but they still spook the pups. Lexie worse than Goldie. Lexie retreats into the closet, hiding under a row of hanging clothes, and she’ll sleep through all the sounds, including thunderstorms. Goldie? She used to lay her head on the pillow next to me, breathing puppy breath into my face. About like sleeping next to the Babe with his CPAP machine.

Now, Goldie wants a little comfort, then sleeps at the foot of my side of the bed, then jumps down onto the floor, like every other night, sleeping next to my side of the bed. Lexie surfaces once the noise stops, and sleeps next to the Babe.

A newscast the other day interviewed one of our veterans about fireworks noises and PTSD. Yes, it bothers some terribly. Others, not so much. The commonality? If they’re not expecting it, they startle and react. It may not turn out well, either. Please be aware. Yes, our pets are terribly affected by fireworks; our Veterans are even more. Please be considerate. Please warn them if you’re lighting fireworks off. Maybe they’ll want to go elsewhere for the evening. I don’t know if noise cancelling headphones help in this circumstance. I pray all our veterans make it to July 5 with few issues. If you need help, call your local VA. Call your VFW, Legion, or other organizations for help.

I’ve had a wonderfully no stress Saturday. I have not done “should’s” today. My youngest brother invited me over to breakfast today. He’s quite the cook! Pancakes, eggs, sausage, coffee, great company, it was legendary. We decided it would be time to catch up with each other, not just troubleshoot for our aging Mom. It was very nice, much needed. Thanks, Tim! I needed that.

Once I stopped at a local farmer’s stand, $41 later, I had tomatoes for BLT’s, summer squash, strawberries, Georgia peaches, a cantaloupe, and the best ever, a Black Diamond Watermelon!

I was so relaxed, I just had to take a nap. I planned this as a day off, and will get busy first thing in the morning, despite it being Sunday. These days at home will be combined work and rest for the Babe and me. Those are good times, and we enjoy them.

Whatever you’re doing this long holiday weekend, be safe. Eat lots of good food. Make some memories. Remember to lock the gates to your yards (we don’t want scared dogs to run into traffic if they’re afraid of fireworks!) and double check them. July 5, it’s three years since we lost Roxie that way. Someone left our gate open after being in our yard, possibly getting a fireworks toy, and she ran out the next morning, afraid, and she ran into the highway traffic. It devastated all of us, especially her sister, Lexie. She cried, howled, whined for months. Saddest sound I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, enjoy your people, your activities, and know we’ll all meet again tomorrow. Happy July 4th, friends! Enjoy! I’m curling up again with a book; and picking up a crochet project for me!


I have named my word for the year as Progress. I thought it would make a good foundation for planning the year. And since it’s only the third day of the New Year, we have been mindful of progress. I want to feel like there is progress each and every day.

There is a Chinese saying:

Talk doesn’t cook rice.

Progress is indeed something measurable. Some things, like reducing clutter, are easy to measure. Finishing the laundry (folding and putting it away counts for as progress). Planning without action is not progress. It doesn’t cook rice, either. If I vacuum every couple of days, I’ll have proof of my progress. If I look at the lower wood part of our coffee table and it’s shiny and free of dog hair, I’m making progress. When I look at our kitchen counter that seems to attract stray papers from the mail, and it’s clean, I’ll have made progress. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

Little bits at a time. I have to stay positive about it. Some days will work, some days will not, depending on interruptions, the Babe’s schedule, helping Mom. I may have to reschedule tasks; but I will get things done. I also need to go easy on myself. I have to remember habits take at least 21 days to make. I need to celebrate small steps and achievements. We all do.

Relief doesn’t happen immediately. Change doesn’t either. You have to be steadfast and unrelenting. How badly do you want it? How much to you want to finish your novel, your children’s books, your lyrics to a friend’s song, your remodeling projects, your refreshing your decor, your . . . (fill in the blank). How badly?

Stopping OD’ing on sugar is hard. I splurged a bit too much over the holidays. I freely admit it. Now I have to renew the hard work to eat properly. No big deal. Not blaming anyone. I can fix it. Progress can be mine in this area. It can be mine in writing, blogging, and making progress. Yes. It all depends on how much hard work you put in.

What’s the biggest waste of time? Probably video games/apps, etc. followed by Facebook. It’s a deep, complex route of deep, dark caves you can fall into. Often. I do it all the time. That time, spent writing, could be critical to achieving my goals in 2022. I have to be very aware of how I spend time. We all do. Let’s do it together.

Wow! I’m amazed. Mail call today was interesting. I received the natural gas bill, it wasn’t too bad, and I was amazed. Then, the good old State of Nebraska sent an income tax form to fill out; nothing in, most of it goes out, so we’re good. (Cue dun-dun-dun music!)

And here it is! Sarpy County Jury Commission. What? Well, that will certainly put a crimp in my timeline and planning! But maybe I can get some ideas for a book! Wouldn’t that be fun! January 31 – February 25. 8:30 – 4:30 I think. Wow. Four months away from the age you can be to take an age exemption. We’ll make the best of it, boys & girls.

See what we mean by the best laid plans of mice and men? Have a beautiful rest of the day, folks. We’ll see each other tomorrow. Thanks for reading.