Where Did Fall Go?

Nearly all the leaves are gone from the trees in the wetlands behind our home. It’s just crazy. The weather is very fall-like all week, and would be wonderful to go check out the leaves, but I’m afraid they’d be close to all fallen. Next time. We’re going to finish up the outside yard work this weekend. I still need to re-pot some plants I brought in from outside. Just not enough hours in a day, you know? Someday there will be.

I remember when my Grandma talked about how slowly time passed in her later years. I haven’t reached that yet, and hope to, but not for a long, long time. I think she was in her early 80s then. She had her tv on constantly, every day. She’d watch game shows, CSPAN, movies, old tv shows, soap operas. All while dangling a cigarette from her lips, and letting the ash get at least 1/2 inch long. Sometimes longer. She might be playing her organ, puffing away, and Mom would take an ash tray and hold it under her cigarette until the ash fell. Grandma just kept playing the music. She was quite good at it. Played piano, all the daughters took piano, and so did I. I was the only granddaughter (I think) who learned piano. 

My son Nick learned piano. He loved playing, and was very good at it. I’m sure he could still play now. We’d both need some practice. He wasn’t much for sports, but Frankie was. Becky took ballet for a year, and was pretty good, too. She could have gone to Omaha School of Ballet, but I knew I couldn’t afford the $90 a month it cost in 1984. Who knows what she could have learned? 

Have you taken music lessons? Dance lessons? Played on a sports team? I think all kids should get the chance to play something, participate in classes or lessons to learn teamwork. Do kids still play baseball, football, or basketball at a city park and just have pickup teams? Probably showing age here, they probably don’t. Watch the movie, “The Sandlot.” It will show you kids playing a pickup game of baseball. I love that movie. 

This morning, I have to make a huge dent in the quilt project. This is for Day 3 of NaNoWriMo, and so far, so good. I scheduled Tuesday’s blog on Monday night. That’s so handy, I nearly forgot about it! It should come in handy this month.

The Babe and I had two Green Chef meals yesterday. One was a Chicken Soup, and the other a Ground Turkey/Cauliflower bowl. Lots of veggies, spices, etc. Finally figured out what was rather odifierous in the refrigerator. I had a few things that didn’t smell bad, but looked a little “iffy.” The smell continued. It was the raw cauliflower for today’s meal. It was sealed in plastic. After about 5 days in the refrigerator, the gases started to build up, and you could smell it through the plastic, the brown paper bag, and all over the fridge.

I’m just starting all over tomorrow. First, I’ll clean the refrigerator surface all over. Then put baking soda in an open bowl to freshen it up. Sheesh! Remind me to freeze any and all cauliflower that enters this house in the future. No more stinky fridge! 

I’m really bummed now. Although this is published Thursday, it’s Tuesday night. At the bottom of the sixth inning, Houston is getting skunked so far. 7 – 0, Philly is ahead. It’s still early for baseball. Yes, some folks hate it, say it’s too slow. I still think it’s the great American game. 

I don’t understand Soccer, don’t care for Basketball. Football is ok, I just think the season is soooo loooonnnngggg. August until February is too much. Nascar, I like, I just don’t have a favorite driver anymore since Tony Stewart, Junior, and others have retired. After awhile, the money isn’t worth it if your health and well-being are at stake. 

With concussion protocol the hot topic in NFL, I cannot fathom how boxing and MMA can continue. There have to be many, many concussions in those sports every round. How can they continue? I never thought two men (or women, now) who continued to beat each other about the head and body was not entertaining. I know it’s big money (boxing), but no, I’d rather not witness it. 

As you continue your day, take time to think how you enjoy your people. Friends, family, other loved ones. Be grateful. And we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Thursday’s Thinking

What a world we live in. I remember walking to the store with my mom when I was little. Older brother was at school, and we would stop at the neighborhood grocer/meat market store next to my grandfather’s drug store. Paskach’s Groceries had sawdust on the floor. I wasn’t sure, but maybe they did meat cutting in the basement. Some restaurants used to do that. Not so much in this modern world.

Mom couldn’t buy more than she could carry. That was good, we never froze our meat. The freezer held only two ice cube trays and maybe a mushy carton of Ice Cream. That freezer didn’t work well, and was way too small. What a difference there is today. You can buy anything ready to eat, ready to freeze, ready to prepare almost anything you can think of in today’s supermarket.

Fast forward to today. I just placed my first online grocery order. We’ll pick it up after we get Addison from school. I’m willing to give it a shot and see how I like it. No, I do not want to be in the stores this winter, between the flu and COVID. Why take an unnecessary risk? Not my way, really. More about that tomorrow. And Amazon delivered my first order of ENSURE. I’m getting that to have on hand as a protein drink (that has a lot of other nutrients in it to help keep hunger at bay). The Babe and I are going to try Keto for a bit and see how we do. Not extreme, just make some good habits from our bad ones. We’ll let you know how well it works.

Photo by Gareth Willey on Pexels.com

I miss the sawdust on the floor behind the fresh meat counter. I loved the old neighborhood grocery partly because it meant our Grandma and Grandpa were right next door. It would be so amazing to speak to them now that we’re retired ourselves. Just imagine the possibilities! One beautiful sight I remember in the drugstore is the sight of my Grandma standing behind the candy display case. Far as the eye could see, all kinds of delicious candy. She loved to let us pick out something, and Mom would always say, “No, we can’t accept it for free, we have to pay.” Grandma usually overruled her. We didn’t take advantage of it, though.

I’d love to have our other Grandma make frozen juice for us, and give us store-bought cookies (a luxury to us, mom always baked ours). After having our snack, we would go outside where they had gigantic shade trees, and there was always a pleasant breeze to cool us. Nowadays, it seems as if it is still outside or a gale force wind. Never an in between.

The image featured at the top of today’s blog reminds me of the block my Grandparent’s Drug Store was located. My parents lived a block and a half away from it, and I see it every time I go visit Mom. I can picture a quilt made from the picture. Somewhere, I have a photo of Grandpa and his three sons standing in front of the store. That would be cool to add those elements. And I picture making from my imagination the sight of Grandma behind the candy counter. The glass was spotless, inside and out, and the oak wood that held the glass was shiny as a new penny. It would take some work to get the proportions correct. Those are ideas I have that recur and tell me someday I must set them in fabric or drawing once I learn to draw. It’s part of a creative mind. You have way more ideas than what you might complete in a lifetime.

We all have stories in our minds. Some are wonderful and warm. Some are frightening and chilling. You can remember the good in all events to create wonderful memories of your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Everyone has far too many terrible stories. Let’s try to concentrate on forgiving and learning from our hurts. It’s a lot easier than carrying baggage around that doesn’t belong on our trip around the sun every year. Leaving the baggage behind also opens your arms to embrace new people and things. Learning to do that is hard, but so rewarding.

Love Makes Our World So Much Better

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it. How about if we meet up again tomorrow and do it again? I’d love to see you again. Be Safe out there! We all need to take care of with other. It’s our job.

The Tea Pot

When my brother and I were little, Mom had time to take good care of us when we were sick. We’re only one year apart, so we shared a lot. When he went to kindergarten, I missed him so much it was terrible. He shared everything with me. The Measles, The Mumps, The Chicken Pox, The Flu, The Tonsillectomy we had together, and whatever else was going around. Our mom had her hands full, since she was pregnant.

We had lots of Chicken Noodle Soup by Campbell’s, crackers, juice, and lots of water. We were kept separate, each in our bedroom, in bed. Those were the orders anytime we were home sick. I was only four, so I was home anyway. We were in bed constantly, and even were served our meals there. Soup is hard to eat when you’re four and in bed. One thing she did let us have was tea. Hot tea is still a favorite of mine, and I think my brother still enjoys it too.

This was actually a coffee pot (a percolator) our parents received for a wedding gift in 1948. Mom had another one that was electric, so this became her tea pot. She boiled the water, put tea bags in, and enjoy the fresh, steepeded tea. It sat high on a shelf as we grew up and left home. I would notice it when visiting through the past fifty years. I always recalled those feelings of being taken care of when I’d see this pretty blue teapot. I now have it in my home, mostly for decoration, I’m reluctant to put it in the microwave to re-warm the tea should it become cold. The warm feeling is still there. It makes me happy.

The Sight of the Blue Tea Pot Still Warms My Heart.

During those times, Mom was often a little upset with me. I got lonely being in bed alone during the day. I remember her asking me, “Why can’t you be like your brother, he never bothers me?” Yes, he would not call out to her. I just felt like hours and hours went by since she came up to see me. My dad must have felt sorry for me, he would come in and play checkers with me. I loved him for doing that. He was patient with me when Mom was probably overly tired and needed a rest herself. Checkers remains one of my favorite board games today. I played with Addison and Gavin, and recalled how my dad sat with me, playing until I got tired of it. Good memories.

A lot of people were allowed to watch game shows (especially Price is Right) while they were sick from school. Our TV was never allowed to be on during the daytime. Mom didn’t do game shows or soap operas. I loved visiting our Grandma Bobell, she watched the soap operas every day. We had all sorts of adventures together. Did you get to visit your Grandparents for a few days during the summer? It was always fun, too.

Mom’s parents lived in several different houses as we grew up. They moved for reasons I don’t know. Their house on Pine Street was a beautiful brick home, two story, which was cozy. I don’t remember the kitchen much, but I remember the dining room and living room. We didn’t spent the night there, but did when they lived on 60th Street in a raised ranch with the huge backyard and shade trees. It was wonderful. It’s also where Grandpa died on Christmas Eve, 1964, when I was twelve years old. That’s another story, though.

Because Grandma didn’t drive, we would walk to her hairdresser, then catch the bus to downtown. I loved shopping with her. She was so much fun. She always did a craft with me, like making loop hot pads. One year, she cut out a doll dress pattern and had me hand sew it together. You just don’t forget those wonderful moments shared. I’m so glad our grandparents took the time to share their lives and wisdom with us. Our lives are richer because of them.

I have some office /website work to do for the VFW Post today, studying about Marketing for Small Businesses, and maybe be able to sneak in marking a quilt for quilting. I’d love to get this hung by Thanksgiving. It’ll go over our bed, against a pretty blue wall. Not sure if I’ll quilt it in dark invisible thread or choose gold or copper metallic. When the light hits metallic thread, you have glints of it, it’s beautiful.

This Will Be Stunning!

Thanks for reading today, I appreciate it so much. This post is early today, to make up for my tardiness yesterday. It’s good to have a day ahead of me, even though it’s overcast, cold and windy, with a little snowflake here and there. It’s here. And it’s ok. With my flu shot taken, I feel protected. I hope you have a great rest of the day, and come back tomorrow. I’ll be here. Blessings. Be Careful out there.