Proverbs (Not a Bible Study)*

More of us should realize we can’t have it both ways. Whatever your “it” is, we cannot save money while spending like a drunken sailor; we cannot stay awake half the night reading, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends and expect to have an energetic next day. The old proverb reads this way:

“You can’t make the bed and save the sheet.”


My dad was famous for telling us, “Use your head for more than a hat rack.” He was insistent on considering outcomes, even when we were pretty young. Through that training, we became responsible beyond our years. It’s probably why our childhoods were shorter than normal, yet we were taught some very good life skills. Sometimes I’ve been sad we couldn’t be spontaneous as kids should be. Hard to do since Dad was a night worker and day sleeper. Often spontaneity is loud. We had to be quiet or endure the wrath of both Mom and Dad. Not worth the risk!

Right now, sometimes choosing between things we don’t want to do and the “easy way out” is appealing. How? I’m getting back to Keto, but it’s hard after a month and an 8 pound gain and enjoying the sugar of Christmas cookies and fruit cake to get back to it. I’ve learned sometimes you just need to splurge, life’s too short. In fact, those sugary goodies don’t even taste that good at this point. I’m prefering a mound of cottage cheese with a few frozen blueberries (unsweetened). Eat the cake, buy the shoes, and know you can always start again. Guilt was such a part of my early life, I don’t think there is a place for it now. Progress with my attitude and core of my being!

Of course, if I choose sugary, carb loaded foods, I’ll pay the price. I accept that consequence. I also accept the fact that 8 pounds isn’t going to lose itself. But we’re going to take care of it. I believe sometimes you need to give in to temptation or a craving. This where balance enter the equation. Losing both ways would be giving in to guilt instead of temptation, and being angry you decide to not eat the cherry pie. Conversely, if you gave into temptation, and beat yourself up for eating the pie, instead of enjoying each tart/sweet bite, you lose both ways. Live with your decisions and own them. Neither would be the end of the world. Balance. Own it, baby!

By comparison, there are far more real dilemmas to be concerned about in this world. This world where people have short tempers, long tirades, and lots of judgment about others (without having enough information). The world needs a collective time out, a catch your breath, a think what you’re going to say before you say it moment. Too many families and friends are distanced because of the tempers, the tirades, and the snap judgments. You can certainly change this common attitude while thinking of the outcome ahead of it occurring.

My granddaughter Addison and her family are on the way to her high school dance team competition in Minnesota. Last minute change, she has gone from being at the back of the stage, to the front and center due to the illness of a senior girl who isn’t able to go now. I feel badly for the girl, and am so proud of Addison. I texted her this morning and told her to hold her head high, and know she will knock them out! She is the real deal, a real human being, smart, planning her medical career, plotting how to start classes before college, and how to accomplish her goals. There is no doubt in her mind she will go to college and beyond.

The Babe and I talked this morning about how in our generation, college wasn’t an option. I had no idea how to pay for it, it I had, I may have gone into nursing. I was too painfully shy to find out about financial aid, our parents didn’t want their income to be shared. That’s a tough situation. It’s ok, though. We both ended up better off than we could have dreamed of. My income surpassed my Dad’s by quite a bit in my later working years. He would have been so proud of what I did with my life. He would love the Babe, too, and his kids. He’s watching from Heaven for sure.

I heard this morning Sidney Poitier died this morning at the age of 94. He was an incredible man. He happened to be black, but we knew him more for his acting. He was ahead of the curve, the was an absolute maverick. Several years ago, I read one of his books (It’s now an Oprah’s Book Club book), before it was popular. It’s a beautiful story of his very humble beginnings. He is the epitome of a gentleman. If you want to see some incredible acting, get “Lillies of the Field,” and “A Patch of Blue.” Both beautiful stories and ahead of their time for the lessons they taught. Then watch “To Sir With Love.” And “Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner.”

They are classic stories, and need to be watched while being mindful of the times; America treated black people terribly at the time. He is a person who made a difference in the world. A big difference. Think about that. He is intelligent, mannerly, and he knows how to make a difference. And he did it. See that? I said “He IS,” not “He was.” That is not a mistake. It is my respect for a man who I feel can still make a difference through his books, his wisdom, his story. Learning what he is made of can help a young person of color learn something they may not have in their life; an example. A hero, if you will, who isn’t a sports figure. A man of gratitude. A man with class. Denzel Washington is in this category also, in my humble opinion. What a legacy.

Think about your legacy, and if it will live longer than your time on earth. Give it time today. Make it yours, and make sure you’re proud of it. Change it as you wish. It’s possible. Do the work. Love the results. I’m making a mental note to re-read Sidney Poitier’s book when I finally put the bookcases up in the family room. I look forward to it. And more undecorating. Photos to follow!

What’s your plan for progress? Whatever you do today, do it deliberately. On purpose! That’s where I’m headed. Be safe out there and we will see each other tomorrow.

p.s. The header photo today is from a FB group I’m part of; right now, it’s asking people to post their book nooks. Isn’t this one beautiful? I love the Pops integrated with the books. Cool!