August 19. Happy Birthday!

To one of my childhood friends, Karen Wingerson Smolinski. We spent a lot of time together in upper grades of elementary school through high school. Karen, may you have another year of living life well. And stay happy.

Last night, I thought it was dark a little earlier than I noticed the last few nights. Some mornings have a little chill in the air. The air conditioning is feeling too cold for me (what’s new?) but the Babe is always hot. (Also, what’s new?). It’s still going to become torrid again next week, but I’m ready for the nip in the air. It’s time.

It’s about three in the afternoon, and I had a delightful morning. I spent about four hours prepping two quilt blocks for granddaughter Kayla’s quilt. It’s quite a process. I already ironed the shapes of the pieces onto the back of the fabrics. You cut out 1/4 inch around the piece, then clip the 1/4 inch area slightly all around the piece. Then you an use a small wooden device, pressing back the 1/4 inch seam. A small amount of fabric glue helps keep the pieces under control. I have the pieces pinned to the pieces of fabric that are the quilt blocks, and they look rather nice. They’re pictured above, in the header.

These are photos of the different steps taken to get where we’re siting now. All part of the process. This will be pretty. Just what a little girl deserves.

This is precise, tedious work. It allows me to let my mind go many different places to go while problem solving, planning a narrative, or wondering why some people are like they are. Yes, I wonder about some people, and sometimes wonder what happened to people to make them as they are. Do you ever do that?

Well, it’s been a long day and it’s now time to get dinner started. We plan on a quiet weekend. How about you?

A Few Days Off; A Few Off Days

It’s been a weekend that started early and has just hours left. We hosted the Honor Guard Banquet last night, and it was a beautiful night. I’m proud to sit by my husband’s side and support his endeavors. He is a much happier retiree when he is busy. We both are. We’ve been lucky to find groups we can support and further their efforts to make the world a better place.

Of course, being human, there are little dust ups that get in the way. We are usually over tired when that happens. Most of the time, there are no problems. After losing so many friends last year and three so far this year, I tell myself, “I’ll miss this someday.” Because my friends who lost husbands last year told me so. I know I will miss it someday. I cannot imagine. Life does not prepare you for it. “Live Like You Are Dying,” has never rung truer in our lives than right now.

That said, I am reflecting on my writing today. Just about the time I think I have a schedule down, things change and I use my time up. I couldn’t fit everything in the last couple days. Whoever thinks retirement is boring needs to become involved in life. Get to living.

I know of people who sit on the couch and wither away. They have no purpose after the job. Possibly a job they hated, but it paid the bills, so they kept at it. They may have been unhappy all their lives. The world is at their fingertips and they won’t venture out. Out of their comfort zone; their safety net of monotony. Sad. I have so many things I want to do, writing, hobbies, learn to draw, and not enough time. How to get it all in?

I need to learn to pace myself. That may involve a couple of things. Devote one day a week to every task I want to do. I know I’ve said this before, and it’s hard to implement. Life gets in the way often. We will have family in town this week for a funeral and wake; that will affect our getting things done. This most likely will not be the week to implement a change in schedule like that.

This will be a week to do what we can and enjoy family. I can take some time to work out some schedule changes in my mind. I want to enjoy as much as I can for as long as I can. With a big birthday coming up in May, I have to think about these things. I imagine everyone feels they have a lot of time left; one can only hope. The reality appears to be we don’t have all the time in the world. I have way too much to do.

I remind myself the sky is the limit to what we can do. We have to be dedicated to our goals and act accordingly. Let’s do this. Action, not reaction. Have a beautiful day, get some fresh air, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Fab Friday!

This is a late start today. My gosh, Goldie has a lot of pent up energy. She wanted to play. She finally stopped and now she went off elsewhere to take a nap. I almost need one! She is a sweet girl, and I hope someday I’ll get some strength back to be able to walk her. Maybe by then she’ll walk better. Until then, the Babe is also the dog walker.

By the photos shared today, I suppose it seems I’m feeling a little mushy. Mushy is ok. I know people who are angry all the time. I think they’re just scared because they can’t control everything around them, and it causes anxiety. Anxiety is often what fear creates, and most don’t want to admit they are afraid. They’d rather act angry. Anger can be appropriate, it can be valid, it can be justified. What you don’t want is have it rule you. You lose so much then.

Later, I’ll be organizing the photos I have of Roxie. They’re a look back not only at her, but also of Gavin. They grew up together. They both could be a couple of stinkers at times, but when they were together, wow! They were good together, and she loved to just look at him. She trusted him. He loved her. It was sweet.

I have a little rewriting to do on the children’s book project, and will do that before the end of today. I want it fresh for a meeting I have tomorrow. Not sure how long it takes to get an LLC established, but once my attorney gives me notice, we’ll have cause for celebration!

I want to keep an open mind in 2021. Not that I didn’t before; it’s been a few years since I’ve thought, “Oh, I can’t do THAT!” I’ve listened to both my smart daughter, my sons and their encouragement, and of course, the Babe, who have all said, “Go do it!” Learn how, you’ve got time. By having an open mind, we can have new opportunities. Keep yourself open. I’ve found if I can’t come up with an immediate why I shouldn’t, I need to at least try.

The trouble is, when you want to do a lot of things, all of them different, it’s hard to pick what you’ll do right now. In the fall, I removed all the shiny new art supplies I bought. They went to storage in the crafting room, I can’t have them in my sight right now. I took a month off from writing about Katie Fitzgibbons, and my children’s book caught my attention. It’s “almost done.” Well, the words are “almost done.” I think inspiration got my attention and told me this project will finish soon. The wheels are in motion. 

Who knows what other opportunities will reveal themselves this year? 2021 will be good. The nation will heal. We have too many good people to not heal. The politicians all need to take a cold, hard look at themselves. And each other. Term limits will help. New ideas will never come to light by old, stinking thinking. And age has not a thing to do with it. Let’s all do away with stereotypes for groups we encounter this year. No, Republicans are not all old men. Democrats aren’t the only ones with heart and souls. We all have those things. You can be chronologically old yet have young ideas and heart. We all have to get over ourselves. Yes, all of us. We live in a world where we all affect each other eventually.

Thanks for joining me today. I appreciate it and plan to see you tomorrow. Let’s all be kind, be safe out there, too. Pray for our great nation. Let us remember we are supposed to be leaders, not followers. Have a beautiful afternoon.

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