Fab Friday

I’m coping with something we all face eventually – the death of friends. It happened four times last year, and this year, once, and will happen twice more that we know of. Then, there will be the random losses that come and go. It has been on my mind lately.

In order to be the usual positive person I am, I turned my thinking towards living. Birth. Re-birth. And now, am asking all of us, “What does it mean to you to truly live. What does it mean to you to be reborn, religion aside.”

When I come across names in my old-school address book who have passed away, I pause and think of them. I remember talking with them, laughing, visiting. There are many aunts and uncles who are gone, couples, singles, younger and older friends. I hope they would remember me as a friend. As someone who listened. Someone who cared. I can focus on that and do those things for my new friends, my existing friends, and the friends I haven’t met yet. Yes, there are many out there. I can’t wait to meet you! It is something I look forward to daily.

I love birthday’s. I love the fact we all get a day that’s ours. Sometimes, we have to share with a twin, or we’re born on some family member’s birthday, but generally we have our own. I absolutely love birthday’s; mine, the Babe’s, the kids and grandkids, they’re all special. I think of each of them on those special days.

We can look at our birth days as a chance to reassess our lives, our thinking, our direction. It’s a great time to be proactive with changes to our lifestyle, our health choices, and our attitudes. My advice is never stop learning. Thinking you know everything is impossible. We learn in different ways, so we need to add methods if necessary. The best example I can think of is the number of boomers who use Facebook. It started our as a way to college students to keep tabs on each others lives; it has become a tool for us to keep track of our children and grandchildren. Who would have thought?

I hope this is the beginning of a lovely weekend for all of you. We have some organizational meetings for organizations we’ll volunteer with at the VFW. We’ll be making some good commitments this year, and I am eager to see some goals reached. Have a safe weekend, as well. We will see each other tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

Dear Dad,

Things are coming along here. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen how crazy this planet is, and especially the country we live in. I’d love to get your opinion on all the goings on, from the Pandemic to Politics, to our Military, to technology. I’d love to linger with you over a keyboard and show you what you could read, right at your fingertips.

I know how you loved Kaiser’s Book Store in downtown Omaha. You’d most likely still want to hold the books in your hands to read, I prefer that, too. It’s an option, though. As quickly as you read, you might enjoy it. Speaking of books, I’m writing several. Too many ideas that seem good. I couldn’t pick a favorite, it would be like picking your favorite child.

I’m also working with an attorney to establish a publishing company. I want to have control over my publications. I’m concerned if I publish traditionally, I’d may not recognize my work. If someone makes me an offer, I can’t refuse, great. Otherwise, I’ll go it alone. I think you’d be proud; I am. That’s hard for me to get used to saying; I’m not used to saying it. It’s not ego talking, it’s confidence. I’ve gained more of that since you died. I remember where we all came from. Humble roots. I thank you for all you provided; not just physical things, but also the example you set every day. It is one I try to follow, and one I hope my kids remember.

Writing a book or several has been a dream of mine for a long time. My Becky encouraged me to get going. She’s a wise young woman, married with two beautiful children, a girl and a boy. You would love them. Nick married and lives in Kansas City. Frankie still lives in Omaha, he’s still cooking. He’s quite good at it. They’re all good.

Today would have been your Happy 97th Birthday! What an accomplishment it would be! Maybe I’ll make it to that age. I’m hoping. You weren’t born yet during the Spanish Flu, and I can tell you, living during a pandemic is scary. I don’t need to tell you that. You always kept us away from harm, in your own way. Even though other kids went barefoot and wore thongs, oops, Dad, thongs now refer to underwear, I mean sandals or flip-flops. Yes, I’m serious, Dad. You wouldn’t believe some things people are doing.

We’re actually wearing masks when we’re around other people; I know with your medical knowledge, you’d be all for that. Masks, questionnaires, drive up testing sites, and people just staying home from March last year through December 31, 2020. It came from China, and I know you wouldn’t approve being friendly with them, or with Russia. Even North Korea. Yes, that god-forsaken place where you served your country during the “Conflict.” I know a couple Korean Veterans, and I tell them about you. I’m still proud to be your daughter. You left an imprint on my heart and my being, and I miss you, but not weirdly. I just wanted more good times with you. Conversations. Sharing. And you seeing your grandkids grow up. They’re up there in age now (but then I am too!)

Mom let me send for your military medals. You were a badass! Sorry, I know I shouldn’t talk like that. It’s true. Yes, you never called attention to yourself. For anything. I didn’t know you carried a black rosary in your trouser pocket every day, just like you did in WWII and Korea. You were deeply spiritual, and no one knew. It was between you and God. I like that. You always were a very “do it, move on, and don’t brag about it.” That is one of your best qualities. I hope to be that way, too. I don’t enjoy talking about myself and the Babe. He’s got to be the one you pulled strings for to meet me. It wouldn’t surprise me. He has a lot of your qualities, including loving me unconditionally. You’d love him, too. Thanks.

I’m going to keep writing in 2021. I want to publish some books. It would be so cool to hold a book with my name as the author. It’s not to make a living, it’s to make something in my life. It’s the achievement I’m going for. You taught me well; I’m just going to go for it. Doing my homework all along the way. Learning all I can. It’s enjoyable. I love it. Stretching, reaching, serving. Thank you. Happy Birthday, Dad.

The Babe and I Wish You All a Happy New Year!