Majestic Monday (Yes, I Said Majestic!)

I know, half of you think I’m crazy, and half of you can tell I’m retired. Maybe I’m both. Depends on the day. I read something this morning I absolutely fell in love with. It’s talking a study regarding the most productive decade of a human life. I don’t care if it’s true or not, so I didn’t fact check. Why not? It just makes me feel so darned good, so inspired!

According to this study, the most productive age is 60-70. The second most productive stage is 70-80. Third is 50-60. the average age of Nobel Prize winners is 62. I’m thrilled to know all of this, especially since writing not require a huge amount of physical strength or prowess like running marathons would. I do believe I’ve grown much more as a person in the past ten years. I have a lot more to do in the next ten too. The sky is the limit! Please don’t tell me it’s not true; I’d like to make it true for me.

I had a little nap yesterday and read a fabulous little book called “All Things In Time,” by Sue Buyer. It’s a novella (10K to 40K words) recalling the now 90+ year old’s experiences working as one of few women in the newsroom of a large-circulation of a metropolitan newspaper. I find the story fascinating, as this was an era with fewer than 10% female employees, including secretaries. How the world has changed! Yesterday was a perfect day to read the 115 page book. The last sentence on the back cover blurb was “The novella will also appeal to anyone looking to curl up in a nice chair with a good read on a rainy day.” We had 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Before I realized there was no way I could afford to go to college, I dreamed of working as a reporter for our Omaha World Herald. My dad worked there for 37 years as a Pressman and later in management of the Pressroom. So sure, I was interested in the story. Little did I realize I’d actually start writing in my late 60s. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It keeps me engaged with others who like the same thing. I’m certain it took me this long to finally have the confidence it would take to listen to constructive criticism. Sure, I may be devastated when I get bad reviews, and I’ll ask you all to remind me a review is simply the reviewer’s opinion. There is no accounting for taste. I can tell you I read 50 Shades of Gray. My opinion? It was the worst writing I’ve ever read. Yes, I read all three volumes. I believe the only reason it was a best seller was it crossed a bunch of lines, and it became a thing for the Starbuck’s crowd of young moms. Sure, I learned a few things I didn’t know before, but you know what? I think if you have to resort to all that in the bedroom – or bondage room – you’re not doing it right! There’s nothing more fulfilling than an adult sexual relationship with someone you love deeply and can trust.

My generation was the “free love hippie” group. By the time I was divorced in the early 80s, things became absolutely crazy. Then HIV/AIDS entered the scene. I cannot imagine what it’s like now. From the weird bunch of two first named people (Larry Mike, Carl deCamera and more) who send me FB Messages on my Author Page, I shudder to think of of internet dating. I have too many creative projects to fill my time (writing, learning to paint and draw, embroidery, sewing, quilting, reading) that I could be busy 24/7 the rest of my life. After having the Babe during this part of my life, I could never be loved like this again. Now and forever, I’m very contented.

As I go rearrange some stuff and vacuum before I dig more into building a plan for November’s NaNoWriMo, I’m hoping to step outside and enjoy the crisp, fresh air and colors that make fall worth waiting for. Luckily, the rain yesterday didn’t make the leaves fall too soon. Still time to enjoy! Go getcha some, too! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Be safe out there.